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Well, we may have had a very short week but it has been a very busy one!

On Tuesday we hosted another coffee morning and it was lovely to welcome so many of our families who came in to see what their children have been up to and spend some time in class..

Also on Tuesday our Key Stage 3/4 and Primary pupils had a presentation from Teen Tech who came into school to get our pupils engaged in looking at how we can develop a ‘City of Tomorrow’  (click here for details). The pupils talked about Oldham, the local area and how changes to buildings and housing could help to save the environment. Mrs Lomax used her coffee morning with parents to work with her pupils to create their structures – I must say I was rather fond of Tyler’s Zoo, it was cleverly made and well thought out..

Christopher constructed his own Tower Bridge..

Edward made a really tall Hoover Tower..

George was very proud of his Monkey House..

Farrukh made a Princess Palace..

..while Joshua made a lovely house for his family..

..Marcus created a new version of the Civic Centre..

..and Marley constructed a multiplex cinema..

All this planning has led on to all our pupils getting creative with lots of cardboard and masking tape to create their own ‘City of Tomorrow’. I have seen some fantastic creations such as Ivy’s Chocolate Factory with free flowing chocolate to trains that do not run on tracks. As you can see from the pictures, the pupils have had a great time and I think we might have some designers, builders and architects in the future..

This week, even though it is so short, Miss Shin wanted to share with you what her class have been learning..

This term we have been learning about the rainforest. We have studied each layer of the rainforest and found out about the climate and weather patterns and also the animals that live in each layer. We made a 3D model of the rainforest and its four layers..

We also made some of the animals that live there out of clay. We have produced some lovely art work this term including bear masks..

..pastel tigers and chalk rainforest animals..

In English we have been using talk for writing to retell and write an alternative version of The Jungle Book. I was really impressed with the writing and the amount of effort put in by all of the children when writing their stories.

In Maths we have been learning about decimals. We had races in the playground and recorded our own scores in a place value grid, we could then identify the value of each digit after the decimal point. We have also been dividing numbers by 10 and 100 using a place value grid..

This term in Science we have been learning all about sound. We investigated how sound is produced by placing rice on a drum and gently banging the drum, we observed the rice grains moving up and down and concluded that sound is produced by vibrations..

We went on to investigate how loud and quiet sounds are produced (bigger and smaller vibrations) and higher and lower pitched sounds – to do this we made our own pan pipes out of straws..

We also made string telephones to explore how sound travels over distance in relation to states of matter..

I can’t believe that we only have one term left in this academic year, the last two terms have flown by and all our pupils have developed, making excellent progress both academically and socially. The next term is another busy one and for our Key Stage 4 pupils in Miss Daniels class it will be fast approaching their exams. These pupils have been working extremely hard revising and applying for college places. After Easter Mrs Millard and Miss Gordon will be getting in touch with families in Year 9 to look at options that they can pick for what they want to study in Year 10.

I hope that all our families have a lovely Easter weekend and I am sure those pupils accessing holiday club will have a great time.


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