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At Hollinwood Academy, assessment is used as a pivotal tool in fostering learning, monitoring attainment, and elevating academic standards by implementing a varied spectrum of formative assessment frameworks. These frameworks meticulously record and evaluate the progress of every child and young person, laying the groundwork for efficient curriculum planning and target establishment, ultimately propelling overall progress.

At the start of each academic year or point of entry, all children and young people are baselined through the CEM.org national assessments, aiding in the formulation of personalised subject targets, which are systematically monitored on Arbor on a termly basis.

An assortment of assessment approaches, encompassing Assessment of Learning, Assessment for Learning, and Assessment as Learning, are adopted to comprehensively gauge the academic status of the children and young peeople.

Hollinwood Academy diligently employs both formative and summative assessment practices to monitor attainment and foster elevated educational benchmarks.

Hollinwood Academy uses Evidence for Learning, ensuring continual and methodical recording of formative assessment progress, ensuring consistent assessment throughout the academic year as children and young people advance through the curriculum.


Baseline Assessments

More information on the baseline assessments can be found at:


Evidence for Learning



At Hollinwood Academy, we place great importance on tracking and assessing the progress of our learners. We regularly assess the personalised EHCP step targets on Evidence for Learning (EFL) to ensure that each child's development is carefully monitored. This progress is tracked termly for all our children and young people, across all subjects. Our dedicated staff use curriculum-specific assessment frameworks to carry out formative assessments on EFL and produces moving on reports to comprehensively document each learner's journey.

We understand the significance of involving parents in their child's educational journey. With the EFL Family app, parents can easily track their child's progress and view captured learning experiences. This transparent approach allows parents to stay informed and engaged with their child's development, fostering a collaborative learning environment between home and school.

By making use of EFL, we strengthen the partnership between the school and our students' families, ensuring that each child receives the support and encouragement they need to thrive.

More information on EFL can be found at: 






Hollinwood Academy uses Arbor to  monitor and evaluate summative data. This comprehensive system enables the inputting summative assessments on a termly basis, which is then effectively communicated to parents in the form of reports. This transparent approach fosters open and productive communication, allowing for a clear understanding of academic progress and attitude to learning.

Arbor Assessment Descriptors

eyfs assessment.pdf

attitude to learning 2.pdf

all students assessment descriptors.pdf


primary assessment.pdf


ks3 assessment.pdf


ks4 assessment grades.pdf