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Secondary Maths

Many who have had an opportunity of knowing any more about mathematics confuse it with arithmetic, and consider it an arid science. In reality, however, it is a science which requires a great amount of imagination.

Sofia Kovalevskaya

Mathematics Curriculum Map

At Hollinwood Academy, we teach maths creatively, incorporating the use of concrete manipulatives to help our young people understand abstract concepts and apply them to their learning.

It is our aim across the secondary phase to expertly match the National Curriculum with individual need, rather than teaching from a specific year group.

Through a combination of innovative teaching tools, carefully tailored interventions and the use of ‘real world’ applications, we aim for our young people to achieve the highest level of functional maths that matches their ability.

At every stage, we want to raise the confidence of our learners.

Innovative Teaching Tools – We use sensory play as an effective tool in teaching mathematics, both at introductory level and for the consolidation of skills and learning.

Carefully Tailored Interventions – Our highly skilled and experienced staff teams offer carefully tailored interventions for our young people, helping them to understand abstract concepts and explore how to apply new skills to their learning.

‘Real World’ Applications – We aim to give our learners mathematics skills that they can use in their everyday lives, whilst at Hollinwood Academy, and when they leave. We regularly help them apply their newly learned skills in ‘real world’ scenarios.

Maths Lessons at Hollinwood Academy

Our Maths lessons at Hollinwood Academy are delivered daily, tailored to the needs of our learners. We have a team of highly skilled staff who use a blend of experience and knowledge, supported by the purposeful use of technology. We believe in the use of technology to remove barriers to learning, and our use of iPads and other technology makes learning accessible for all.

Our research-based schemes of learning support a mastery approach to teaching and learning, aligning with the aims and objectives of the National Curriculum. We prioritise depth before breadth, ensuring children and young people acquire a thorough understanding of each topic. We also provide opportunities to revisit previously learned skills in later blocks, reinforcing and retaining knowledge.

We strive to instil in our learners the ability to apply their mathematical skills in everyday situations. By using real-world examples, we promote the practical application of maths, enabling our children and young people to develop a solid foundation in functional mathematics skills that they can carry with them throughout their lives.

Confidence building is a key aspect of our teaching approach. We create a supportive environment where children and young people feel safe to make mistakes and learn from them. Through daily interaction and guidance, we work with our learners to develop their mathematical self-assurance, fostering an atmosphere of growth and achievement.

Scheme of Work

At Hollinwood Academy, our Maths curriculum aligns with the 2014 National Curriculum in England, ensuring high-quality education for our children and young people. To guide our teaching, our teachers follow the White Rose Schemes of Work, which provide a structured approach to mathematics learning.

The White Rose Schemes of Work offer a comprehensive framework for each year group. Teachers utilise these schemes by following specific blocks and topics of learning that have been adapted to suit the needs and abilities of our children and young people. By adhering to these schemes, we can deliver a consistent and progressive curriculum, helping children and young people to build a strong foundation in mathematics.

The White Rose Schemes of Work encompass various mathematical concepts and skills, such as number sense, calculations, geometry, measurement, and data handling. They offer detailed lesson plans, resources, and assessments, ensuring a well-rounded and engaging learning experience for our children and young people.

To learn more about the White Rose Scheme of Work and its implementation in our school, please visit:

White Rose Maths

By following the White Rose Schemes of Work, we aim to foster our learners’ mathematical understanding and proficiency, equipping them with the skills necessary for success in their academic journey and beyond.

Curriculum Adaptations and Pedagogy

The curriculum adaptations and pedagogy at Hollinwood Academy is centered around meeting the unique needs and abilities of every learner, ensuring equal opportunities for academic, personal, and social development. The primary goals include:

1. Inclusivity: Adapt the curriculum to ensure that all learners have access to quality education, regardless of their individual needs.

2. Adaptive Teaching: Provide personalised learning experiences that cater to the diverse abilities, interests, and learning styles of the children and young people.

3. Progression: Foster a holistic and sequential approach to learning, allowing children and young people to build on their prior knowledge, skills, and understanding from their identified starting points.

4. Empowerment: Develop independent learners who are equipped with the skills, resilience, and self-confidence required to succeed academically and, in their future lives.
Curriculum Adaptations and Pedagogy


At Hollinwood Academy, we employ a comprehensive approach to assessing every child and young person’s progress in mathematics. Our assessments are designed to align with the 2014 National Curriculum in England and are based on the White Rose schemes of work.

At the end of each block, we administer assessments to ascertain the progress made by our children and young people. These assessments are instrumental in measuring their proficiency in various mathematical concepts and skills. By utilising these assessments, we ensure that our teaching remains closely aligned with the national curriculum, enabling us to identify areas where additional support or challenge is required.

For children and young people who are working below the National Curriculum standards, we employ pre-key stage standards to assess their performance. Additionally, children and young people who are working even below pre-key stage standards are assessed using the Engagement model of learning, which takes into account their individual learning needs.

To provide individualised support, each child and young person has bespoke and personalised maths progress targets, which we track closely. We believe in fostering a strong partnership with parents, and hence, share these targets with them on a termly basis via Arbor, our digital communication platform.

By adopting this rigorous and tailored approach to maths assessments, we strive to ensure that all our children and young people in formal develop a solid foundation in mathematics and achieve their full potential.



Hollinwood Academy offers young people the opportunity to gain a comprehensive range of maths qualifications. These qualifications aim to equip young people with the essential mathematical skills and knowledge necessary for their future endeavours.

At Hollinwood Academy, we provide the following maths qualifications, which are accredited by respected exam boards:

  • Functional skills Mathematics by Edexcel Exam board: This qualification enables students to develop practical maths skills that are applicable to real-world situations. It focuses on problem-solving, data handling, and advanced calculations. Functional Skills Mathematics

  • GCSE Maths by OCR exam board: The GCSE Maths qualification is designed to give students a deeper understanding of abstract mathematical concepts. It covers various topics such as algebra, geometry, statistics, and probability.

    GCSE Maths OCR
  • LiBF Personal Finance by LiBF exam board: This qualification equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills to make informed financial decisions. It covers topics like budgeting, saving, investing, and managing personal finances.

    LiBF Personal Finance
  • Asdan Personal Progress: This qualification provides students with the opportunity to develop essential life skills, including numeracy. Through a range of practical activities and projects, students enhance their mathematical understanding and problem-solving abilities.

    ASDAN Personal Progress
  • Additional Maths: This OCR exam board qualification aims to enhance young peoples' mathematical abilities beyond the standard GCSE level, providing them with a deeper understanding of advanced mathematical concepts.

    Additional Maths
  • Further Maths Level 2: Offered in collaboration with the Edexcel exam board, the Further Maths Level 2 qualification amplifies our young peoples' mathematical aptitude by covering a broad range of topics, preparing them for more challenging mathematical studies at higher levels.

Further Maths Level 2

At Hollinwood Academy, we are committed to providing a high-quality education that prepares our young people for future success. Our maths qualifications offer a diverse range of learning opportunities, ensuring that every student can excel in their mathematical journey.

Wider curriculum & Celebrations

Maths Week Spring 2024

This week our school also celebrated Maths Week. We kick-started the festivities with a special shoutout from Mrs. Jones, who wished everyone a happy Pi Day on 14th March. The week was a reminder of the wonderful world of mathematics. Our secondary students have been actively engaged in various activities and discussions related to maths in their EHCP lessons.


Ms Young’s class have celebrated Math’s Week… 

"Today our class was reassured that Maths did not have to be about just memory. Our students noticed that it could be about having fun with looking for patterns, spotting connections, making predictions, solving problems or even designing board games.

Some students designed a board game using positive and negative numbers as this is the current topic of our focus in Maths lessons.

One side of the page had smiling characters and very welcoming background, which represented positive numbers.

The other side had intimidating or angry looking creatures which was used to represent negative numbers. Then all the students had to come up with some directions using words like forward or backward and moving beyond or below number 0.

The other students focused on pattern designing or using LEGO bricks to create number operations."

Ms Young - Maths



We firmly believe in the power of technology to enhance learning, and we have made it an integral part of our Maths curriculum. At the primary stage, we embrace the use of iPads and other technological tools, enabling all children and young people to engage actively with their learning. By utilising these resources, we aim to remove barriers and make Maths accessible for every child and young person.

All children and young people have access to a wide range of interactive maths and learning apps, including:

TTRockstars, a highly interactive platform that allows students to practice key Maths skills through engaging and competitive games. 

Numbots, another interactive Maths program that focuses on developing children's fluency and number sense. 

BBC Bitesize, a wide variety of interactive and engaging maths games

DragonBox, and interactive and engaging maths experience

To further consolidate learning, we also incorporate various interactive maths games into our lessons. These games provide children and young people with opportunities to apply their mathematical knowledge and skills in a stimulating and enjoyable way. By making use of technology in such a manner, we not only enhance understanding but also instil a love for maths in our children and young people. At Hollinwood Academy, we firmly believe that by embracing technology, we can empower our children and young people to overcome challenges and reach their full potential in maths and beyond.

TT Rock Stars TopMarksBBC Bitesize