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Blog 12.11.2021

It was lovely to see so many families on Tuesday and Thursday as we held our first face to face pastoral parents evening. The feedback from families and staff was very positive and thank you for supporting us with the extra COVID measures put in place.

The families that came to the face to face parents evening will have noticed the work being undertaken at the front of the building. As you know, we had an eight-classroom extension built over the summer of 2019.

The extension was built on the secondary Muga area and since the completion of the extension, the secondary students have used the front of the building and sports hall during breaks and dinners.

It was always the intention to turn the front of the building into the secondary Muga for the students and this week we have finally been able to start these developments.

Unfortunately, COVID has massively delayed this project as the building materials have not been available. However, on Monday we started to install gym equipment, as requested by the school council, so this can be used at break times, dinners, sensory breaks, interventions, group/1:1 work and PE sessions.

This is the first stage of the playground project and we hope the next stages will not take as long. This is a great investment and something the student council advocated for and I think they will be pleased with the end result.

Let’s see what some of the classes have been doing starting with Miss Halkyard’s class…

“We have had a great start to the half term; the children have settled in well and are enjoying their learning.

In geography, we are studying our planet and sustainability. The past 2 weeks we have focused on food; where it comes from and how far it has to travel. This week the children had to locate where the fruit has come from and find it on a map.

In history this half term we are learning about significant figures in black history. This week we learnt about Martin Luther King. The children then thought about what their dream is in order to make the world a better place.

We are focusing on football in our PE lessons. This week we practised our dribbling skills which the children worked really hard on.

Our music focus is blues music and so far we have been practising chords and scales. The children use the glockenspiels on Garage Band and showed some great skills in recognising and sticking to a beat.

In Outdoor Education this week the children went on a nature walk and collected resources.

When they returned, they created clay animals using the items they collected. We have some excellent creations!

Our science topic has continued from before half term where we were looking at life cycles. This week, we discussed what humans are doing to save animals that are almost extinct. The children worked in teams to find out information about rhinos, pandas and koalas to discover why they are going extinct and what is being done to help them.

In Spanish the children have been learning about how to express their feelings.

In preparation for adulthood we have been studying personal hygiene.

In maths we have been solving addition and subtraction and problems.

We also have some pictures from our English lessons.

To end the week, we had our team building session in soft play followed by swimming.”


Now to our amazing SUPER STARs and SEALs

Mrs Lerigo’s STAR of the week is William for being AMAZING!!! William we are so very proud of you, you have settled in and are now tolerating others and following routines! Superstar!!!

Mrs Lerigo’s SEAL Superstar is George for showing such an interest in your school friends and giving them hugs and holding their hands. So sweet!

Harrison won Mrs Lerigo’s class Oscar…

Miss Pettigrew’s STAR of the week is Maleek for engaging really well in attention autism sessions and having a much better week overall. Well Done 🙂

Miss Pettigrew’s SEAL Superstar is Jack for sharing attention with adults during sensory exploration and copying their actions.

Miss Marston’s STAR of the week is Ethan for working really hard and using his words, well done!

Miss Parkinson’s STAR of the week is Brooke for showing great behaviours.

Mr Corrigan’s STAR this week is Isaam for some excellent independent Maths work this week.

Mr Corrigan’s SEAL Superstar is Oscar for great communication with his peers at play time this week.

Mrs Halkyard’s STAR of the week is Marley for super contributions in lessons.

Mrs Halkyard’s SEAL of the week is Andie for responding well to a tricky situation.

Mrs Halkyard’s DOJO winner is Lillie-Mae. Well done!

Miss Prescott’s STAR of the week is Ebon for trying his best to listen in class.

Miss Prescott’s SEAL of the week is Fatima for being brave and helping her friends.

Miss Prescott’s DOJO winner is Madison. Well done!

Miss Collinge’s STARs of the week is Myla for super work in phonics and communication.

Miss Simms’ STAR of the week is Essah for playing with his friends and being a kind friend in the playground soft.

Miss Simms’ SEAL Superstar is Amario for trying to solve problems with his peers independently.

Mrs Woodhead’s STAR of the week is Alex for excellent work in Music.

Mrs Woodhead’s SEAL Superstar is Henry for understanding what makes a good friend.

Miss Tootill’s STAR of the week is Zachary for working hard in maths.

Miss Tootill’s SEAL of the week is Charlie for accepting others’ opinions.

Miss Tootill’s DOJO winner is Lucas. Well done!

This week, our Story Bag winners are:

KS1: Brooke

KS2: Ebon

I hope you enjoy the little suitcase full of books with your families at home.


Now to our ‘Commitment to Learning Stars’:

Commitment to Learning Stars


I would also like to give a special mention to Jayden, in Miss Daniels’ form. This week Jayden was awarded a certificate for the most improved student in such a short space of time in his Muay Thai boxing class.

Jayden stated, ‘he is feeling really happy that his hard work is paying off!’

We are very proud of you Jayden and I can see from the smile on your picture that you are equally as proud. Well done and keep up the great work you are doing in Thai boxing.

On Friday 19th November we have a double event as it is Super Learning Day, with a focus on Spiritual Development, and we will be supporting Children in Need.

Again, the school council have decided to support the charity by coming into school in our pyjamas or a spotty item of clothing and we are asking that children and young people support this charity by donating £1.00 on the day.

We will also be having a cake sale at break time and children and young people can bring in a small amount of money if they would like to purchase one of our cakes.

At Hollinwood Academy we are currently renewing the libraries at primary and secondary. The student council would like all the children, young people and families to be involved with this. All student councillors have discussed the libraries with their classes and have created a wish list for the primary and secondary library.

To support the student councillors with this initiative the councillors would like to ask families to send in books for the library instead of sweets and treats that students bring in for their birthdays.

The wish lists can be found in the link below.

Any books ordered can be sent directly to the school or students can bring them into their class teachers: ·



The student council team would like to thank you for your support with this and the events we have held so far.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Millard


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