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Monday, July 5


Thursday, July 18

D of E Gold Expedition

Friday, August 1

Holiday Club trip to Alton Towers

Welcome back, I hope that you all had a rested week. I know all the pupils that attended Holiday Club had a fun filled time – the photos that were put on were great (please click here if you’ve not seen them).

This half term is always a busy one with the lead up to Christmas. This week myself, Mrs Millard and Miss Gordon were involved in Board meetings where we met with curriculum leads to discuss progress and developments being made in English, Maths, ICT and the EYFS. It was insightful to see our leads thinking about how we can ensure that the pupils at Hollinwood Academy receive a curriculum that meet all their needs and one that enables them to achieve to a high standard.

This week we have a special update from one of the trust’s job coaches, Tisha, who has been supporting some of our students with their work experience..

Thomas is our latest student from Hollinwood Academy. He has begun his work experience placement at the Atrium Cafe which is based within the First Choice Homes building in the centre of Oldham and caters for their staff.

Thomas has settled in very well straight from his first visit as you can see, here he is filling up the supplies front of house, ensuring everything is stocked up.

We made sure Mrs Bennett helped out too!

Thomas is also learning skills on the Barista machine with Toni who was very helpful..

[fvplayer id=”32″]

Thomas also did a fantastic job of cleaning the tables and setting up the trolley run..

[fvplayer id=”33″]

Thomas you are naturally a fast, efficient and skilled worker. You have a bright future ahead of you … well done!

Now we move on to Taylor at Hortus…

Taylor is at Hortus every Monday morning and will continue this placement until Christmas. In the picture below is Taylor is learning how to do landscaping skills, such as block paving with direction from Mr Blackman. Taylor had to screed the sand to the right level to lay the blocks out to the correct level..

Then he placed sand over the blocks to stop the blocks from moving out of place and keep them secure..

Then he swept the sand into the gaps..

..before standing back to admire the finished project!

A few words from Taylor…

“Mr Blackman and I previously laid blocks and then we lifted them up and safely re-stacked them on a pallet, we also shovelled up the sand into a wheelbarrow and put it back into the sand bag, clearing the site for the next students.” By Taylor

Students have created some poignant Remembrance Day pictures in Art..

Also this week, a group of students along with Miss Meadows and Miss Rashid went off to Media City to be involved in an Amazon Web Project, part of the AWS ‘Get IT’ Programme – here is a report from Miss Meadows on what they did..

This week, we had a very positive experience at the Amazon Future Foundations boot camp event. Miss Meadows took 6 pupils, 3 girls and 3 boys in Year 8/9 to Manchester, alongside Miss Rashid. The pupils did us proud as always, they were highly engaged and enjoyed the opportunity to discuss their ideas and come up with their own app development ideas that can help bring some social change. The opportunity to submit two projects is very exciting and I would like to congratulate all the pupils who went. We will be meeting in school to discuss and develop our ideas further.

The app idea we used on the day was all about a consumer called ‘Jason’, who was an 18 year-old young person. He had high levels of anxiety and limited access to the community around him. The app idea we had was using virtual reality to help teens like Jason to experience trips they may enjoy and help them get used to, such as the supermarket and different experiences around the city they live in and eventually abroad. This would help prepare them for any visits they would make outside in the community. They all focused, developed brilliant ideas and were very friendly. The team at Amazon were highly inclusive and made our students’ experience fantastic and we are all very appreciative of everything they did for us on the day! Our super students accessed Costa independently on the day too during the lunch hour and interacted in a lovely manner. Well done all! I can’t wait to see the developments of this project and I will keep you up to date! 

Congratulations to all this week’s SEAL Superstars and Stars of the Week, including Renico, Fatima and Amelia..

Well done everyone!

Finally, our Creative Arts teacher, Miss Rudge has devised a staff panto! The pupils will be invited to come and watch it and I will ask our Digit4ll students to film the production – we can’t wait!

I hope you all have a great weekend,


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