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Hello and welcome to another blog! This week I asked the classes to send me some information about the work that they have been doing and I have decided to let the pictures tell the story.

Let’s start with Reception class who have been busy working on their fine motor skills, moulding play dough and developing their cutting skills..

dsc01888jpg dsc01889jpg dsc01890jpg dsc01891jpg dsc01892jpg dsc01899jpg dsc01900jpg dsc01903jpg dsc01904jpg

In Year 1, Mr Corrigan’s class have been acting out the ‘One Snowy Night’ story in Literacy with the role play masks they made. This has helped the children with their character work and informed their writing..

img_0014 img_0021 img_0022 img_0024 img_0025 img_0027 img_0028 img_0029

They have also been enjoying their singing warm-up with Miss Rudge..


Miss Parkinson’s class have been learning about the Stone Age. The children have created models of Stonehenge and they really enjoyed using their hands to make the stones..

img_1838 img_1841 img_1842 img_1844 img_1847 img_1849 img_1857 img_1834_c img_1860_c

Miss Rudge has been working with Miss Parkinson’s class and they have been exploring character emotions from photographs. Lots of beautiful drawings and ideas!

Year 5 and Year 6 have been using the cooking room and have been making tea, coffee and toast this week..

img_0315 img_0320

..and washing up too! Parents, the evidence is in the pictures..


Mrs Halkyard has also sent some Maths work – column addition..


and English – creating subheadings for information..

Miss Rudge has been working hard on the first Art Club display of the year..

img_3335 img_3340

Mr Holland’s Key Stage 4 students are making good use of their common room facilities, although some energetic members of the class are still spending their lunchtime activity time playing football in the Sports Hall with Key Stage 3 pupils. Decisions are now being made about exams that may be taken in the summer and the students are continuing to work hard!

Our ‘Stars of the Week’ are…

Mrs Dunsdon: Lewis for working hard in Maths

Mr Corrigan: Charlie for settling well into class

Mrs Lomax: Vincent for doing some good number work

Miss Louden: Brooke for settling well into class

Mr Heap: Joshua for working well with others in class and at break times..


Miss Parkinson: Nathan for fantastic behaviour and excellent work in Science..


Mrs Halkyard: Ronnie for trying really hard in all his lessons..


This week I did not manage to give out a Headteachers’ Award – I will have to award two next week!

I hope you all have a great weekend,


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