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Blog 16.09.2022


What a great second week back. Let’s see what all of our primary classes and secondary forms have been doing as they settle into school life for this year…

Mrs Lerigo’s class…

“I am so proud of all the new reception children who have had a brilliant first two weeks at ‘big school’. It is so hard adapting to new environments and lots of new people, however, they have been superstars. They have shown great resilience and are so ready for the year ahead. The staffing team are so excited for all the things to come and what we can learn and experience together.”

Miss Oakley’s class…

“Wow, two weeks have gone by and I can honestly say year 1 have amazed me everyday. Not only have you adapted and accepted your new environment but you have worked your socks off in all subjects. What a fantastic start to our new learning adventure, I can’t wait to see all you will achieve this year!”


Miss Meadows’ class…

“The first two weeks have been an amazing whirlwind of learning our new routines, sensory experiences and getting to know each other in class. We have enjoyed making gingerbread men, focusing on patterns/ sorting in maths and we have loved doing Attention Autism with the sounds a and m. We have thoroughly enjoyed our first two weeks back and are looking forward to being increasingly settled in our new class. It has been lovely getting to know the students and parents/ carers more. Well done everyone!”


Mrs Woodhead’s class…

“We have had a lovely couple of weeks. The children are all settling in and enjoying exploring our new classroom. We have enjoyed reading the owl babies book and using props to retell the story.”


Miss Pietraszewska’s class…

“I am so happy to have my class back after the summer with a new classmate to have fun with!

These past two weeks we have learnt about our bodies and jumped into our new phonics and maths groups. We are very excited to see what the rest of the year will bring us!”


Mrs Halkyard and Miss McDonald’s class…

“The children in class have settled fantastically in their new class. They are making new friends and have adapted well with their new class teachers. We have had lots of fun learning the past two weeks and look forward to the rest of the academic year.”


Mr Corrigan’s class…

“Well done to everyone for settling into their new class so well, we have had a lovely first couple of weeks back – keep up the good work!”


Miss Prescott’s class…

“We have been looking at different ways to explore our lessons through sensory activities, we can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds for us!”


Miss Tootill’s class…

“In class we have settled back into our school routine and continually promote our school values. We have discussed what expectations we have for ourselves, being at school and how we can make a difference.”

Mrs Davies’ class…

“The class team and I are very proud of how quickly and well our class have settled in, we’ve seen lots of fantastic work and explored lots of sensory activities.”


Mrs Gittins’ class…

“We have settled in to our new class brilliantly, we are so proud of them! We have focused on getting to know each other and all taken part in some great sensory circuits.”


Miss Parkinson’s class…

“Miss Parkinson’s class have settled well back into school life and welcomed new students. We have enjoyed getting to know each other and look forward to our learning this year.”


Mrs Matthew’s class…

“Our first two weeks in year 6 has been amazing and all children have all settled back into school routines and have all been happy to see their friends. Whilst learning, the children have all shown themselves to be thoroughly engaged, inquisitive and every one of them is eager to learn.”

 Miss Henson’s form…

“It has been a challenging transition for some students in 7SHN, however they have all done brilliantly. We have discovered so much about students and managed to help them feel more comfortable and settled. They really enjoyed their trip to Heaton Park and are looking forward to experiencing and learning more in secondary school.”


Mrs Duffy’s form…

“This week our new form have achieved lots of things, they have gotten their Bunsen burner licence, completed a 100-word spelling test with amazing results and settled into secondary like they were born to be in year 7! Well done year and keep up the hard work!”



Mr Akhtar’s form…

“A warm welcome to our form. The students have settled in quickly and have embraced the academy way of life. They have had a busy first couple of weeks. They have loved meeting all their new teachers and getting to know their form teacher Mr Akhtar, Ms Barrie and Ms Islam.”


Miss Connett’s form…

“We have had a fabulous couple of weeks settling into year 7 life, making new friends and getting used to new routines.

This week we have had lots of fun with different science experiments from dancing raisins to patterns with skittles!”


Mrs Cowling’s form…

“We have had a really positive start back to the school year, with a focus on our writing skills. Two students have even decided to each start writing a book! We are really looking forward to seeing what this new school year will bring.”


Miss Potts’ form…

“Our form have returned to school this September and we have welcomed 3 new staff members, Miss Jewitt, Miss Jones and Mr Howles. It has taken a week but the class have started to settle and embrace the challenges of Year 8.”


Mrs Murphy’s form…

“It has been lovely to welcome everyone back to school. They have settled in fantastically.”


Mrs Nuttall’s form…

“9NNL have settled really well since being back this September. With 2 new students, everyone has been working incredibly well together and are doing superb in all lessons. Here they are in a PE lesson with their old TA and new PE teacher Mr Ottaway. They are doing basketball this year and have been working together on building their dribbling and passing skills.”


Miss Boutell’s form…

“The students settled back into school and enjoyed their Outdoor education at Heaton Park.

The classroom welcomed their new form tutor Miss Bouttell and teaching assistants Miss Gold and Miss Ross.

We are looking forward to having a very productive year full filled with lots of learning and exploring.”


Mrs Datta’s form…

“Our form have taken to school life as ducks take to water! A huge welcome back and well done to the team for helping settle the students.”


Miss Hand’s form…

“Miss Hands year 10/11 nurture class have settled well into their new room, they have been enjoying some time out in the local park and getting out in the community, we are proud of how resilient they have been.”


Miss Waterman’s form…

“We’ve had a fantastic start to what already feels to be a brilliant year! Myself and Miss Moores-Jefferson have been welcomed into Hollinwood and have enjoyed getting to know our students, who are making amazing progress already.”


Miss Bones’ form…

“We have settled into the new academic year with positive mindsets. They’re throwing themselves back into their lessons and enjoying being back into the school routine.”


Mr Page’s form…

“This week our class have shown us just how mature and resilient they are, coming in first week to new lessons and beginning their GCSE preparation with smiles on their faces. I am extremely proud of how the students have approached KS4.”


Mrs Jones’ form…

“Mrs Jones, Mrs Hand and Miss Devlin have welcomed Year 10 back, This term we are learning about different careers, keeping ourselves safe online and life skills.”


Miss George’s form…

We have welcomed back our form and they were all geared up and ready to work hard towards their GCSE’s after the summer break. In form we looked at our core value ‘we are caring’ and together created a poster to reflect this.”


Miss Rashid’s form…

“Since returning to school, Miss Rashid’s form have been busy creating revision folders which they will use throughout the year to support their GCSE exams. Throughout the week, we have been discussing our school values and how we can promote these. We have also looked at how we can manage our emotions and resilience effectively. It has been lovely welcoming all students back to school and hope they continue to show a positive attitude to their learning.”



Miss Daniel’s form…

“We have been settling back into school and conducting science experiments.”


Now to our amazing SUPER STARs and HWA STARs

Mrs Lerigo’s STAR of the week is Silva for a brilliant work in cookery, watching the various demonstrations and then trying hard to follow the instructions.

Mrs Lerigo’s HWA caring STAR is Alfie for being so sweet and kind with his smiles, and just being so beautifully natured to everyone he meets.

Miss Meadows’ STAR of the week is Jack for excellent listening to instructions and this week our caring superstar was Maja, for being kind to her peers and sharing her toys.

Mrs Woodhead’s STAR of the week is Maleek for trying a new food every day.

Miss Pietraszewska’s STAR of the week is Mysha for waiting for her turn on the swing.

Miss Pietraszewska’s HWA caring STAR is Maya for sharing toys with her friends during playtime.

Mrs Halkyard and Miss McDonald’s STAR of the week is Caitlin for her wonderful contribution in PE and her good listening skills.

Mrs Halkyard and Miss McDonald’s HWA caring STAR is David for demonstrating our Autumn target ‘We Are Caring’ by being kind to my friends when they feel upset.

Mr Corrigan’s STAR of the week is Derry for being ready to learn all this week.

Mr Corrigan’s HWA caring star is Faiha for asking her friends if they are ok when they have been upset.

Mr Corrigan’s WOW moments go to: Jason, Oscar, Lewis, Jared and Brooke. Well done!

Miss Prescott’s STAR of the week is Zakaria for settling into his new class and making new friends!

Miss Prescott’s HWA caring STAR is Eli for being our caring star!

Miss Tootill’s STAR of the week is Alexia for making friends and working hard in maths.

Miss Tootill’s HWA caring STAR is Jake for demonstrating a caring attitude.

Mrs Davies’ STAR of the week is Arissa for fantastic behaviour and accepting the word no.

Mrs Gittins’ STAR of the week is Lewis for working super hard this week during every lesson and completing all his work!

Mrs Gittins’ HWA caring STAR is Mia for being very kind to all of her classmates and teachers. Mia has settled into her new class beautifully, we are very proud of her!

Miss Parkinson’s STAR of the week is Lewis for settling in so well to Hollinwood Academy.

Mrs Parkinson’s HWA caring STAR is Sofia for inviting friends to play.

Mrs Matthew’s STAR of the week is Tyler for being resilient when sounding our words.

Mrs Matthew’s HWA caring STAR is Marcus for always being a good friend and playing with others when they had nobody to play with.


Now to our ‘Commitment to Learning Stars’:

Commitment to Learning Stars 


What a week!! Well done everyone.


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s State Funeral will be held on Monday 19th September. School will therefore close as a mark of respect. This will allow our children, young people, staff and families to pay their respects to Her Majesty and commemorate her reign, while marking the final day of the period of national mourning.


School will reopen on Tuesday 20th September.


Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth ll.

Mrs Millard


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