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Monday, July 5


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D of E Gold Expedition

Friday, August 1

Holiday Club trip to Alton Towers

Blog – 23.09.2022

Blog - 23.09.2022   This week we have had big discussions about our new Student Council and Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and we are really proud of every student that has put themselves forward to become a Student Council or Anti-Bullying Ambassador. Our Student...

Blog 16.09.2022

Blog 16.09.2022   What a great second week back. Let’s see what all of our primary classes and secondary forms have been doing as they settle into school life for this year… Mrs Lerigo’s class… "I am so proud of all the new reception children who have had a...

Blog 09.09.2022

Blog 09.09.2022   Welcome to the academic year of 2022/23. I really hope you’ve all had a relaxing and enjoyable summer break and it has been lovely speaking to the children and young people about what they have been doing over the summer. As we look forward to...

Hollinwood Academy Open Days/Evenings 22 – 23

Hollinwood Academy Open Days/Evenings 22 - 23 Please see below for the Hollinwood Academy Open Days/Evenings for the academic year 22 - 23 4th October 2022 Secondary open morning9.30am–12.30pm 11th October 2022 Secondary open evening3.30pm–6.30pm 15th November 2022...

Blog – 20.07.2022

Blog - 20.07.2022 What a year! There have been many lovely experiences, memories and learning journeys shared on the weekly blog over the academic year so I am just going to let Mrs Lerigo, Miss Murphy and Mrs Bennett share there learning with you to finish the last...

Blog 15.07.2022

Blog 15.07.2022   This was our last full week of the academic year. It has been nonstop to say the least and this will all be showcased in our summer newsletter. Let’s see what some of the classes have been doing starting with Miss Pettigrew’s class… "This week...

Blog 08.07.2022

Blog 08.07.2022 On Monday we held our Governors meeting at school and it was lovely to see everyone. During the meeting, the Governors received an update from myself regarding the school, numbers, planned building work, premises, progress, standards and attainment...

Blog 01.07.2022   On Friday, we held our second transition session and this went really well. It was lovely to welcome some of our new teachers to the sessions too: Miss Oakley Mrs Matthews Mrs Gittins Mrs Jones Miss Connett Mrs Datta Mrs Henson I know the...


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