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We had a lot of fun with our Super Learning Day and found out about all the different ways Christmas is celebrated around the world.

Mrs Lomax’s class explored Scandinavian Christmas traditions..

We had our very own Jultomten which had come all the way from Stockholm. Mrs Lomax brought him back from a traditional Christmas market to visit our class and we enjoyed looking at photographs of the lady who had made him..

We found out that Jultomten knocks at the doors on Christmas Eve afternoon and delivers presents by coming through the door into the house rather than down the chimney..

We also enjoyed watching some videos of traditional Christmas dancing and tried it out for ourselves – it certainly kept us warm!

In the afternoon the excitement didn’t stop – we had a visit from our very own Father Christmas! He brought us all a present..

..and he even met Jultomten!

They weren’t the only children at Hollinwood to receive a special visit, Miss Grimsley’s class also had a lovely surprise..

We think he might have heard about their beautifully decorated Christmas biscuits..

Miss Shin’s class learnt all about how Christmas is celebrated in Germany. They made shoes for St. Nicholas to leave presents in..

..and tried Lebkuchen, traditional German biscuits,

..before making their own spiced German biscuits..

Santa must have smelt all that lovely baking as he put in an appearance shortly afterwards!

Miss Louden’s class also had a lot of fun finding out about Christmas in Italy..

They made their own Nativity scenes..

..and carefully decorated their yule logs..

They really enjoyed tasting all the Italian food..

..and were delighted to get a visit from Santa too!

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and we’ll see you after the holidays when the new term starts on Wednesday 3rd January!


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