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Privacy Policy

1. General
1.1. Personal privacy is of great importance to MAT. Protection of your personal
information is paramount. This concern for your privacy is no different with regard
to electronic information as to that which is paper based
1.2. In recognition of our commitment to your privacy we set out the following
important points which you should note:
1.2.1. you do not have to give us any personal or private information about yourself
in order to visit our website;
1.2.2. if you visit our site just to read or download information, we will collect and
store only the following information (web access logs) about your visit. Most
organisations maintain these logs as a method of assessing the
effectiveness of their websites. These logs do not contain any personal or
private information and we do not make any attempt to link the visitor
information in the logs with the individuals using our site: the name of the domain from which you access the internet and the
Internet Protocol (IP) address or host name, which may or may not
identify a specific computer. An IP address is something which all
computers accessing the internet are automatically allocated at point of
connection; the date and time you accessed our site; the pages you visited and information accessed; the internet address of any website from which you linked directly to our
site; the type of browser software used to access our site.
1.3. We will collect personal or private information only if this is provided specifically
and knowingly by you, using an online form or by sending us an email;
1.4. Personal or private information which you provide will be used only for such
purposes as are described at the point of collection, or for purposes which are
legally permitted;
1.5. We will only share your personal or private information with outside parties in
ways that are permitted by this statement, or if we are required to do so by law or
to comply with a court order;
1.6. We will only retain your personal or private information for as long as is
necessary and in accordance with our Record Retention Policy (a copy of which
is freely available through our publication scheme which can be found at New
Bridge MAT, Roman Road, Hollinwood, Oldham OL8 3PH Tel. 0161 883 2401.
1.7. Web access logs may be used to prevent security breaches and to ensure the
integrity of the data on our servers. The logs are deleted periodically. When you
send us an email using the form on our site, we retain a log of the time each
message is received by the server, the source and destination address of each
message, the time each message is forwarded and the delivery status of each
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2. Site Management
2.1. For site management, information from web access and email logs are collected
for statistical purposes. Summary statistics are created which are used for such
purposes as assessing the number of visitors to the different sections of our site,
what information on our site is of most and least interest, determining technical
design specifications and identifying system performance or problem areas. This
is solely intended to aid us in the improvement of the quality of our site.
3. Site Security
3.1. For site security purposes New Bridge MAT arranges for network traffic to be
monitored in order to investigate or detect unauthorised uses such as attempts to
upload or change information, to detect attacks on services or other attacks
intended to cause damage. This means that when you send us an email (whether
you use forms on our site or otherwise) we could intercept it, or it could be
intercepted on our behalf.
4. Links
4.1.1. Our website contains links to and from other sites. Please note that such other
websites may deal with privacy differently to the way we deal with this important
area. You should note, therefore, that New Bridge MAT has no responsibility or
liability for the privacy practices or the content of any site to or from which we
4.1.2. New Bridge MAT does not necessarily endorse or support the services or
business of those organisations to or from which our site is linked. We cannot
guarantee that these links will work all of the time and we have no control over
the availability of such pages. If you decide to access the third party sites linked
to our site, you do so at your own risk.
4.1.3. New Bridge MAT has no right to anyone else’s intellectual property on linked
sites. If you wish to link to pages on our site then you should seek our permission
first by contacting the administration office at the following address:
4.1.4. The information contained in these web pages is, to the best of our knowledge,
true and accurate at the time of publication and is solely for information purposes.
New Bridge MAT accepts no liability for any loss or damage, howsoever arising
as a result of use of or reliance on this information, whether authorised or not.
5. Cookies
5.1. A cookie file can contain certain information such as a user ID that a website can
use to track the pages you have visited. We currently use a session cookie to
identify where a visitor is at a specific time. This type of cookie is deleted from
your computer when you leave our site. If we decide to use additional cookies in
the future, we will include full details in this Internet Privacy Statement. However,
cookies will not be associated with any personal data or private information. If
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you would like further information about internet cookies then please visit
6. Security
6.1. Please note that sending an email or submitting information via an online form
cannot be made totally secure. Whilst we strive to protect your personal and
private information, New Bridge MAT cannot guarantee the security of any
information in an email or an online form whilst this is being transmitted to us.
7. Third Party Service Providers
7.1. New Bridge MAT may have contracts with other organisations (known as third
parties) to provide online services. If we do, we will make sure that:
7.1.1. they are provided only with the information which they need to carry out the
7.1.2. they agree not to use the information received from us for any purpose other
than that specified by the MAT; and
7.1.3. they have proper systems in place to protect personal and private
8. Copyright
8.1. All intellectual property rights are reserved. Generally, the reproduction or
transmission, in any form or by any means, or the storing in any retrieval system
of any nature, of any text, graphics, images, film or sound files, code, designs or
logos is forbidden without our written permission.
8.2. If you would like to get in touch with us to request permission to use any material
then please contact:
New Bridge MAT
Roman Road
Tel : 0044 (0)161 883 2401
Email : info@newbridgegroup.org
Please state clearly the reason why you wish to use the material in question
and for what purpose.
8.3. Our copyright and other intellectual property rights are protected by UK laws and
by international treaties. However, any text can be downloaded by our customers
and citizens free of charge, to file or printer without our permission. This is
subject to the material being reproduced accurately and not being re-used or republished in any way. This permission does not extend to any material on our
site which belongs to someone else, for example where it is identified as being
the copyright of someone else.
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9. Virus Protection
9.1. We make every effort to check and test the material on our site. However, it is
always wise to run an anti-virus program on all material downloaded from the
internet. New Bridge MAT cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any loss,
disruption or damage to your data or to your computer system which may occur
as a result of using material from our site.
9.2. Disclaimer
9.2.1. Whilst we use all reasonable care to ensure that the material on our site is
accurate and up to date, New Bridge MAT cannot accept any responsibility or
liability for any loss or claim arising directly or indirectly from any error or
inaccuracy in any of the material on our website.
9.3. Contact
9.3.1. If you would like to contact us about this Internet Privacy Statement, or if you
think any of the information on our site is wrong or inaccurate, please email
us at the following address: info@newbridgegroup.org
10. Right of Access under the Data Protection Act 1998
10.1.1. Individuals have the right to access information about themselves under the Data
Protection Act 1998, subject to certain exemptions which will be assessed on a
case by case basis.
10.1.2. Please send requests for access to your information under the Data Protection
Act to the CEO in writing at the address given below:
New Bridge MAT
Roman Road
Oldham OL8 3PH
11. Right of Access under the Freedom of Information Act 200
11.1. Individuals have the right to access information under the Freedom of Information
Act 2000, subject to certain exemptions which will be assessed on a case by
case basis. This right can be exercised by writing to the MAT or the Information
Policy Section at the addresses shown above for requests under the Data
Protection Act.
11.2. New Bridge MAT also has a Publication Scheme held at the school which has
been approved by the Office of the Information Commissioner. This scheme
contains information which we have voluntarily chosen to make freely available
(unless a charge applies as otherwise stated). For further information please
New Bridge MAT
Tel : 0044 (0)161 883 2401
Email : info@newbridgegroup.org
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12. Office of the Information Commissioner
12.1. The Information Commissioner oversees and enforces the Data Protection Act
1998 (DPA) and the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOI). The Commissioner
is a UK independent supervisory authority reporting directly to the UK Parliament
and has an international role as well as a national one. If you have any concerns
regarding this website and how we deal with privacy or access to information
then you have a right to request an assessment of our processing. Please see
the following website for further information: www.ico.gov.uk
13. Changes to the Privacy Statement
13.1. If we decide to change our privacy statement we will place a notice on our
homepage. Regularly reviewing this page ensures you are always aware of what
information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances (if any) we
share it with other parties.
14. Sources and references
14.1. Data Protection Act 1998
14.2. Equality Act 2010
15. Other useful documents
15.1. Subject Access Request Policy
15.2. Freedom of Information Policy
15.3. Equality Impact Scheme
15.4. Publication Scheme
15.5. Complaints Policy
16. Monitoring
16.1. This policy will be monitored through the MAT’s accountability framework.


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