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Before I share the fun that we have had in our last week of term, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful children and young people, their parents and carers and all the staff and governors for your hard work and support this term. We make a truly wonderful team, working together to support the children and young people in our care. September seems a distant memory, all our new pupils have settled in so well, you would not think that they only stepped in through the doors of Hollinwood in September.

This week has been one of our busiest yet with highlights including the Nativity, Christmas dinner, Super Learning Day and, of course, lots of Christmas parties. The most memorable of these for me has to be the amazing performance of ‘The Hopeless Camel’ which took place on Tuesday in the New Bridge Theatre. I was so proud of all the 61 primary pupils and the 5 pupils from AB4 who were fantastic! The theatre was packed with over 100 people in the audience yet this did not faze our children. They performed with confidence and style.

The actual performance was filmed by the Digit4ll students from New Bridge and you can still order your copy of the DVD here. The cost is £5 to cover the performance rights fee and any profit over and above this will go to the Digit4ll Enterprise Group funds.

This week I asked the class teachers to share any pictures of the fun activities that the pupils have been immersed in this week. Mrs Halkyard’s class have been cooking and made some coconut truffles – she did let me have one and they tasted delicious..
image3 image4 image5 image6 image7 image8 image9 image11 image1 image2 image3 image4 image5 image7 image66
Wednesday was Christmas dinner day, followed by a Santa Stroll around the grounds of New Bridge School. Here are some great photos of them eating their dinner and pulling crackers..

img_0747 img_0753 img_0755 img_0756 img_0757 img_0758 img_0759 img_0760 img_0761 img_0762 img_0763 img_0764 img_0765 img_0766 img_0767 img_0768 img_0771 img_0772dsc00116jpgdsc00122jpgdsc00125jpgdsc00136jpgdsc00137

..before walking off the mammoth amount of food eaten..

img_9402 img_9404 img_9405 img_9407 img_9408

On Thursday we spent the day focusing on our Super Learning Day topic, Festival of Lights. Each of the Key Stage 3 and 4 classes looked at some of the main religions which celebrate Festivals of Light and used this information and pictures as inspiration to created mosaics on canvases that will be displayed for all to see when they have been finished. Miss McMurray’s class even spent time in deep thought and discussion on the topic.


Many of the classes have made the most of being off timetable and spent time cooking. I have had the pleasure of tasting chocolate brownie cake made by Alex in Mr Davies’ class. Here are some pictures of Miss McMurray’s cooking delicious biscuits..

image1 image2
Miss Rudge’s class have made beautiful calendars as presents for their loved ones. On Wednesday the Oldham Coliseum came and spent some time with our Year 7 pupils delivering a pantomime workshop. In January the Year 7s and our Reception and Key Stage 1 classes will be going off to the Coliseum to watch a special relaxed performance of Sleeping Beauty..

img_4502 img_4503 img_4504 img_4509 img_4510 img_4512 img_4514 img_4517 img_4520 img_4521 img_4526 img_4531 img_4549 img_4556

Mr Corrigan’s class explored the Festival of Light by mimicking the movements and light of the glow stick Jingle Bells performance..

img_0013 img_0017 img_0018 img_0019 img_0025 img_0031
We also had the pleasure of Activ8 Key Stage 5 boys who set up some fun activities for the primary classes as part of their sports leadership work, starting with a full musical chairs for all participants as they entered the room..

img_7475img_7444 img_7452 img_7472 img_7437

..before splitting off into different events as children dropped out including a ‘pin the Santa hat on the Santa Quinn’ and ‘pin the reindeer antlers on the Mrs Walton’..

img_7449img_7454 img_7457 img_7458 img_7459

.. a snowman race, the over under game (stand in 2 lines, ball at front of each line, race to put the ball over the head, under the legs etc). and a Santa vs Mischievous Elves (similar to ‘What time is it Mr Wolf’ but the elves have to get the ‘treasure’ before being caught by the Activ8 member dressed as Santa)..

img_7442 img_7445 img_7446 img_7453 img_7460 img_7474

Other highlights of the week have been a visit from Santa Claus on Thursday who left all the primary class some presents..

img_0536dsc02546jpgimg_0516 img_0522 img_0520img_0524 img_0529 img_0532 img_0537 img_0541 img_0545 dsc02545jpg dsc02548jpg

Manchester City Football Club paid us a visited on Friday with the Women’s trophies and as you can see there was no shortage of children eager to have their picture taken with them..

img_0372jpg img_0374jpg img_0375jpg img_0380jpg img_0383jpg img_0379jpgimg_03821

I am very pleased to say that this week, although full of excitement and celebrations, has felt calm and positive with the children able to feel confident and relaxed whilst enjoying the build up to Christmas. I hope this extends to family celebrations over the next two weeks at home before we return on Tuesday 3rd January.

Finally, I hope you all have a lovely Christmas break,


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