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This week saw the first of this year’s Parents’ Evenings in which parents were able to speak to all form teachers. Many of you also spoke with our pastoral managers, Ms Williams and Ms Ismail. Mrs Watson was also on hand to support with talking to our parents about EHCPs. If you have not yet had chance to fill in our very short questionnaire about your visit, please could you take a few minutes to complete it here. Alongside Parents’ Evening, we also had another well attended open morning where we saw many families looking for a primary provision for their children.

Mrs Halkyard has been hard at work..

Over the past couple of weeks we have been transforming the area outside the new classrooms into a library area. On Wednesday we had an opening for all primary classes. Each class was invited to come down and explore the area, read some books or complete an activity.

The response from the children has been fantastic; they love sitting in there and it has proven to be a comfortable and safe environment. I really hope that classes continue to regularly access the area to engage the children in reading a variety of books.

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Thank you so much to everyone who has donated books, they really are much appreciated and thank you also to the team who worked extremely hard making such a wonderful area for the children.

In Mrs Lomax’s class..

The Autumn term is passing quickly and we have been so busy. Out topic this term is ‘The Drop goes Plop’! This topic has a focus on Geography, looking at significant bodies of water and why water is a commodity. This links nicely with our Science and we have been looking at changes in materials and we have already conducted several experiments investigating dissolving..

We have also been exploring colour and we have been finding out about the work of Wassily Kandinsky and we have used this to develop our understanding of colours and colour mixing..

We have re-created Kandinsky’s Squares with Concentric Circles in both our Art lessons..

..and our ICT lessons!

Later this term we are going to get even more creative and try our hand at sewing and hopefully we will have created a beautiful gift for our families. In our Maths, continuing the water theme we are learning about volume, while in English we are re-capping sentence writing and non-fictional report writing.

But, it hasn’t all been about academic learning, we have enjoyed lots of opportunities to develop our social skills and we have been learning some traditional board games and we have been enjoying playing these with our friends, even if it means we don’t always win!

In Mr Rawson’s class..

This week the class have been studying States of Matter in Science and discovering Solids, Liquids and Gases and their properties.

In ITC the class have been learning about e-safety and using the Purple Mash apps and Childnet to learn about all the aspects of staying safe online.

Geography this week was learning about waterfalls and gorges and the boys made pop up waterfalls in their books!

Some of the targets for this term were sharing toys and equipment and also taking turns. Both boys have worked really hard in lessons and at break times towards their targets.

In Maths this week the class have been learning how to multiply numbers using the Grid method..

Finally, in electronics both boys have started to make their latest project which is a memory game. The boys have learned about electricity safety, electrical components and have learned how to use a soldering iron safely..

Mrs Potts’ Year 10 class have been busy this week..

In English the class have been reading the book Macbeth and analysing the text. They will be looking at the different versions of Macbeth and stating how they differ.

In Maths the class have been learning about Pythagoras. The class have been using Hegarty Maths and diagnostic questions on the iPads as well.

In Science the class have been learning about circulation in the body. The class did a experiment by dissecting a heart to look inside the heart at the valves..

In History the class have been learning what happened through World War 1 and Nazi Germany. The class have been creating timelines of the events that had taken place.

In ICT the class are currently working on coursework for their qualification. The class had to choose to design either a vinyl cover, a magazine article or a book cover then follow the design specification.

In D of E the class have been going on numerous walks. This week they went to Tandle Hills.

In Living Skills the class have been learning about nutritional food and how to budget. The class had to write about what they ate daily and had to research the prices of the food they ate.

In Spanish the class have been learning to write paragraphs about activities they have done in Spanish. The class have been doing listening activities in Spanish then trying to translate the information into English.

In Food Preparation the class have been choosing a dish of their choice then planning how long it will take to cook each dish. They then had to create a time plan for the dish they chose. The class have cooked chicken stew by following a recipe they looked up and fish pie following a recipe that was provided..

They’ve even found time for a few games of Scrabble!

In Mr Hartley’s class..

This term we have continued to study Functional Skills Maths and English as well as our Open Awards in Further Learning and Employment and Horticulture. All of the students have worked really hard and impressed us with the progress that they are making.

In Maths we have worked on Functional Skills questions for addition, subtraction and multiplication; and in English we have looked at basic punctation, conjunctions, prefixes and suffixes and how we can apply this in our writing.

For our Open Awards in Further Learning and Employment, we have studied how to present ourselves for an interview, before we take part in a practice interviews later this term. In Horticulture we have looked at classifying plants, carried on with our weeding, when the weather has been suitable, as well as planting some daisies in the new boxes.

Our class have been on some exciting trips this half term and our first one was to the Printworks in Manchester to see Captain Marvel. The students that went on the trip were sent home with a free ticket to see a movie at the Vue Cinema between 1st – 31st December. I hope that these have reached you and that you have the opportunity to take advantage of this. If not, please let me know as I have a spare one in my drawer.

In order to progress with on our EHCP outcomes we have recently decided to devote some time in the week for the students to work on their targets. The students have enjoyed doing this and have been proud of what they have achieved.

Our trip this week has been to the Manchester Christmas Markets, we all had a fab time and staff were impressed to see how well all of the class did. It was fantastic to see them ordering their own food at the markets, handling the crowds on the tram, some paying for their own tickets and others scanning their travel cards and behaving perfectly the whole time. It was Dante’s first experience of a full day trip with our class and we have been so impressed at how he coped with any anxieties he may have had with crowds on the tram and at the market.

When we first arrived Kian got himself a famous Yorkshire Pudding Wrap and Grace purchased a lovely Pokémon keyring, before we made our way through the markets from Exchange Square to Albert Square. Karl was in his element with the flower and bulb stall but with so much on offer, it was difficult for many to decide what they wanted to buy, if anything at all and Grace and Kian were quite focused on hunting for all the cheese stalls and trying their free samples.

At lunch, we went to the library, the students were sensibly ate their lunch and Grace had the opportunity to talk to some members of the library team that were at an LGBT stall, which she endearingly called ‘the rainbow boys’. They showed her the library’s archive on the LGBT movement in Manchester and she had a lovely conversation with them.

After lunch, we went back through the markets and Ollie and Charlie confidently purchased a bratwurst, Raihan and Karl got hot chocolate, and Dante got a chocolate Christmas tree. It was great to see Ollie and Charlie asking and paying for their own food and eating it on one of the tables. The market traders were all very friendly with our students and the students were vice versa. Before getting back on the tram, we sat down for a while so that the students could eat and drink what they had purchase and Karl and Raihan had fun playing with the talking Christmas tree.

It was clear that they had a good time at the markets, with Kian commenting that it was one of his best trips and Ollie saying, “it’s better than Tesco.”

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Well done class for making our school proud!

In Miss Bones’ class..

In the last couple of weeks, we have welcomed 2 new members to our form group and they have both settled in well. They are making new friends and the students are learning all about each other and getting to know each other. We have had a parents’ evening this week and it was lovely being able to share our successes with parents and let them know how well everyone is doing.

In Maths last week we entered an online competition for Maths Week and Nina won herself a Gold Medal! Well done Nina.

We have been using the Dienes blocks in Maths to do division and Kurt in particular enjoyed using these..

Some of the children have also had a go at ‘being the teacher’ in Maths and they enjoyed this very much! Kurt taught the class about order of operations and Nina taught them all about multiplying decimals..

In English the class have been studying the book Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz. It’s about a 14 year old teenager mourning his late uncle, he also finds out that his late uncle was in fact a spy!
The whole class is loving the book and are actually asking to read more to find out what happens next. Their class work includes comprehension work and even inventing spy gadgets!

This term our class have started learning about the weather in Geography, the different types of weather we can get and even how to measure it. The class have made rain gauges and have left them outside in the flower bed to measure the rain which they have enjoyed very much, they run and have a look every morning to see how high the water’s got! The class received homework to monitor and record the weather for a week. This taught them the correct words to describe the weather.

Keyboards, pianos, garage bands…..you name it, our class can play it! In Music this term they are learning and recognising different keys by learning how to play small extracts from movies including ‘A Million Dreams’ from ‘The Greatest Showman’ and I have to say they can play pretty well….well chuffed with that and I’m sure our music teacher will agree!

I am happy to report that our class can multi task very well because Science is teaching our class two different topics at the same time – ‘Organs in our body and how they work’ and ‘Different types of materials and what are they used for.’ Next lesson we are going to do an experiment and see what type of materials float in water. This task will also teach us to come up with our own hypothesis and how to create graphs and charts so we can compare. I’ll keep you posted.

Congratulations to all this week’s Stars of the Week, SEAL Superstars and Lexia Superstars, including Harrison, Lucas, Joshua, Tyler and Oliver..

Well done everyone! Letters have gone home to all our Year 8 pupils with the first details of our incredible Disneyland Paris residential in June 2020, please return the reply slip or contact us if you have any questions.

Mr Smith has been busy organising the next New Bridge Group Parkrun Takeover Day which is now set for Sunday 15th December. Please come along if you can – more details are available here.

Also this week, I told you all, including the staff that I had put myself forward to take on the Head of Site position at Medtia which is our college provision based in the town centre. As much as I feel sad about the move and leaving the fantastic children, parents and staff at Hollinwood, I am looking forward to my new adventures at Medtia. I spoke to some parents on Tuesday night as they asked about the move and explained that the provision at Medtia is something that would meet the needs of the learners at Hollinwood. The Key Stage 5 Pathways, Pre Internship and Future Finders routes enable all our pupils in the MAT to achieve and move onto their desired destinations.

On Friday, the executive team, governors and trustees of the MAT successfully appointed Laura Millard to the post of Head of Site for Hollinwood. I know that you will support Laura in moving Hollinwood forward and I know that she will continue to support pupils, parents and staff to make sure Hollinwood continues to grow in strength.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your wonderful support,


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