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We will have all today’s pictures for you to enjoy soon – in the meantime, we thought you might like to hear how today’s Holiday Club has gone..

Wednesday, Day 2:

It’s a chilly and fresh start to the day but the pupils are rumbling through the front doors at Hollinwood ready to have a fun filled day of activities!

One of the first activities of the day was a sprightly morning stroll through the scenic and lovely Alexandra Park. All the children who took part in the activity really enjoyed themselves, especially the bundle of energy from Spring Brook Lower, Logan – he really got stuck into the park facilities and so did some of our staff (Miss Ninian and Miss Gordon couldn’t help but join in!)

After the morning break the pupils continued on to their next activities, one of which was karaoke. It sounded fun and definitely didn’t disappoint – after unboxing and setting up the new karaoke machine, Emily and Reece transformed into a duo force to be reckoned with and they really belted out some of our favourite pop tunes!

One of the activities which the boys really loved due to the recent lovely weather was outdoor football. Luke and Darnell were in very competitive spirits, occasionally joined by Mr Bocking whose shooting, it has to be said, was appalling. He booted the ball over the fence at every given opportunity but at least he gets full marks for effort.

Body Art was also brilliant, some of the children had some really awesome designs painted onto their arms and backs.

Then it was lunch time which gave the children chance to re-energise and refuel for the afternoon. After a quick run around it was time for sculptures and dancing, where three of the pupils showcased their talents really, really well. Another group went to Alexandra Park, this time for an afternoon stroll. Although the weather didn’t hold up very well, it didn’t dampen their spirits and they had a lovely time.

The children still in school ended the day with swimming at the New Bridge building, led by the ever energetic Kobi. They were also joined by the popular and charismatic pair of boys from AB that are Adam and Joe, and everyone had a good splash!

We’re looking forward to more fun tomorrow!


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