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Friends, Relationships and Community Inclusion

We provide our young people with the opportunity to spend time with their peers outside of the school building, providing them with the skills they need to be safe and confident in accessing the community.

PSHRE and RSE are key priorities across our curriculum. We strive to support our children and young people to build knowledge and understanding through sequenced learning from EYFS to KS5. We are committed to providing our children and young people timetabled sessions so they can learn about issues such as consent, health and respectful relationships.

Friends, Relationships and Community Inclusion– Primary

Within EYFS, Key stage 1 and key stage 2 students develop their communication skills, independence, community knowledge and raise their confidence within the local environment.

Students have access to a range of schemes of work, no matter their ability, focusing on health and safety, public transport, community play, shopping, eating out and leisure.

Throughout their time at Hollinwood Academy it is great to see the impact that Outdoor Education has on student confidence and independence both at home, school and in the local environment.

Friends, Relationships and Community Inclusion – Secondary

Students within Key stage 3 and 4 continue to have the opportunity to access our Outdoor Education offer with a main focus of supporting student independence within their communities.

Students discover what it means to be safe in their local community and increase their danger awareness. Students have the opportunity to visit public transport links such as the local bus, train and tram stations. Our curriculum offer enables our learners to visit cafes, libraries, supermarkets, shopping centres and the market. We ensure to develop students map reading skills through orienteering which we hope can lead to the amazing Duke of Edinburgh award.