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What a rather rain filled week; however that did not dampen the spirits at Hollinwood. We have had lots of learning taking place including a GCSE group trip to Alton Towers! Miss McMurray had this to say;

On Thursday those pupils in Year 10 who are working towards their OCR Creative iMedia qualification visited Alton Towers to see how they use creative iMedia in the theme park.

Pupils attended a lesson run by Alton Towers where they learnt about target audiences, how their website and app was built and worked and how some of the rides incorporate iMedia including the use of VR in their new ride Galactica.

Pupils also got the opportunity to ride the roller coasters and visit Alton Towers Dungeons. We weren’t quite sure who had more fun, the pupils or the staff!

All pupils were an absolute credit to the school, well done to all pupils!

As you can imagine, I had a lot of staff that wanted to volunteer for this trip – Mrs Millard did manage to get herself on it!

Over to the classes this week. At Primary Miss Parkinson and Mrs Lomax are going to share what their classes have been up to and at Secondary it is the turn of Mr Francos and Miss Fletcher.

In Miss Parkinson’s class this week the children have done some fantastic learning. We have been looking at The Gingerbread Man in English and all the children have loved it! Here we can be seen making our very own gingerbread men out of special ginger playdoh and changing how many buttons they had..

This week we have also been looking at all the different characters in the story and described them before making them..

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”343″ gal_title=”APA Gingerbread October 2019″]

In Science this week we have been focusing on our bodies and learning and naming all the different parts. The children have especially enjoyed our sensory play finding body parts..

Let’s go and see what Mrs Lomax’s class have been up to..

We’ve had a very busy start to our new academic year in 2RLX. Our topic for this term is ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’ and it has proven to be very exciting. We have been looking at the changes in our leisure and entertainment activities over the 20th century and now. This has involved us looking at the cinema including old talkie movies and enjoying a bit of Laurel and Hardy! We have explored old film posters then designed our own. Amelia and Charlie enjoyed getting into character for their posters..

..and here you can see Jack, Lucas and Zachy proudly displaying theirs..

We discussed our film posters together, trying to guess the film from the poster, judging the effectiveness of them and exploring the changes in leisure through the years..

We then gave our feedback and stuck our comments on each other’s posters..

In English we have been exploring newspapers and have enjoyed looking at local newspapers and recognising places we know. We have then created our own newspaper article on the day the apple fell out of the tree and hit Sir Isaac Newton. We have continued our investigations into Sir Isaac Newton and his discovery of gravity by conducting lots of investigation into forces including designing parachutes to investigate air resistance and speed boats to investigate water resistance. Sir Isaac Newton has also continued to influence our Art and we spent a rare sunny afternoon under the apple trees near New Bridge School sketching the apple trees and fruit..

Each day we try to celebrate our achievements and while we wait for the buses and parents we have some Build Your Bubbles time. During this time, we talk about our successes, talk through any problems and enjoy some games together. This really helps us to manage our emotions and end the day on a positive..

Miss Fletcher’s Year 7 static group have this to share with us..

Hello, my name is Miss Fletcher and I am the new Year 7 static group teacher. The students’ excitement in 7JFE has been a warm welcome to my new role at Hollinwood Academy.

We have been working hard in Living Skills to help us understand personal hygiene routines and jobs around the home. I have been very impressed with the knowledge and practical skills we have already acquired. I am hoping the students apply these skills to show their independence.

[fvplayer id=”29″]

In History and English, we have been focusing on a fun story called ‘The Worst Witch’. We have practised descriptions of characters and places using a range of descriptive techniques independently.

We have investigated witches throughout time and learnt about witchcraft in England, America and Africa. We used our terrific drama skills to recreate a witch trial where our super presentation and communication skills shone.

We have enjoyed carrying out experiments in Science..

In PSHE we have been learning about emotional regulation and strategies we can use to ensure we get enough time in our recovery zone. We have made calm, sensory bottles, cool-down ice lollies and focused on our self esteem and making each other feel valued and welcome in school. One of my favourite parts of the week is our PSHE meetings, we chat about our accomplishments, ideas, hopes and aims for the next school week.

On Wednesday we voted for our new class rep, Alfie, who presented an excellent speech on ideas for the school.

I am proud of how our class are working hard to achieve their goals, and how kind and supportive each of them have been towards their peers.

Now over to Mr Francos’ group..

This week in English 8JFO have been learning about the children in the Victorian times. They have had to write a description of a child who lived in the Victorian times based on what they had learnt in the lesson. The students really enjoyed using their imagination to describe their characters. 

In PE we have been learning how to play basketball, dribbling the ball whilst running and then bounce passing it to a friend and back again. We have also been playing games against each other.

In History this week we have been learning about life during the English Civil War. The students have enjoyed filling in the table about bad leadership and good leadership.

8JFO have been learning about e-safety in PCSHE and how to keep themselves safe on the internet as lots of young people are using the internet these days.

In Science this week the children have been learning about Ecological Relationships, and being able to identity how organisms adapt to their environments. They have enjoyed using the iPads to research the different environments such as deserts, rainforests and the Antarctic.

The students in 8JFO enjoyed baking their chocolate cakes today. The students know that they have to wash their hands as soon as they enter the room, put an apron on so that they don’t get their clothes dirty, then they can get all their equipment out for the lesson and they listen to the instructions they are given to carry out their practical.

In Drama the students have been acting out the script of Cinderella. They enjoyed working in groups then acting this out.

The students have been researching houses on the market in Living Skills to learn about the floor plan of houses and what different rooms in the house are used for, for example the bathroom is for showers and washing yourself.

Miss Meadows’ class also wanted to share what they have been up to with Mr Fennelly on their Outdoor Education visits – here’s what they had to say..

“We went out to Oldham library to read some books about History and Science. We also went to a part of the library that had a museum, in the museum there were mosaics, vases, old art and new technology. Our favourite part was the Oldham Panorama which showed Oldham in the 1900’s.”
By Solomon, Ellie, Eden and Harrison.

Mr Hartley’s class went to Tesco – here’s what they have been up to..

Today our class went to Tesco and Rose very generously put one of the tills on training mode so that the students could have a go at seeing what it was like to work on the tills. Rose showed the students how to greet customers, how to scan items, remove security tags, tell customers the total and print receipts. The students really enjoyed doing this and gained some customer service skills as well as knowledge of how the tills work. After everyone had had a go in training mode, I went to get the fruit for the classroom and was served very professionally by Kian. We would like to thank Rose again for continuing to support our students by giving them worthwhile experiences and knowledge of the workplace.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”345″ gal_title=”DHY Tesco October 2019″]

Finally, here are some of our Stars of the Week and our SEAL Superstars – congratulations to:

  • Freya for super communication..

  • Happy Birthday to Ethan!

  • Damien for doing some fantastic learning in History this week..

  • Jacob for trying to use new words every day..

  • Yousef for knowing when he is happy or sad..

  • Zachy for recognising his feelings this week and accepting help from adults and friends..

  • Aqsa and Liam for communicating their feelings well, Connor for putting in 100% even though he wasn’t feeling great and Joshua for putting in 100% in all lessons. Alex was the Dojo winner..

Well done everyone! Good luck to Jack who is training hard for his sponsored swim in December – just look at how hard he is working..

Let’s hope the rain stops and we can get outside this weekend.


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