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Monday, July 5


Thursday, July 18

D of E Gold Expedition

Friday, August 1

Holiday Club trip to Alton Towers

I would like to start my blog this week by sharing with you the students who received a Head Teacher’s Award for this half term. Well done to you all and keep up the hard work..

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As I was handing out my Head Teacher’s certificates today I joined Mrs Lomax and Mrs Woodhead’s assembly and what a joy this was. They were identifying a range of different emotions by playing a charades game. Well done to you all and a special mention to Mrs Woodhead for her creative skills and making their feelings character..

This week at Hollinwood Academy the students at secondary have taken part in ‘Safer Internet Day’. Safer Internet Day is designed to empower young people to take control of their digital lives. For 2020 there was a big focus on online identity and we asked our young people to consider whether they and their peers are truly free to be themselves online. We then created a #FreeToBe display where our pupils could express what they felt they were #FreeToBe..

As I mentioned this week, a number of teaching assistants have recently moved on to pastures new. This week, Mrs. Knaggs has decided that now is the right time for her and her family to try something new. Mrs. Knaggs has worked at Hollinwood Academy for the last four and a half years since we opened our doors in 2015 and she has made a valuable contribution to the learning of the children and to the development of the school. We are very sorry to be losing her skills and dedication to her job but we wish her well in the future and hoping that she enjoys her new role. Mrs. Knaggs wanted to share this lovely message with you all..

‘I would like to say a HUGE thank you to all the staff, pupils and parents/carers at HWA. I have been a team member from the opening day of HWA and have had a truly wonderful time. I have had the pleasure of working alongside a fabulous team and many colleagues have become friends. I have met many parents/carers of the pupils and had many conversations which have been invaluable. Now to the most amazing pupils – what an absolute joy to have the privilege to support each day and build trust, respect and confidence. The pupils have made me smile daily and I have seen each pupil grow – making every day special. I have many memories to take with me. I wish HWA a bright future. – love Karen Knaggs.’

Over the past two weeks, Miss Gordon and myself have interviewed for a number of posts and I am pleased to announce that we have successfully appointed Miss Hand and Miss Hatton who will be joining us on Monday 24th February and Miss Clapham and Miss Barnes will be joining us shortly after half term. They all come with a wealth of knowledge and different experiences that will fully support all of our students and they are looking forward to starting at Hollinwood Academy.

On Thursday, Miss Rudge’s class had a very eventful teambuilding form trip to ‘Inflatanation’ in Manchester..

We are at that age where there are lots of changes happening, both personally and socially. We have been met with a few bumps in the road in terms of forming relationships, as teenagers do. With this in mind, a teambuilding trip was in order. We needed an alternative learning environment to build on relationships and have some well-earned FUN! It was so lovely to see pupils helping one another up to the top of slides and over inflatable obstacles. We all had such a great time! Our form class have worked so hard this term and I am especially proud to be their GCSE Art Teacher too and lucky enough to have shared their creative journey so far. Keep up the good work!

Ciara would like to tell you all about her experience:

The trip to the Inflata Nation was amazing. I was really nervous at first and thinking about it was all going to be all crowded up and most of it there’d be slides but, when I went inside and saw the bouncy castle, I thought to myself “I didn’t need to be nervous after all. I’m going to enjoy this!” All of you are great bouncers and active. Thank you Miss Rudge, Miss Wharfe, and Miss Wheeler for taking us out on an amazing trip to this bouncy castle centre. It was a great experience for me. I’m sure that all of you enjoyed it too! Love ya all! ❤️❤️😊😊

Ruby would also like to tell you about the trip:

The trip to inflatanation was extremely fun, I enjoyed bouncing around and playing with my form it was the best trip I’ve ever been on!

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Let’s see what some of our other classes have been doing this week, starting with Mr Corrigan’s class. The highlight for me is the Maths Peer to Peer with Mrs Halkyard’s class – amazing…

For Art and Drama this half term we have been studying Ancient Greece. In Art we have been looking at the signs of the Zodiac and Greek myths through Pottery, painting and craft.

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In Drama we have been learning about Ancient Greek Theatre and how it has influenced us today.

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Our Maths focus this half term has been Money and Statistics. We have been recognizing values, adding amounts and working out change from shopping trips. In Statistics we have been creating and interpreting bar charts and pictograms.

In Literacy we have been learning new vocabulary through our Myths topic. Our focus has been the Aztec creation Story. Through drawings, writing, group discussion and role play we have been linking new vocabulary to characters and words we already know.

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In Science this half term we have been learning about the human body. Our two key focuses have been the skeleton and the organs. We have been locating and labelling, as well as learning their functions.

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This term we have begun a Peer to Peer mentor programme with Mrs Halkyard’s class. Here the children are taught one to one Maths once a week by their peers. The children have really enjoyed it..

Miss Carpenter would like to share with you what her Year 9 form have been busy doing…

During the first Spring term our form have been very busy! Their topic in Food Technology has been Food Preparation and Cooking Techniques and the class have been learning how to safely chop carrots using a variety of techniques. The group were shown by Miss Carpenter how to dice, create batons, julienne, macedoine and brunoise. Then it was time for everyone to have a go themselves. The results were fantastic, and this will help to prepare the group for their GCSE in Food Preparation and Nutrition in Year 11.

We have also learnt how to make a marinade and cook safely with raw meat. We made marinated fajitas and the class sat down together and enjoyed these..

On the last week of term, we made some pancakes as we have an INSET day when we come back after half term. Miss Carpenter and Miss Shirley flipped them for us and again, we sat down together to eat. We didn’t even have any stuck to the ceiling!

[fvplayer id=”49″]

In our Music lessons, 9ECR have learning how to hold the guitar in the correct position, the right notes and which fingers to use. We have also been learning how to play the keyboards. We have looked at theme tunes as they are familiar to us and we can remember the sounds more easily.

During this term in Science, 9ECR are learning about fuel and which fuel produces the best energy. We did an experiment to test whether Methanol, Ethanol, Propanol or Wax was the best. Before we began this topic, we went over the health and safety rules to ensure everyone was sensible and safe..

Trampolining has been a popular lesson this half term. 9ECR have been taking part in trampolining. They have been understanding the basic skills such as starting with both feet, staying on the cross and in the middle of the trampoline. They have also been gently bouncing to gain height and landing with knees bent to stop. The class then moved on to tuck, pike and straddle jumps and also seat landings..

Miss Woodhead’s class have also been working hard..

It’s been a very busy week in our class. We have had loads of fun exploring our story “Where the Wild Things Are.” In English we have been looking at Max and the Wild Things and seeing how their feelings change through the story. We have been retelling the story and building and ordering sentences..

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The children collected sticks and leaves, they used these to recreate a scene from the book and talked about what was happening.

In Maths we have been learning how to divide objects into equal groups and finding different ways to sorting objects into groups according to colour, size material etc.

In Science we have been investigating the best materials to use to build a boat like Max sailed away in in the story. We tested lots of different objects to see which floated and which sank. We found out that if you make a boat from stone it will SINK!! The children then picked an object which floated and turned it into a boat and tested how well it sailed. The best was a rectangular piece of foam and a block of wood. Even some objects that floated didn’t make a good boat as they capsized!

In our PSHE sessions we have been looking at feelings. We made a giant feelings monster and practised acting out different emotions and how they made us feel..

We also made a “Time To Talk” board where we identified things which might make us worry and who we can talk to about our worries.

In Art we have made lots of props to make our classroom a great environment to learn in.

The children have loved our cooking lessons and have made a tasty treat for Valentine’s Day! They have been learning the importance of washing hands and our work area to prevent germs and poorly tummies. After the holidays we will be learning about where our food comes from in our “Farm to Fork” topic.

Mr Heap’s would like to share news from across the range of outdoor education and PE that he carries out through the whole school..

It has been another extremely busy term at Hollinwood Academy! Students have enjoyed exploring trampolining within our PE curriculum and have made lots of progress and had lots of fun.

Our Bronze DofE group have been developing their team building skills at Manchester Climbing Centre. As you can see from our pictures they have certainly reached some great new heights. Each week they have pushed and encouraged each other to climb higher and attempt new routes.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”420″ gal_title=”BHP DoE climbing 2020″]

Within Hollinwood Academy we have had more students than ever before accessing their local community both within our Outdoor Education curriculum and Outdoor Interventions. Students have explored local parks, cycled in their community and as you can see from our photos explored a range of weathers!

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Our primary communication group have had the opportunity to participate in bespoke weekly balance bike interventions and had lots of fun! It was great to see them develop in confidence each session.

EYFS have continued to develop their communication skills, turn-taking and matching skills through a range of bespoke activities.

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Miss Sanderson would like to share with you what her Year 9 form have been busy doing..

This term has been very exciting for the Year 9s. They have been learning lots of new skills and are continuing to develop their GCSE skills.

In Science they have been working on practical experiments. They have been focusing on Chemistry this term and have been mixing different metals with Copper Sulfate to see how they react.

As part of the cooking GCSE the pupils have been working on new skills and were able to make meatballs and pasta with tomato sauce – it must have been delicious because no-one offered Miss Sanderson a taste!

The form have also been working very hard on learning new skills. They have begun learning how to play the guitar in their Music lessons and some pupils have begun going to the Music Club at dinner time to practise their skills.

This term in History the pupils have been covering GCSE content in Crime and Punishment and have begun discussing their next topic, Weimar Germany. As part of this topic we will look into WW2 and the effects this had on society. During this term pupils began discussing the Holocaust in PSHE.

Alongside this the pupils were able to sit down with over 500 schools across the UK and watch a live stream of a holocaust survivor Susan Pollack, sharing her story. This then led to some fantastic class discussions and the pupils were very mature in handling such a sensitive topic. Next term we are working to create a memorial garden in school with flowers and ornaments to help remember those who lost their lives at war.

Now to our amazing SUPER STARs and SEALs

Mr Corrigan’s STAR STAR this week is Marco Jaq for giving 100% in every lesson..

Mr Corrigan’s SEAL Superstars this week are Edward and Oliver for learning important life lessons..

Mr Corrigan’s LEXIA Superstars are Joshua, Marcus, Andie and Jake..

Miss Simms’ STARs of the week are the whole class for having an amazing half term and working hard on their own targets, her SEAL Superstar is Amario for being able to reflect on his day and say what he’ll do better next time and her Dojo winner this week is Ivy

Miss Tootill’s STAR of the week is Thomas for having a fantastic week and trying his best and her SEAL Superstars are everyone for reflecting on their learning

Miss Tootill’s Dojo winners this week are Vincent and Carlo. Well done!

Mrs Lomax’s STAR of the week is Charlie for doing some fantastic measuring in our Maths perimeter challenge, you even calculated perimeters
by adding up measurements involving decimals!

Mrs Lomax’s SEAL Superstar is Damien for helping so many of his friends and his teachers to solve problems! You’ve helped stop 2 friends falling out over problems with sharing crayons and even solved the problem of using our iPads to film our English stories..


Mrs Woodhead’s STAR of the week is Rahmeen for fantastic illustration work on her iPad..

Mrs Lomax’s SEAL Superstar is Jacob for sharing and working nicely alongside his friends..

Mrs Halkyard’s STAR of the week is Jayden for being kind and considerate to staff and students and her SEAL Superstar is Aqsa for being kind and considerate to her friends and considering others’ emotions.
Miss McDonald’s STAR of the week is Daniel for having a fantastic week and making the right choices, her SEAL Superstar is Charlotte for reflecting on her learning and taking pride in her new class feelings/reflection journal and her DOJO winner is Daniel and Liam also got a wow moment for writing and recording a fantastic myth in English! Well done

Now to our Secondary SUPER STARS…

On Friday 26 of our pupils from across Key Stage 3 and 4 received a ‘Certificate of Achievement’ for receiving the highest reward points over the half term. These pupils have shown great respect and attitude to learning over the course of the half term and were rewarded for their conduct. They enjoyed a morning watching the Lego Movie 2 film with goodies to eat. A big well done to all the pupils.

I have to finish my blog with another Secondary SUPER STAR – Lucas. Lucas joined Mr Francos’ form this academic year and he came to show me a very special letter that he received yesterday. He has been nominated and shortlisted as a finalist for an award at the Mahdlo Stars Awards Event in March.

I am so proud of you Lucas and I wish you all the luck – you certainly get my vote!

I hope you all have a lovely half term and I look forward to seeing all the students on Tuesday 25th February . If your child is attending holiday club I know there are lots of interesting and fun activities planned.


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