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HWA Blog - 8.3.24 

Euro Disney 

Next week, our year 8 pupils are heading off on an exciting adventure to Euro Disney in Paris! This much-anticipated trip promises to be an unforgettable experience for our pupils. 

Euro Disney offers a multitude of educational opportunities, from learning about different cultures and experiencing the European way of life, to exploring the enchanting world of imagination and creativity. Our young people will have the chance to engage in educational workshops and participate in thrilling rides that will leave them with lifelong memories. 

This trip not only provides a fun and interactive learning experience but also encourages personal growth and fosters a sense of unity among our year 8 cohort. It offers them an opportunity to bond with their classmates and develop friendships that will last beyond their time at school. 

As teachers, we are thrilled to accompany our young people on this educational journey, witnessing their excitement and wonder as they immerse themselves in the Disney magic. 

We can't wait to share all the unforgettable moments and experiences from our Euro Disney trip with you. Keep an eye out for our upcoming blog posts, where we will showcase the highlights and reflections of our incredible adventure. 


GCSE Food Exam 

The GCSE food pupils faced their much-anticipated food practical exam this week, and I am bursting with pride for each and every one of them! Mrs Duffy, Miss Rahman, and Mrs Lyons share in this joy too. 

The pupils' culinary skills were put to the test as they prepared an array of mouth-watering dishes. From Pavlova to seafood pasties, homemade pastas, goat cheese and caramelized onion tarts, and tasty chicken kebabs, their creativity and talent were on full display. 

Witnessing their dedication and hard work in the kitchen filled me with immense satisfaction. As educators, it's moments like these that reaffirm our commitment to nurturing young minds with hands-on learning experiences. 

Congratulations to all our GCSE food pupils, and a huge thank you to the incredible teachers who guide and support them every step of the way. You continue to inspire and bring out the best in our pupils! 


Careers Week 

This week in school has been careers week, in Secondary 62% of pupils completed the Future Skills Questionnaire. This helps identify what kind of things we need to learn about. Questions include ‘Do you know what options you have for education and work when you leave?’ or ‘have you learned about different careers other than the ones in your family?’. Pupils have also researched, completed worksheets, discussed and had an opportunity to be creative around careers. 

On Monday past young people Logan and Jamie visited and spoke to the whole of Year 11. We learned that they have attended different colleges to study Carpentry, ICT and Accounting. Logan has just passed his driving test and is soon to be starting a managers course at McDonalds. Pupils asked many questions about their minds to change courses and where they wished to be in the future. 

Careers Week



World Book Day 

On Thursday 7th March, we celebrated World Book day here at HWA. Staff and pupils were invited to come into school as their favourite character or in their cosy pyjamas! They were also encouraged to bring their favourite book to share.  

We enjoyed a variety of activities throughout the day such as writing character descriptions, wordsearches, scavengers hunts and designing book covers to name a few.  Most notable however was 'Selfie on the Shelfie'! Pupils were asked to match staff members with their favourite books which was great fun! Classes were also asked to write a story which included 3 famous book characters all attending a party! There were some fabulous stories written and there were some fantastic costumes too! We've included some images of the day to share with you all.  Thank you to all staff and pupils for a making World Book Day 2024 a memorable one! 


World Book Day 2024


Let’s see what some of the classes have been doing starting with Mrs Bramley’s class… 


"We have had a fantastic start to this half term, this week we have been celebrating World book day. The children loved reading lots of different varieties of books and getting to dress up on Thursday as their favourite character. The children have enjoyed participating in lots of role play and small world activities to enhance their story telling skills, we have had super worm setting, Dear Zoo, The Tiger Who Came to Tea and of course the Gruffalo, which is a class favourite! 

In English we have started our new talk for writing topic, we have enjoyed creating mask and acting out the fable The wind and the Sun. The children have created another fantastic story map that they can act out and retell with great expression. 

In Maths we have had lots of practical activities including working with number lines up to 50, we have leaped back and forward across giant number lines to work out challenging maths problems. We have also been perfecting our skills in place value creating number trains including tens and ones. 

 As part of our Geography lesson, we have been discussing the change in the seasons and what the weather is like in the UK, we went for a walk around the school grounds to spot the changes we can see in our environment that are due to the change in season. 

In science we have carried out or own experiment and planted some seeds at the end of last week and we have been documenting the changes we can see. The children were very excited when the cress started to sprout. 

In art we had lots of fun learning how to braid and we then made our own friendship bracelets, they were very creative in their colour choice and made some lovely vibrant bracelets. The children got the chance to share their kindness and love by delivering the bracelets to their friends in different classes. 

We can’t wait to have lots more fun learning the rest of this term 😊 "


GBY (8.3.24)


Now to Miss Byrne’s form… 


"8SBY have been doing some amazing work this week.  

In English we have been focusing on our new book, Lark by Anthony McGowan and being creative in the process! We have been drawing characters from our text and finding quotes from our text to support our conclusions. We have also been making predictions about what will happen next in this amusing and adventurous book.  

In maths we have been using manipulatives to get our head around tenths and hundredths, which has been really tricky! Everyone has put in  loads of effort and I'm really impressed with the work they have produced!  

In Outdoor Education we are still looking at map reading and orienteering which we enjoyed this week in the sunshine!  

We all enjoyed World book day on Thursday coming to school in our Pyjamas, completing fun activities and decorating our door with our favourite book characters and quotes.  

Well done Year 8, keep up the good work! "


Now to Mr Heap’s… 


"Destinations, Destinations, Destinations.  

We are very proud that all of our students access weekly Outdoor Education lessons, which has a positive impact on preparing them for their destinations. Our students future destinations might be being involved, taking part, taking control, playing a part, volunteering or working and being independent in their communities. Our bespoke Outdoor Education curriculum offer ensures that all students access the community safely and develop their communication, social skills and become more independent and confident in their local communities. This term within  Outdoor Education students in key stage 3 and key stage 4 have had the opportunity to visit local cafes. All students have developed a range of skills  and enjoyed the visits. Students have made choices with support or independently, have waited their turn in a queue, sat and waited for their food and drink and behaved brilliantly in sometimes busy environments. Take a look at some of our amazing photos. "


BHP (8.3.24)



Now to our amazing SUPER STARs and HWA Creative STARs...


Mrs Lerigo’s STAR of the week is Teddy W for an amazing first week at Hollinwood Academy School.

Mrs Lerigo’s HWA Creative STAR is Ethan for carefully and thoughtfully making a Spring inspired mandala suncatcher. 

Miss Bramley’s STAR of the week is Libby for having a great week and making  a beautiful book for world book day.

Miss Bramley’s HWA Creative STAR is Eliora is our creative star for making a super robot in science.

Miss Pietraszewska’s STAR of the week is Alfie for being very friendly, happy, engaging in lessons, trying his best and improving in all areas of learning! Well done! 

Miss Pietraszewska’s HWA Creative STAR is Harrison for his creative writing and improved letter formation! Well done Harrison! 

Miss Oakley’s STAR of the week is Ziyan-Playing nicely with friends in class and other classes playing with the parachute outside. 

Miss Oakley’s HWA Creative STAR is Silva for amazing dinosaur art work this week and accurately using a paintbrush. 

Miss Bailey’s STAR of the week is Ohud  for getting involved in all the activities with growing independence. 

Miss Bailey’s HWA Creative STAR is Jack  for showing some great creativity throughout the week, using lots of different equipment in a variety of ways.  

Mrs Quinn’s STAR of the week is Kai for engaging in his lessons well, particularly English and saying some new words. 

Mrs Quinn’s HWA Creative STAR is William for responding well to the other young people around him. 

Mr Corrigan’s STAR of the week is Mysha for outstanding engagement in Phonics this week. 

Mr Corrigan’s HWA Creative star is Lewis for some wonderful independent artwork this week. 

Mr Corrigan’s WOW moments go to Simisola for using the calm corner this week.... 

Congratulations to Simisola & Faiha for being proud of their friends. Well done! 

Miss Boothroyd and Miss McDonald’s STAR of the week is Cole. 

Miss Boothroyd and Miss McDonald’s HWA Creative STAR is Loki.

Mrs Davies’ STAR of the week is Anna for trying really hard to initiate play with her friends . 

Mrs Davies’ HWA Creative STAR is Daniel for stepping out of his comfort zone and participating in an outside sensory walk.  

Miss Gittins’ STAR of the week is Ollie for being kind and generous to his friends.  

Miss Gittins’ HWA Creative STAR is Zakariya for writing a fantastic, independent story on World Book Day. 

Miss Gitten’s also have a full class of super spellers, we all got 9/10 or 10/10! Lewis, Hadley, Joshua, Caitlin, Mia, Zakariya, Ollie and Nabiha. 

Miss Matthew’s STAR of the week is Lucas for his creativity in making an airport runway and then presenting to the class!  

Miss Tootill’s STAR of the week is Zack for correctly retelling his English Story – Holes. 

Miss Tootill’s HWA Creative STAR is Lottie for being creative with her Talk for Writing pictures. 

Miss Hulme's STAR of the week is Brooke for trying her best in all lessons this week. 

Miss Hulme's creative star is Thomas for taking his time and putting in so much effort to make a beautiful Mother’s day card. 

Hollinwood STARS (8.3.24)


Well done to our secondary Hollinwood Academy STARs this week: 

Secondary Stars (8.3.24)



Have a lovely weekend.  

Mrs Needham