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Well! What an eventful week we have had at Hollinwood Academy. Let’s start with our Chinese New Year Celebrations..

Mrs Lomax’s class really enjoyed all the Chinese New Year activities. We discovered the Chinese Zodiac..

..tasted Chinese treats (from Vincent’s Mum – thank you!!)..

..explored people’s characteristics according to the zodiac and each received £1 in a lucky red envelope from Vincent..

We also played a traditional game with chopsticks and used popcorn. We had to use the chopsticks to collect the popcorn and count out how many we’d collected. We are then going to use this to make our own sums.

Here is a beautiful clip of Ethan demonstrating resilience, perseverance, fine motor skills and counting skills!

[fvplayer id=”1″]

Mr Rawson’s Nurture Group also celebrated Chinese New Year..

The students found their Zodiac animal and wrote about them in Showbie..

Then we did some Dragon Maths..

..and opened some Fortune Cookies..

We really enjoyed the “Chopstick Challenge!” The students were shown how to use chopsticks and then had to use them to pick up popcorn, chocolate and jelly beans and place them in their cups. Whatever they had in their cups they could eat..

Later we tried some seaweed and Chinese cookies..

..and then we all received our “Lucky Red Envelopes”..

Mr Stockdale’s class have been joining in the celebrations too..

The children have been very busy this week making Chinese New Year decorations and celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week. Our children have had lots of fun making masks, painting and putting glitter on..

We also made lanterns to celebrate the Year of the Pig..

Our most fun and messy activity was writing our names in Chinese!!! This was a challenge but lots of fun and there was lots of glitter everywhere!!!

We then celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week and made posters for Time to Talk and discussed different mental health issues..

We’ve played lots of different games and performed role plays of situations where we feel different emotions. We’ve also used our bodies to represent different objects and shapes, working as a team and communicating with each other..

This week in school we celebrated Safer Internet Day. In ICT pupils discussed what it means to give consent/permission to post a picture or video online. Pupils then made a pledge on how they could make the internet a safer place.

Pupils hand drew and coloured their pledges – with winners being announced next week!

In the Nurture Group, the students did some work on Safer Internet Day on Showbie which they displayed on the board and discussed..

The students all completed the quiz and were given certificates at the end..

Well done to everyone, together Hollinwood can help make the internet a better place!

Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week and Time to Talk Day were a big success. The students have taken part in many discussions and activities throughout the week. Friday morning saw the students and staff share refreshments and nibbles while spending quality time talking and listening to each other and everyone was encouraged to have a conversation about mental health..

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”274″ gal_title=”Time To Talk Day 2019″]

This week, we have had a student, Amber, from Manchester Metropolitan University working with our students, alongside Miss Rudge, and they have produced some fantastic pieces of work in an Ink Workshop. Miss Meadows’ and Miss Rudge’s classes drew self-portraits or portraits of each other and used ink to create a colourful drip effect. Next week’s blog will have the finished products once they are dry.

Now to Miss Sanderson’s class…

This term, the Year 11s have been preparing for their GCSEs. We have had an exciting term filled with mock exams and GCSE work. This week the pupils began their food technology GCSE by making delicious food from Asia!

Congratulations to Ellis and Beth who sat their first NCFE exam in Business and Enterprise! On Friday, the pupils took part in a Science mock exam and have been working around the clock towards their upcoming mocks in English, Maths and History.

The GCSE Art pupils also had an interesting week when they were visited by a professional artist and took part in an acrylic workshop, the pupils created some beautiful pieces of acrylic art and were very pleased with the finished products..

A massive congratulations to all the Year 11s this week who have been so focused – we are all super proud of you at Hollinwood Academy!

The Nurture Group wanted to share some more of their work with you..

This week in Science the students have been learning how to make a small LED torch. They used components which they assembled by following a set of instructions..

The class learned how to safely use a soldering iron and how to do basic soldering to fix and connect all the components..

We even had a guest entrepreneur and inventor from Mrs Halkyard’s class – Aaron!!

The end result was this..

Everyone enjoyed the lesson and it gave the students a chance to try something completely out of their comfort zone, ticking the “I Can” statements for following instructions, demonstrating safe practices when using a variety of technological equipment and understanding basic circuits!!

Mrs Nuttall and Miss Horsfield would like to share their form’s work this week too…

This term KS4NNL have been very busy. In Science they have been working on how acids react with metals, bases and carbonates to produce salts. The class have taken part in a practical experiment that involved preparing a pure dry sample of soluble salt from an insoluble oxide or carbonate using a Bunsen burner to heat dilute acid and a water bath to evaporate the solvent. The boys worked well and were successful in the filtration, evaporation and crystallisation process – creating a soluble salt. Result!

In Maths the class have been competing to get the high score on the simplifying and expanding brackets quiz..

They have also mastered how to rearrange formula and been very busy revising this term’s Maths objectives on the Diagnostic Questions website.

In Living Skills the class have been making vegetable and halloumi fajitas and experimented with different spices to add flavour. They also made batches of rice to accompany the fajitas – delicious!

They have also been perfecting their whisking technique!

In History, after learning about Jack the Ripper in the area of Whitechapel in London between 1888 and 1891, the students have been looking closely at living, working, and policing conditions back when Jack the Ripper was at large, committing various brutal murders. The class have been questioning whether individuals felt like the police were to blame for not catching Jack the Ripper. Looking at evidence and sources has enabled us to compare this to modern day policing.

Two of our students will be attending a trip to the Battlefields of Belgium and France next month as a way of understanding and then commemorating WW1. On their return, the students will then lead a project to raise more awareness and remembrance for the fallen soldiers in WW1. Watch this space for videos and images from the trip in the next month!

In Media Studies the class have written their first 1000 word essay, analysing and developing their understanding of the relevant areas of media and its theoretical framework, including theorists and theoretical perspectives. They are now experts on lighting, camera angles, mise-en-scene and diegetic and non-diegetic sound amongst others! The students had to compare the gender representations from 2 CD covers and consider whether the medium was presenting information to us consciously or subliminally. They all did extremely well for their first attempt.

As part of our PSHE curriculum the KS4NNL students will be accessing sex education lessons. It is imperative that our students gain the correct knowledge, attitudes, skills and values to make appropriate and healthy choices in their sexual behaviour in future. Sessions will include understanding relationships in all capacities and the feelings that come with these, understanding choice, consent, appropriate behaviour and decision making. They will also be examining discrimination and understanding sexual health.

As always, it’s been a great week!

Our amazing SEAL Superstars and our Stars of the Week are:

  • Mrs Dunsdon’s class:
    Star of the Week: Xander for asking for help if there is a problem..

SEAL Superstar: Mia for saying the names of both staff and children in her class..

  • Mr Corrigan’s class:
    Star of the Week: Christopher for settling into his new class really well by following the class rules and routines..

  • SEAL Superstar: Amario for showing great independence by tying his own knot on his trainers..

We also have our Homework Stars..

  • Mrs Woodhead’s class:
    Star of the Week: Lewis for trying really hard with all his work and following our class rules..

  • SEAL Superstar: Madison for trying really hard to thread the pasta whilst making snakes and not giving up even though she found it hard..

  • Mrs Lomax’s class:
    Star of the Week: Yousef for doing some fantastic learning in lessons..

SEAL Superstar: Mariam for keeping trying when her task was difficult during the Maths Popcorn Challenge..

  • Miss Parkinson’s class:
    Star of the Week: Harrison for great effort with his writing in English..

  • Mr Heap’s class:
    Star of the Week and ‘Marvellous Meerkat’: Rahmeen for fantastic work in phonics and Maths this week. We hope you and Meerkat have a fantastic weekend and we can’t wait to hear about your marvellous adventures!

  • Miss Shin’s class:
    Star of the Week: Amelia for having an amazing week: working hard in every lesson and fantastic behaviour
    SEAL Superstar: Amelia for persevering when things got difficult
  • Mr Stockdale’s class:
    Star of the Week: Finlay for trying really hard and getting 19/20 on his spellings
  • Alex got a ‘WOW! moment’ for wowing his class by speaking some words in 5 different languages
    Finlay received a ‘WOW! moment’ from Miss Williams for recognising his emotions and feeling proud of himself with his spellings.
    Alfie received a ‘WOW! moment’ for having a excellent week and trying hard

Well done everyone!

I’d like to finish my blog with a heart-warming story. Some weeks back, I received an e-mail from a lady called Kim Lipinski-Burgess asking if she could do some fundraising for Hollinwood Academy. Her son has Autism and every year for Autism Awareness Week, 1st – 7th April, she carries out fundraising events. This year, she wanted to give back to her local community and chose Hollinwood Academy. Here is Kim’s story and you can click here to visit her JustGiving page.

Help us buy some brand new Books for Hollinwood Academy.

Hollinwood Academy is a purpose built specialist school for children on the Autism Spectrum. They have a capacity of 140 places which are currently over allocated due to demand. 

The Academy opened in September 2015 and in the short space of time they have been operating, they have achieved a mark of Outstanding in all areas from Ofsted.

The Academy has recently lost the use of their library room due to demand for space. It is now being used as a classroom.

Autism is something that is very close to my heart. My son Alexander is 7 years old and he is Autistic. He struggles to talk and communicate and finds it difficult to build friendships and bond with his peers. He also has Sensory Processing Disorder which affects him daily. He struggles with certain sounds and environments and this can be quite debilitating for him.

Despite all this, Alexander is an absolutely beautiful little boy. He is happy and funny, bright and intelligent. He also gives the best hugs!

Each year I fundraise for the National Autistic Society (NAS) for Autism Awareness Week. Previously I have participated in 2 Night Walks for Autism, set up a raffle with all donations going to the NAS plus we held a Vintage Tea Party with all proceeds and donations going directly to the NAS.

This year Autism Awareness Week runs between the 1st and 7th April.

I would like my fundraising to go back into my local community. I would like to raise as much money as possible to enable me to buy some brand new books for the students at Hollinwood Academy. I want them to have their library back and allow the children to access to some wonderful new books and resources.

I run my own business called The Krafty Bookworm so I have access to thousands of amazing books and resources that I can give to the students at Hollinwood.

Every single penny raised will be spent on books and any commission I make processing the order will also be donated back into the funds to buy more books.

No profit will be made from my fundraising. Please donate where possible and please share around with your friends and family and in your local community and let’s get as many new books as we possibly can for the students at Hollinwood Academy

I am just overwhelmed by people’s generosity – the page has raised over £100 already.

I hope you all have a restful weekend.


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