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Monday, July 5


Thursday, July 18

D of E Gold Expedition

Friday, August 1

Holiday Club trip to Alton Towers

It was lovely to welcome the whole school back on Monday after two secondary bubbles had finished their self-isolation periods. The secondary corridor was certainly quieter over the past few weeks. However, as we welcomed the secondary corridor back we had to close the first primary bubble on Thursday morning and another secondary bubble Thursday evening having only just returned on Monday. Then I got the news early Friday morning that another primary bubble had to close. The primary corridor has done exceptionally well to get to week 12 since returning in September and then we get two bubble closures in the same week. The Key Stage 4 students managed 4 days before their bubble had to close again.

As many of you know, Key Stage 4 is an extremely important period for our students as they prepare to sit their exams and achieve their accreditations. When I received the news late Thursday evening that we had a positive case in their bubble my heart sank. I was devastated for our students. As you know our main priority is the safety of all the students and staff and we do not close a bubble if it is not necessary, so to have three bubbles close this week is extremely disheartening. However, we have our virtual offer for all the bubbles to continue their learning with. If your child would prefer paper copies of their work please let the team know when we carry out welfare calls and we can arrange this.

I will be speaking to the staffing teams over the next few weeks while the three bubbles self-isolate and I will be asking them which students have been trying their best during their self-isolation period and this hard work will not go unnoticed. Last week, we presented a number of students with some outstanding self-isolation learning certificates and the following students received a £10 voucher for their efforts during self-isolation:

  • Aqsa

  • Bobby

  • Chloe

  • Ciara

  • Ethan

  • Logan

The Key Stage 4 students should have started their mock GCSEs this week but we have had to postpone these due to the bubbles having to self-isolate but these have been rearranged for the new year. I know how difficult this period has been for all of our students but more so our current Year 11 cohort. I am hoping the exam boards and Government will act on this year’s up and coming exams and recognise the disruption that the students have had to their learning over the past 9 months and into the new year. As soon as we hear anything we will endeavour to let you know.

On Wednesday afternoon, Reception and Key Stage 1 had an amazing time on their ‘Mad Hatters Parade’. All the students and staff joined in and made ‘mad hats’ which they wore and paraded outside of school. The students were given templates of the hats and designed them in their own special way using paint, glitter, glue and lots of stickers. As you can see, they had lots of fun and everyone did so well! This was linked to their topic ‘time to party’ and at the end of the week the students were going to wear these and have a mad hatters tea party. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen as the bubble had to close on Friday morning – such a shame! But they got to wear their hats with pride on Wednesday.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”481″ gal_title=”Parade November 20″]

Miss Rudge wanted to share Mr Gold’s form art work this week. They have worked so, so hard and have created the most beautiful forgeries based on the work of Artist Keith Haring. Amazing effort and Miss Rudge is super proud of them all.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”489″ gal_title=”ZRE November 20″]

Let’s see what some of our other classes have been doing this week, starting with Miss Meadows’ class…

We are all so proud of our Year 7s. We have settled into secondary school extremely well and we are now understanding the rules of the classroom and what is expected by our teachers. We have had a fantastic week, we have all followed expectations and shown good manners.

We love Outdoor Ed! Miss Sharples has been taking us and we are learning how to follow instructions outside the classroom. We are doing much better with this and Miss Sharples is extremely happy with our progress.

We have focused this week on what is a small problem and what is a big problem. We discussed this with examples and introduced the problem meter. We had some fantastic discussions and listened really well throughout this intervention session. We are focusing a lot on our EHCP targets this term and working hard to learn how to be a good friend and work in a team. We have made a lot of progress since September and are learning more about our peers every week.

This week, we started to have a morning meeting around the table together to complete our morning activities. This has been excellent for us as we have learnt to be tolerant towards others and be kind. Our morning work is an important part of our day as it keeps us settled and helps us be increasingly positive.

Miss Meadows, Miss O’Brien and Miss Gold could not be prouder of our students. They are working hard in their lessons and becoming a lovely class to teach. Well done 7LMS!

We are looking forward to seeing more positive behaviour choices and working on our communication skills next week! Thank you all for your continued support.

Mr Corrigan’s class have had a busy week..

Our theme this half term has been ‘Time to Party’. This week we had a Mad Hatters Tea Party and were lucky enough to join the rest of KS1 in a socially distanced Mad Hatter Parade around the school grounds. The class made and wore their own hats and loved seeing what the other classes had made.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”488″ gal_title=”MCN party 2020″]

In English our focus has been Traditional Tales. This half term we have been been looking at The Gingerbread Man. The class have used baking, craft, art, role play, puppets and sensory activities to inform our table work. The children have engaged really well with the characters and shown a great understanding of the key characteristics of traditional tales.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”483″ gal_title=”MCN English 2020″]

We have been adding and subtracting in Maths this half term and this week our focus has been making number bonds.

We have been using our Attention Autism sessions to inform our Topic work this term. We have explored the properties of materials in Science and the class have been using our Fireworks focus to build their vocabulary.

Yoga has been a key part of our timetable this term. Through relaxation, massage and our Sun Salutation, the children have kept themselves regulated and ready for learning.

Miss Bones’ form would like to share with you their learning too…

Miss Bones’ form have had a busy week this week, full of educational and engaging activities!

In intervention this week the class walked in and around the school grounds collecting any litter in their path. Litter picking has become very popular amongst the form and they worked really well as a team on their mission to create a cleaner environment.

In learning for life the class discussed emotions and what we might feel when we express these. We also learnt how we can recognise emotions by observing people’s body language and facial expressions.

In Maths the students have been learning about co-ordinates, linear equations and linear graphs. The class have worked hard to plot co-ordinates on a graph, work out the missing co-ordinates and linking graphs to linear equations.

In Science the class have been researching what microorganisms are, the effects they have on us as humans and how they spread.

In ICT the class worked hard to produce their own videos using iMovie. The class were shown examples of videos that had been created using iMovie, then used their creativity and imagination to produce their own.

[fvplayer id=”114″]

Finally, in PSHE the class have been learning all about campaigns, voting and the policies and procedures behind these. After looking through their possible choices for the UK Youth Parliament to campaign for next year, the class placed their votes in the ballot box in silence.

Now to our amazing SUPER STARs and SEALs..

  • Mrs Halkyard’s STAR of the week is Lucas for a fantastic week – being helpful, kind and enthusiastic.
  • Mrs Halkyard’s SEAL Superstar is Marcus for working well in a group.
  • Mrs Halkyard’s WOW moment goes to Tyler for some fantastic independent writing.
  • Miss McDonald’s STAR of the week is Daniel for remembering the road safety rules during outdoor ed.
  • Miss McDonald’s SEAL Superstar is Fatima for working well in a group.
  • Mrs Halkyard’s and Miss McDonald’s DOJO winners are Joshua and Gerard. Well done!

  • Miss Simms’ STAR of the week is Ivy for being able to talk calmly about what has happened and thinking about what she can do next time.

  • Miss Simms’ SEAL Superstar is Ismaeel for always saying kind things to his friends, and practicing good manners when working in a group.

  • Miss Tootill’s STAR of the week is Nathan for working hard all week and making us proud.

  • Miss Tootill’s SEAL Superstar is Thomas for sharing ideas and working well in a group.

  • Mrs Lomax’s STAR of the week is Amelia for accepting help when struggling with lessons.
  • Mrs Lomax’s SEAL Superstar is Zachy for being a great team player.

Well done everyone and keep up the hard work.

My girls are so excited for this weekend as we shall be getting into the Christmas spirit and putting up our Christmas decorations. They can’t wait to buy the Christmas tree as they have been on Christmas countdown since the beginning of November. I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Millard

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