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This week has been very busy. On Tuesday we welcomed 5 colleagues from Kingfisher, Rumworth and Oakdale Schools as part of a Peer to Peer Review and it was a valuable experience to have them look around Hollinwood Academy. They were keen to tell our senior staff how great the provision is and we also talked about how we could work to make the school even better for all our pupils.

In this week’s blog I am going to share with you what has been happening in some of our classes. We will start with Reception who have been doing lots of mark making in different substances and on the white board..

dsc01978jpg dsc01981jpg dsc01982jpg dsc01985jpg dsc01987jpg

They have been making and continuing patterns in Maths. All the children are enjoying the learning and joining in..


In Year 2 and Year 3 the children have been working on their new topic, ‘My Busy Body’. First they drew around their body and named body parts and drew on facial features. Then they created a collage to look like our school uniform..

img_0314 img_0316 img_0320 img_0324

Our Key Stage 1 assembly was all about friendship and we spoke about what makes a good friend. Each class made posters of who their friend was and why..


Miss Louden’s class have really been enjoying singing with Miss Rudge..


Miss Parkinson’s class learnt about the famous fossil hunter, Mary Anning, before searching for some fossils of their own!

2 3 sahilgone summer

It was so nice to see the children enthusiastic about reading..


Daley in Mr Heap’s class has made friends with Miss Gordon, our Key Stage 3 and 4 Nurture teacher. Miss Gordon even brought in her partner’s wrestling belts for Daley to look at..

daley daley2

Year 5 and Year 6 have been role playing about what not to do when feeling angry..

image2 image3

Kyle, Tobias and Caitlin have emailed me over their fantastic descriptive writing in English..

caitlin kyle-1 tobias1

Mrs Coleman-Celis’s group have participated in the story of Ella’s Umbrella Adventure as part of their English lesson..


The young people have explored the umbrellas and water – they really enjoyed having it sprayed over them while under their umbrella!


They have also completed some art work within the lesson, creating lovely umbrellas from different colours..


The group had fun exploring the different sensory props that accompanied the story where Ella visited different places with her umbrella..


Mr Davies has sent me some information about what his class have been up to this week….in Citizenship the pupils have been comparing how effective different government styles are. They have looked at democracy, communism and dictatorship..


In Geography the pupils have been researching facts to make a Niagara Falls tourist booklet and in History they have been looking at the long and short term causes of the English Civil War..


The focus in assembly was the legacy of the Vietnam war and the morals behind it about treating servicemen and women with respect..

Finally, in RE the pupils have been delving into the Buddhist creation story and how humans came to exist..


I am pleased to announce that our Class Councillors for this year are:

Secondary Councillors
AB4 – Adam
SPS – Shaun
MHD – Grace
NMY – Ryan
ZRE – Ciara
PDS – Alex

Primary Councillors
APA – Luke
RHR – Ronnie
BHP – Maia
HLN – Jenna
RLX – Reece

We will be holding our first School Council meeting next week and I am looking forward to hearing what all our councillors have to say.

Our ‘Stars of the Week’ are…

Mrs Dunsdon: Amario for fantastic work in Maths

Mr Corrigan: Zachery for following and listening to instructions

Mrs Lomax: Reece for excellent work with nouns and adjectives

Miss Louden: Josh for working hard and being kind

Mr Heap: Maia for being a fantastic helper this week and speaking to our visitors..


Miss Parkinson: Luca for super work during Maths this week – he always tries his hardest and it has paid off!


Mrs Halkyard: Tobias for trying very hard with behaviour and producing some excellent work..


As I was not here last Friday to give out my Head Teacher’s Awards, this week I have chosen 3 children..

Josh in Mrs Louden’s class
Maia in Mr Heap’s class
Luca in Miss Parkinson’s class

Well done, everyone!

I hope to see you at our coffee morning on Friday, it will be a lovely way to end this first half term.


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