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We started the morning with a nice relaxing foot spa treatment with plenty of warm water and bubbles..

Mr Pryce educated us on why our fingers and toes wrinkle in the water – he said it’s so we have a better grip in water. We googled it and he’s right! Who knew?!

Then it was off to bouncy castle and football to shake off the midweek cobwebs. The children set up a game of hide and seek on the bouncy castle..

..while Mr Malloy taught some football skills. The children have been keen to learn how to improve their individual skills and how to work together as a team to become better at sports..

In sticklebricks the children were making towers as high as they could..

Reece was making the Eiffel Tower with his!

He is very creative in our sessions and it’s a joy to watch him..

The reception children were travelling to space today with their singing and dancing. They all enjoyed watching the moves and trying them out themselves..

All that dancing built up their appetites so it’s a good job they were back in time for dinner! They then carried on their exploring in soft play..


Some of us were very energetic (and flexible) indeed!!

We’ve enjoyed a really entertaining karaoke session with no shortage of singers willing to take to the stage..

..and we took a lot of care with some more intricate ‘glass painting’..

We managed to fit in a few more activities..

..before it was ‘eyes down’ for bingo again..

Despite the weather looking miserable it’s still been warm, so we finished the day cooling off in the pool. We have some brilliant swimmers who loved showing off their skills..

Emily managed to rope all the staff into pulling her around the pool..

Well, who could say no to her cheeky smile..

Not long to go now but still plenty of fun to be had! See you all tomorrow  🙂


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