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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….let’s start the blog with Miss Rudge who couldn’t resist sharing with you just how festive this week has been..

Our week started with a bit of good ‘ole fashioned Christmas tree decorating! ‘Mummy Rudge’ allowed the class to borrow lots of lovely decorations that have been in the Rudge family for years and as you can see they did a wonderful job..

zre zre2 zre1Last minute rehearsals saw us singing and dancing to a range of Christmas songs before the big show on Wednesday and Thursday! Key Stage 3 pupils gave up many lunchtimes to rehearse and did so with so real dedication, it was so wonderful to see and made us so proud..

 Finally it was curtain up! Wednesday morning saw us head over to the theatre and perform to both New Bridge School and Hollinwood Academy, with lots of parents attending too..

zre6zre5zre-9 zre8 zre10 zre11zre7

Wednesday and Thursday were our show nights and all the children performed beautifully once again..


I’m so very proud of all our performers and I can’t wait for our big production in the summer – no spoilers but I can promise it will be a ‘whole new world’!

Now onto our Key Stage 3 Nurture Group who have been busy in Citizenship this week. The focus has been on Human Rights and the group had to examine the link between rights and responsibility. Activities included full class debates..


..researching Human Rights in different countries using ICT..


..presenting their findings to each other and producing written reports..

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During the afternoons the pupils have accessed and participated in various interventions and workshops to help develop key skills with sessions such as Lego Therapy and Emotional Literacy..


The Nurture Group have also been getting into the festive spirit..


They were delighted when they were invited to watch the Christmas Showcase at New Bridge School. Ewan and Andrew said it was great and they really enjoyed it, well done to all those involved!

Mrs Halkyard’s Year 5 and 6 class have been working very hard during their nativity rehearsals – the children are doing a wonderful job at narrating and singing which has been lovely to see. In English they have been using a short video as inspiration called ‘Loteria de Navidad’. The focus is on acts of kindness and we have been thinking about how the characters in the video feel. The children have written emails as the characters and diary entries and they have also thought about their own acts of kindness.

The class have been looking at how animals and plants adapt to their environments in Science this half term. They have watched some clips from Planet Earth 2 which demonstrates this really well and they have done some good work on identifying animals that have adapted and how..


Mrs Halkyard’s class have started to do some Christmas themed art and they made some lovely wreaths using paint and toilet rolls(!)..

r2 r3

Mr Heap wanted to share what his class had been up to this week – as you can see they have been busy using sweets to help with their Maths work..

img_0776 img_0777 img_0778 img_0779 img_0781 img_0782 img_0783 img_0784 img_0785 img_0786

On Thursday I popped outside at break to join in with the fun the children were having. It is great to see them playing together, developing social skills and using imaginative play..

img_0799 img_0800 img_0801 img_0802 img_0803 img_0805 img_0806 img_0809 img_0818 img_0820
And finally, Mr Holland could not resist sharing this wonderful writing from Nathan in our Key Stage 4 class. As you can read, we have a talented author in the making..

nathan-irlam-document-1In PE we have had another visit from Commando Joe’s – the children had a lot of fun taking part in some team building activities and they joined forces with a group from New Bridge School which was lovely..

r6r5r7 img_kyle img_josh img_0863 img_0858 img_0852 img_0862 img_0850 img_0846 img_0833 img_0829 img_0828

With the last week of term fast approaching we have still a lot to look forward to, including with our primary Nativity on Tuesday and our Christmas dinner on Wednesday followed by a ‘Santa Stroll’ around the school grounds to work it off!  Our primary pupils will be focusing on ‘Festivals of Light’ for the week and the secondary children will join them in celebrating the topic on Thursday with our special Super Learning Day.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,


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