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PSHRE Curriculum

HRE & RSE Curriculum Map 

At Hollinwood Academy, we deliver Personal, Social, Health, and Citizenship Education (PSHRE) experiences within our three pathways. Our learning is tailored to individual needs and allows children to express their views and opinions with a key focus on providing our classrooms with a safe and respected environment.

At primary, the PSHRE curriculum is covered within 3 themes that are consistent with the secondary curriculum:

Living in the wider world, Health and wellbeing, and Relationships.

The following topics are covered with the three themes:

· Living in a wider world – Money, spending, citizenship, and democracy.

· Health and Well-being – Hygiene, diet. Exercise, illegal substances, online safety, and puberty (covered in year 6).

· Relationships – Families, peers, positive and negative relationships, bullying, and feelings.

PSHRE education has a proven impact on life chances and academic success, this development means that all children can benefit from an education that keeps them safe, healthy, and prepared for the realities of modern life.


Within our curriculum, we offer our children a holistic opportunity to explore Spiritual, Moral, Social, and Cultural content. It is an area of the curriculum that focuses on the non-academic development of students, such as understanding and appreciation of different cultures or dealing with moral conundrums.

The SMSC curriculum is accessed and celebrated by our students, on three separate occasions within the academic year, formally known to our staff, students, and families as ‘Super Learning Day (SLD)’. The following content is addressed:

· Spiritual Development – The activities on the day focused on our relationship with others, changes over time (rites of passage), focusing on Mental Health, keeping calm and how we each impact each other, and how religion supports this.

· Moral Development – Main activities on the day to be focused on the development by exploring and responding to issues of right and wrong, good and evil. The teaching of right and wrong in different religions, similarities, and differences. How are they shared (Bible/Koran/Torah)? How do these stories help people?

· Social and Cultural Development – Main activities to cover development through raising awareness and developing an understanding and appreciation of different cultures, religions, and beliefs in our society today and development through exploring the nature of religious communities, and by promoting the skills that help pupils relate to others for the wellbeing of all.

We aim to provide our students the opportunity and experiences that are covered worldwide and to promote their individuality, whilst highlighting the British values.


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