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Monday, July 5


Thursday, July 18

D of E Gold Expedition

Friday, August 1

Holiday Club trip to Alton Towers

Another busy week at Hollinwood.

This week has seen the last of the GCSE exams and as a reward the leavers went off for a reward trip with Miss Sanderson to Manchester.

As we all know, learning new things can be challenging and at times hard. We tell our pupils to use resilience and to keep working on the areas that are challenging. One of our teaching assistants has done just that and achieved something that was very challenging when she started it. Miss Moss has been determined to achieve a goal – that being to learn to swim. Miss Meadows mentioned this in last week’s blog but we would like to show you a video of her completing a length. It’s amazing to think that when you STICK at something, you can achieve it..

[fvplayer id=”25″]

This week also saw the first of our transitions sessions take place on Friday. All pupils moved to their new classes and met with new pupils and teachers who will be joining us in September. It was lovely to see all the new pupils – one of our new starters wanted to stay and come back every day next week.

Let’s move on to see what Mrs Woodhead’s class have been up to this week..

We have been exploring the ocean this half term and have had lots of fun making sea creatures. The children loved making sharks out of plastic bottles and fish from non recyclable plastics. We talked about how these plastics are hurting the sea creatures..

We have been learning new athletic skills in PE including Hop, Skip and Jump and racing..

In Maths we have been learning to tell the time. We made our own clocks and have learnt about big hands and little hands and how they move around the clock. We have also sequenced daily events into am and pm.

On our transition morning, the boys had great fun getting to know each other and their new teachers. They rose to the challenges with enthusiasm attempting to build a tower using only marshmallows and dry spaghetti (not an easy task). We also looked at ‘the jar of life’ and and talked about what was important to us..

Let’s see what Miss Carpenter has been up in her Food Studies sessions..

Our Year 9 class have been looking at how to chop professionally. Miss Carpenter demonstrated how to do this safely as some of the skills take a lot of precision. The group made several different cuts such as Brunoise, Chiffonade and Julienne. This is in preparation for the class to begin their GCSE in Food Preparation and Nutrition in September. They were all amazing and I think you will agree, we have some budding chefs here!

Our Year 10 GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition group learnt how to make a traditional Cornish Pasty in their lessons this week. We have previously looked at the functional properties of fats and this was a great way to combine the textures of shortcrust pastry and the tenderness of the minced beef. The room smelt wonderful! There was some excellent presentation from the group who tried extra hard to ensure their fillings didn’t leak. A great effort Year 10, well done!

Year 8 made some delicious crumbles in their Food Technology lessons. They learnt how to use a peeler for the first time. They also made their own crumble toppings which included the addition of oats to make a more interesting texture. The class learnt the rubbing-in method and included a healthy carbohydrate. Some of the students chose to use only apple but some were a bit more adventurous and added blueberries and cherries. They looked delicious. I am sure they didn’t last too long once they were home!

Our Key Stage 2 Nurture group have been learning about where different fruits are grown around the world. They learnt about some exotic fruits and the countries they come from. They also found some very interesting facts about the fruits. Miss Carpenter asked the class if they could help to contribute to the new wall display so we incorporated some Art and Design work.

Our herbs and radishes have started to bloom and we cannot wait to eat them!

Miss Carpenter’s class also wanted to share with you what they have been up to..

This half term, KS3ECR pupils are working towards a ‘final piece’ in Art. Pupils have chosen a Lichtenstein piece from the choices below and are recreating a piece in their own chosen style and theme. We are bringing together all the new skills we have learned over the course of the year. We already have some wonderful ideas including ‘under the sea,’ ‘Manchester City’ and ‘Fantasy’. We can’t wait to see the completed final pieces!

As you would have read in my blog last week, the school have been focusing on different elements of healthy living. With it being Smile Month, we have had the nurse visiting to support our learners. This week she visited Miss Meadows’ class..

This week we have been lucky to have a visit from Nurse Sam, she was discussing tooth brushing, the correct technique and the consequences of not brushing them regularly! She showed us some pictures of rotting teeth, which we thought were disgusting and she gave us all a set of false teeth to practise on! Some of the teeth were loose and some children could remove all their teeth. We had great fun but we learnt a valuable lesson that if we don’t brush and look after our teeth, the enamel can wear away and they can decay. We are looking at the consequences of tooth decay for our homework and I am excited to see what our posters have on them!

Let’s see who some of our SEAL Superstars and our Stars of the Week are:

  • Mrs Dunsdon’s class:
    Star of the Week: Fatima for amazing work on rhyming words

  • Mrs Lomax’s class:
    Star of the Week: Ibraaheem..

SEAL Superstar: Ethan..

  • Mr Heap’s class:
    Star of the Week and our new ‘Marvellous Meerkat’ is Josh for fantastic behaviour and being a kind friend and role model. We hope you and Meerkat have a fantastic weekend and we can’t wait to hear about your marvellous adventures!

  • Miss Shin’s class:
    Star of the Week: Lana for good behaviour and working hard..

A couple of months ago you may have read in Laura’s blog of the work that a very talented young lady, Amber Queally, had done with our pupils. They created pieces of art work and displayed them at Manchester School of Art as part of Amber’s 3rd year Art Degree project. Well, on Friday I was very lucky to have met Amber as she had come into school to hand back all of our pupils’ exhibition work and present us with a cheque for £111.97. She also brought us another gift, a book she had created of all the pictures and work that our pupils had done. I will have to look at a place for it to go so you can all see it. I have attached some pictures of it so you can see..

Miss Rudge said, “We are so thankful for not only your donation and beautiful photo book Amber, but also that our young people got to work with someone as talented as you and be a part of something that will stay with them for years to come. We wish you the best of luck in the future Amber and I am sure that we will work together again soon.”

What an inspirational young lady to all our students here.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,


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