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Blog 14.01.2022

What a fabulous week we have had at Hollinwood Academy.

The children, young people and staff have been busy in their classrooms and it has been wonderful to see walking
around school.

Mrs Tushingham has also had a number of building contractors onsite looking at how we can better improve our current facilities to support our children and young people.

The feedback and plans look amazing and I know they will benefit our children, young people, staff and provision. I am looking forward to sharing these with you when I can.

Let’s see what some of the classes have been doing starting with Miss Tootill’s class…

“Firstly, our class would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! What a great start we have had to the beginning of 2022, myself and Miss Sutcliffe have had the pleasure to
welcome back seven happy, lively and energetic boys.
We have kicked off this term by continuing to develop our knowledge and understanding of fractions. We have focused on recognising fractions, equivalent fractions and the four
main functions – adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions, over the last two weeks.

In History, we have started our new topic, Ancient Egypt. Last week we wrapped up Charlie and Lucas to create them both into mummies! This week we have made our own
papyrus paper.

In Geography, we are exploring rivers and seas, learning about the water cycle and developing our understanding of each stage.

In Science, we are investigating the body. We have investigated the circulatory system and this week we have taken a closer look at the heart.

In PE, we are working on health and fitness and identifying key muscle groups and the benefits of staying healthy.

Finally, we have returned to school with a positive mindset and discussed our goals for 2022. Myself, Miss Sutcliffe and the boys are eager to continue our learning, laugh and
to remain positive for this upcoming year.”

Now to Miss Bones’ form…

“Our class has settled back into their routine after Christmas and continued with their hard work.

We had some staff changes and they showed us how resilient they are. We have welcomed to our class Miss Bartlett and Miss Gold whom have been working at
Hollinwood Academy for a number of years but in different forms.


In English this week we have been learning about life in the war and students have been using expressive language and doing creative writing, this allowed the students to
use their own language techniques and helped them understand what life was like in the trenches.


In science this week we have been learning about magnets and how they attract and repel each other, using different materials to test this on. The students have enjoyed
doing experiments about magnets and testing them out themselves.


We have started a block on number, including integers, real numbers, rational numbers, directed number, solving problems and decimals.”

Now to our amazing SUPER STARs and SEALs

Mrs Lerigo’s STAR of the week is William for independently painting and describing what he was doing whilst he painted.

Mrs Lerigo’s SEAL Superstar is Roman for being resilient and coping well with exciting class activities that have to ‘finish’, when the activity would not necessarily be, if it were
up to Roman.

Miss Marston’s STAR of the week is Anna for having an amazing week by communicating her feelings and what she needs by using symbols.

Mr Corrigan’s STAR this week is Logan for trying something new.

Mr Corrigan’s SEAL Superstar is David for being a fantastic friend.

Mr Corrigan’s WOW moments goes to Xander, Oscar, George, David, Cole and Jared.

Well done!

Mrs Halkyard’s STAR of the week is Joshua for great contribution in our lessons.

Mrs Halkyard’s SEAL of the week is ………….. for keeping calm even when feeling frustrated.

Mrs Halkyard’s DOJO winner is Chris. Well done!

Miss Prescott’s STARs of the week are Gerard and Renico for trying their best to stay calm in tricky situations and using their indoor voices in class.

Miss Prescott’s SEAL of the week is George for using his manners in class and trying his best to stay one task.

Miss Prescott’s Bravery award goes to Madison. Well done!

Miss Collinge’s STARs of the week is Myla for amazing use of PECs to ask a friend for a biscuit.

Miss Collinge’s SEAL Superstar is Nabiha for sharing with her friends.

Miss Simms’ STAR of the week is Amario for showing perseverance in his lessons this week.

Miss Simms’ SEAL Superstars are Ivy and Ismaeel for trying to reach their New Year’s resolution!

Mrs Woodhead’s STAR of the week is Thomas for independently completing all his work.

Mrs Woodhead’s SEAL Superstar is Henry for achieving his goal of putting his head under the water in swimming.

Miss Tootill’s STAR of the week is Zachy for working hard and for being a great role model.

Miss Tootill’s SEAL of the week is Charlie for recognising my goals.

Miss Tootill’s DOJO winner is Ethan. Well done!

This week, our Story Bag winners are:

KS1: Anna
KS2: Renico

I hope you enjoy the little suitcase full of books with your families at home.

From Tuesday 11th January, confirmatory PCR testing following a positive result on a lateral flow device (LFD) will be temporarily suspended. This means that people who have
tested and reported a positive LFD result will no longer be advised to get a confirmatory PCR test.

This change is informed by public health advice. With high COVID-19 rates, the risk of a positive LFD result being false is very small, therefore, public health are advising that
people do not need to do a confirmatory PCR unless they:

• have symptoms (in which case they need to follow the stay at home guidance, self isolate and order a PCR test)
• wish to claim the Test and Trace Support Payment
• have been advised to take a PCR test because they are in a clinically vulnerable group
• have been advised to do so as part of a research or surveillance programme

From Monday 17th January, people who are self-isolating with COVID-19 will have the option to reduce their isolation period after 5 full days if they test negative with a lateral
flow device (LFD) test on both day 5 and day 6 and they do not have a temperature. For example, if they test negative on the morning of day 5 and the morning of day 6, they
can return to their education or work setting immediately on day 6.

The first test must be taken no earlier than day 5 of the self-isolation period, and the second must be taken the following day. All test results should be reported to NHS Test
and Trace.

If the result of either of their tests is positive, they should continue to self-isolate until they get negative results from two LFD tests on consecutive days or until they have
completed 10 full days of self-isolation, whichever is earliest.

Anyone who is unable to take LFD tests or anyone who continues to have a temperature will need to complete the full 10 day period of self-isolation.

Further information on self-isolation for those with COVID-19 is available.

Can I ask all families to inform school if your child tests positive on a LFT.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Millard


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