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Monday, July 5


Thursday, July 18

D of E Gold Expedition

Friday, August 1

Holiday Club trip to Alton Towers

I cannot believe we are at the end of January already. It has been a very busy start to the Spring term and there are lots of exciting things coming up.

  • Year 8 Residential: Tuesday 2nd June to Friday 5th June 2020 going to Disneyland Paris.
  • Year 6 Residential: Monday 15th to Friday 19th June 2020 going to Haven holidays: Hafan Y Mor in Wales.
  • Year 11 Residential: Monday 22nd June to Friday 26th June 2020 going to Haven holidays: Pwllheli in Wales.

Tuesday 28th, Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th of April will see the MAT production of ‘We Will Rock You!’. This show is for all the students across the MAT to take part in and this year the following students from Hollinwood Academy will be taking part:

  • Katie W.
  • Joshua L.
  • Sam B.
  • Danny B.
  • Dekon T.
  • Cameron O.
  • Decklan B.
  • Ethan D.
  • Maia M.
  • Ellie C.
  • Aaron J.
  • Mrs Halkyard’s class

The rehearsals have already started for what I am sure will be yet again an amazing production. The feedback that I have had from the staff across the MAT has been amazing already with regards to the students’ commitment, dedication and behaviour. Well done all and keep working hard.

On Monday mornings, three of our Key Stage 4 students carry out work experience at Hortus, based at the Learning Centre, and The Atrium, based in the First Choice Homes offices in Oldham ,supported by the MAT job coach, Tisha..

Taylor and Danny have been completing their work experience at Hortus with Mr Blackman at the Learning Centre every Monday morning, with Taylor continuing his Hortus placement from last term while Danny is a new recruit! On Danny’s first day, Mr Blackman explained to him the use of PPE and Danny was keen to get started straight away.

Once the right size of PPE was selected, which included overalls, steel toe capped boots and a high vis coat to keep warm in the cold weather, Mr Blackman explained the difference between a spade and a shovel..

Here is Taylor transporting the shovel and spades in the wheelbarrow to start working on preparing to flip the soil in the allotment trenches. He is a pro transporting various equipment and tools!

The boys working hard at flipping and turning over the soil, with direction from Mr Blackman. They worked hard! Job coach and Mr Blackman encouraged the boys to be aware of their posture and look after their backs..

Danny having a go at emptying the flipped soil from the wheelbarrow into the trench..

Taylor too… quite a physical job tackling the wheel barrow filled with soil!

On Monday afternoons at The Atrium, Max is continuing his placement. Max is working front of house ensuring all snacks are presented well for customers..

Max is developing a good working relationship with Sammy the kitchen assistant..

On Wednesday afternoon, two of our Year 7 students joined the MAT choir at the Young Voices concert at Manchester Arena..

“It was amazing because I listened to new songs that I had never heard before and enjoyed singing them as well. I enjoyed how full the arena was and I really enjoyed the performers on stage like the dancers.” ~ Dekon
“It was amazing! It was very loud with loads of people! My throat hurt a lot after! There were a lot of lights and the whole thing was amazing!” ~ Aaron

They joined over 8500 children in total, dancing and singing to an audience of over 12,500……and they were amazing!!!

Let’s see what some of our other classes have been doing this week, starting with Miss Simms’ class…

Our topic for this half term is, “Myth Slayers.” In our topic lessons we have been comparing and contrasting our life and life for the Ancient Greeks. We have learnt some interesting (and sometimes yucky!) Greek facts about homes and daily life. In our English lessons we have studied the most powerful Greek God – Zeus! He even came to visit Hollinwood Academy to answer all of our questions. We then researched our own Greek God/Goddess and taught everyone else lots of interesting facts through writing our own information report..

We got extremely creative in Art and designed our very own Greek God/Goddess. We thought of a name for our new God/Goddess and thought of what special powers they would have. We then moulded our Greek God/Goddess out of clay and painted it when it was dry!

This half term a pet shop came to our classroom! We read the book, “The Great Pet Sale” to help us learn all about money. We are able to recognise different coins, pay for different items and even give change. Two boys even created their own shop in the soft play area!

Our Science topic for this term is, “Animals including humans.” We have learnt all about our digestive system and teeth. We had fun investigating how food is digested through a very messy experiment involving mushed up biscuits and bananas!

Miss Fletcher’s class have been busy too..

This week in 7JFE, we have been exploring equivalent fractions in Maths. We have looked at different methods and concrete resources to help us spot patterns and similarities in fractions.

In English, we have been writing our own haikus. We wrote a haiku about a beach in groups and then wrote haikus about our hobbies and interests.
A few great examples include:

‘Unicorn’ by Katie
‘Flying animal
Mystical wonderful dance
Sugar eating horse.’

‘Butterfly’ by Mariam Ibrar
‘Butterflies fly high
I’m a pretty butterfly
Butterflies are pink.’

Five of our students took part in the ‘Wheels for All’ scheme at Alexandra Park and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We are especially proud of Alfie and Katie for the progress they have made on the bikes over the past few weeks.

We have continued with our Ancient Greek topic this week. Last week we made videos to advertise the first ever Olympic games in Athens and this week we looked at Ancient Greek beliefs and gods. We have linked our drama and history lessons together this week, learning about the different types of Greek theatre. We have discovered that we really have a lot of things to be thankful for from the Ancient Greeks!

Miss Rudge has had such a busy start to the year in Creative Arts here at Hollinwood Academy!

First of all, I’d just like to mention the Creative Champion of the week…our Kurt. Kurt worked so hard in Art this week and Mrs Moss and I were so proud of his effort and achievement. Kurt received a positive postcard home, and I can’t wait to see more of his creative work! Our Year 7 classes have been working super hard on a ‘Natural World’ project, and this week saw us start work on our Artist Study. We are focusing on the beautiful work of abstract artist Marcia Baldwin. What a lovely start to our projects! 

In GCSE Art, Year 10 have really started to branch out into their independent studies. It’s been wonderful watching both skills and confidence build from our pupils and I can’t wait to see some of our final pieces. Keep up the good work Year 10! 

Our Year 8 Drama classes have been looking at the idea of using the ‘Devil and Angel’ technique in Drama. We use this to explore a Character’s inner conscience..

We had so much fun with this and even Miss Rudge gave it a go..

As Mrs Millard has mentioned, this week saw us start rehearsals for our whole MAT production of ‘We Will Rock You’. This is sure to be an amazing performance full of wonderful songs for the whole family to sing along to! We are never short of pupils wanting to be involved in our extra-curricular Creative Arts offer here at Hollinwood, and I don’t think I could get any prouder of a group of children if I tried. It isn’t easy getting up on that stage, as some of us know, but our kids absolutely blow me away every time. I’m so excited for this one!

Miss Parkinson’s class have settled into the new term…

This term the children have really enjoyed and engaged with their learning. In English we have focused on the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk.’ The children have explored the story in many different ways..

I think the children have enjoyed acting out and re-enacting the story with the use of puppets. You can quite often hear, “Fe Fi Fo Fum…” within the classroom!

Alongside this, we have done some fabulous writing..

Keeping in line with our beanstalk theme, the children have been planting ‘magic beans’ in Science. We have looked at seeds and what they need to survive..

In Maths we have been learning to add numbers together and worked hard using lots of different manipulatives to help up add numbers and write some number sentences..

Mr Francos’ class would like to share their learning with you too..

In Spanish with Mr Francos we have been practising our pronunciation, reading and speaking in particular. We all sound very Spanish! We are able to say what subjects we study.

In P.E. with Mr Heap, we have been developing our trampolining skills..

In I.C.T. with Miss McMurray, we have been studying pixels and how pixels make up a picture..

We then made our own images out of pixels..

In Music, with Mr Challinor, we have been composing our own song from a remix song of an original. We used the Garage Band app and pianos to do this. The students really enjoyed this activity..

In Science, with Mr Gold, we have been learning about the human body. The students have enjoyed learning about the digestive system and labelling it..

Now to our amazing SUPER STARs and SEALs,,

Mr Corrigan’s STAR this week is George for an excellent swimming lesson today..

Mr Corrigan’s SEAL Superstar this week is Marcus for trying his best with his new start this week and being a good example in swimming..

Mr Corrigan’s LEXIA Superstars are Joshua and Oliver..

Miss Parkinson’s STAR of the week is Ebon for fantastic work in Spanish this week..

Miss Simms’ STAR of the week is Alfie for using super manners all week and Miss Tootill’s STAR of the week is Vincent for trying his best, working hard and having a great week..

Miss Simms’ SEAL Superstar is Thomas for staying calm and putting his hand up when he needed help and Miss Tootill’s SEAL Superstar is Byron for never giving up despite finding something difficult..

The class Dojo winners are Amario, Vincent and Thomas..

Mrs Lomax’s STAR of the week is Zachy for doing some fantastic measuring in Maths and some careful calculations to work out the perimeter of 2d shapes..

Mrs Lomax’s two SEAL Superstars are Amelia for thinking about her target of looking after the environment by keeping it clean and breaking it down into 5 steps so that she can achieve it and Charlie for thinking about his target of doing good listening and breaking it down into 5 steps so that he can achieve it..

Mrs Halkyard’s STAR of the week is Jacob is for fantastic contribution in lessons and her SEAL Superstar is Lana for keeping trying when things get difficult and building her resilience

Miss McDonald’s SEAL Superstar is Joshua for keeping trying when things get difficult and building his resilience and her Dojo winner is Liam..

Well done everyone! I am celebrating my beautiful niece’s christening this weekend and I have been asked to be her Godmother which I proudly accepted. My girls can’t wait for baby Zara’s christening and neither can I.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,


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