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Another busy week at Hollinwood with some very lively children over the last couple of days with the surge of wind and the snow!

Our school council met together with New Bridge School’s councillors to look at a very exciting project. They were asked by Mrs Bingley and Mr Smith to have a think about what the pupils would like to see in their outdoor provision across both our sites. I was especially pleased by how our pupils think about each other and many of them mentioned the fencing between the two schools’ playgrounds. A great suggestion was made to take down the barrier and provide both schools with access onto both sites, to share and play together. The plans seem very exciting and I can’t wait to share more about this with you.

Today has been an eventful day with the snow arriving. As staff across the New Bridge Group we work hard to ensure that we stay open and ensure that the children’s day is kept to normal routines. Many of the children on transport struggled to get into school but for the rest, consistency of staff and routine has been paramount. As you can imagine, even with the snow melting many of our children have been very excited.

This week Mr Corrigan and Miss McMurray are going to share what their pupils have been up to..

Mr Corrigan’s class have really enjoyed their literacy work this week which has been based on last Thursday’s Key Stage 1 Sleeping Beauty pantomime trip. Our objective has been to retell traditional stories and we have been acting out the story using props and role play masks..

img_0063 img_0065 img_0066 img_0067 img_0068 img_0069 img_0070 img_0071 img_0072 img_0073 img_0074 img_0076 img_0078 img_0080 img_0081 img_0084 img_0088 img_0089 img_0092 img_0093 img_0094 img_0095

..to help our sequencing work..

img_0613 img_0614 img_0615 img_0616 img_0617 img_0618

In Science we have been learning about migration and hibernation. Along with making animals in Art (migrating birds in formation)..

img_0005 img_0006 img_0007 img_0008 img_0009 img_0010 img_0011 img_0012 img_0013 img_0014

..we have been using the soft play area for our Science work, imagining what different animals do in winter and learning the difference between migration..

img_0564 img_0566 img_0578 img_0579 img_0586 img_0587 img_0588

.. and hibernation..

img_0550 img_0551 img_0553 img_0554 img_0555 img_0556 img_0568 img_0569 img_0571 img_0572 img_0573 img_0574 img_0575 img_0591 img_0593 img_0594

Miss McMurray’s class, KS3NMY, are currently working on a gaming topic in ICT. They have been researching a range of games and genres to get ideas for their game which they will be designing using a game programming software called Kodu in a few weeks. Needless to say, the pupils are very enthusiastic and excited about creating their very own computer games!

On Monday pupils in both KS3NMY and KS3PDS were joined by New Bridge pupils and took part in a fun and friendly staff and pupil dodgeball game. It quickly became apparent that the pupils were a lot more talented in the sport than quite a few of the staff…

During their Science lessons KS3NMY have been looking at aerodynamics. The pupils were given time to design and fold paper aeroplanes ready for a flying competition to see whose aeroplane was able to fly the furthest. A big well done to Taylor who designed and folded the winning plane!

Our ‘Stars of the Week’ are…

  • Mrs Dunsdon: Marley for doing some fantastic Maths workmarley
  • Mr Corrigan: Thomas for being kind, sensible and hard working all weekimg_0002
  • Mrs Lomax: Vincent for doing his work independentlyimg_0003
  • Miss Louden: Jenna for great work in Maths
  • Miss Parkinson: Nathan for great effort in all lessons
  • Mr Heap: Maia for excellent behaviour and helping others and Finlay for great effort in lessonsimg_0016
    Mrs Halkyard: the mystery pupil wasn’t in today due to the snow so we will have to wait until all is revealed next week..

This week my Head Teacher’s Award is going to go to Vincent, who over the last year and a half has made some excellent progress. It is great to see him working independently and doing his own learning. Well done, everyone!

I hope you all have a good weekend,


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