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Welcome to another blog! This week, as promised, I have concentrated on what the Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 pupils have been getting up to.

Mr Holland’s class have had a busy start to the term as they have begun their studies in their options subjects. They were able to choose from Art, Geography, Law, Music and PE and they are now working hard. Luckily the class also have a common room where they can relax at breaks and lunchtimes after all their studying. Aaron has started work on his Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and he has written a brief account of the highlights so far:

“Last week I represented the New Bridge Group in a competition at Manchester City. The New Bridge team won their league and Mr Greenway and Mr Holban were very pleased with our performance.

Duke of Edinburgh’s on Wednesday was quite enjoyable. Firstly, we went and got all the equipment that was needed for the walk around Hollingworth Lake. Secondly, we map read to and from the bus.”

Thank you Aaron, for a brief insight into how the Key Stage 4 are settling in, it is great to see that they are hard at work already.

Miss Brierley also took some pictures for me of the class participating in their PE lesson which included circuit training..

img_9197 img_9207img_9200img_9190

Now onto the Nurture Base, our provision to help some of our pupils back into engaging with school and education. Ms Gordon sent me some pictures showing how they have been working on developing communication, social and friendship skills..

It was great to see Miss Rudge’s class using the cooking room as part of their living skills lesson. They were working together and making cups of tea for each other – a great skill to have..


When I went into the lesson the pupils were even washing up and cleaning the kitchen area, so parents, don’t accept any excuses as I have seen with my own eyes what they can do!

Mr Davies’ class wanted to share some of their pictures from Science where they have been experimenting – you can see just how engaged and involved in their learning our pupils are..

img_1459 img_1451c img_1454c img_1452cc

Citizenship and RE are part of the pupils’ weekly timetable and here Thomas and Jack are showing how they have been looking at how society can portray fairness..


I know that I said that this blog would concentrate on the secondary pupils but I couldn’t resist sharing with you Mr Heap’s ICT lesson with Year 1. They were interacting with Bee Bots and were absolutely fascinated by them..

img_0009 img_0010 img_0013 img_0017 img_0020 img_0021
Finally, our Stars of the Week:

Reception: Marley for fantastic work in Maths and PSHE

Mr Corrigan: Ethan for good listening and being kind to others..


Mrs Lomax: Reece for joining in with all his learning and helping others..


Miss Louden: Alivia for working very hard

Miss Parkinson: Luke for becoming more confident in class and always doing the right thing

Mr Heap: Ellie for working independently on her work in class

Mrs Halkyard: Caitlin for being a polite, caring and helpful member of our class..


This week it hasn’t just been the primary children who have been stars, some of our secondary classes are working towards being stars too.

Miss Rudge and Miss Wheeler have chosen:
– Charlie for trying your best at all times and being very polite
– Cameron for helping other pupils wherever he can and trying especially hard with his literacy skills (he’s even found his own book in the library as he ‘knows he needs to improve his reading’)


Mrs Potts and Miss Knott have chosen Lewis for being polite, kind and setting a good example to the rest of the class.

My Head Teacher’s Award for primary this week went to Marley. Every time I see Marley around school I get a great big cuddle..


I gave a special Head Teacher’s Award to Sophie in Mrs Potts’ class. After a rocky start to the week, Sophie began to make some good choices and showed that she can work hard in all aspects of school life. Well done, Sophie.

I can’t believe how quickly the weeks are going, we have now finished our third week of school and it is lovely to see all our new pupils settle in so well – it doesn’t seem as though they have only just started with us. I have to thank all the staff for this, for making life at school manageable for all the children and helping them to enjoy their learning. Thank you, Team!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. My husband and I are off to see my family which I am looking forward to as I have not seen them since we got married in the summer.

Enjoy your weekend,


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