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Another busy week at Hollinwood Academy, and this week my blog is going to focus on the Year 3 and Year 4 pupils in Mr Corrigan’s class.

Firstly, number work. Mr Corrigan has completed some training on the innovative use of technology to support learning across the curriculum. In this activity the pupils completed some games in order to compare scores. You can see them noting down numerical scores and by using a motivating activity they are beginning to understand higher numbers and use them meaningfully..

numbers 1 numbers 2 numbers 3

Next, to literacy. The class have been reading the ‘Stick Man’ book and here you can see them, having collected natural materials, making their own textured, sensory stick men..

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”100″ gal_title=”29th April stick men”]


Now to some physical activity. Mrs Tootill has been extremely pleased with the class in PE. Their motor skills and co-ordination have improved tremendously and you can see how they now listen and respond to using equipment. There are some lovely action shots here which illustrate how engaged they are in their learning..

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”101″ gal_title=”29th April PE”]


In fact, Mrs Tootill told me that this was the very best PE lesson this year, so the pupils were rewarded with some time on the diddy cars which they loved!

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”102″ gal_title=”29th April extra PE”]


Back in class, the physical education continues with a yoga session. Yoga has actually been introduced as part of the drama curriculum. Mrs Preston has been working with the group to develop their expressive movements and body awareness..

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”103″ gal_title=”29th April yoga”]


Finally, a few pictures of pupils creating their own learning. The group had some ‘calm down’ time with the sensory timers. Josh and Lewis became involved in some lovely interactive pretend play, using their timers as ‘phones’ and having a long and detailed conversation with each other. Lovely!

phones 1 phones 2

This week’s ‘Star of the Week’ awards have gone to:

Mrs Dunsdon’s class – Farrukh for settling into her new class and starting to follow instructions.

Mrs Lomax’ class – Vincent for trying hard with all his learning..

star Vincent
Mr Corrigan’s class – Darnell for developing his handwriting skills..

star Darnell

Miss Parkinson’s class – Joshua for trying really hard with his handwriting..

star Joshua

Mrs Halkyard’s class – Caitlin for being kind to her friends..

star Caitlin

Mrs Mayall’s class – Jonathan for trying hard with his work, joining in with class activities and sharing his feelings well.

And my ‘Head Teacher’s Awards’ go to:

Vincent in Year 2 for trying hard with all his learning. I regularly pop into Mrs Lomax’ class and am always impressed that Vincent is on task, working hard, and following instructions. Vincent has made tremendous progress this year and this is mainly due to his positive attitude and motivation to learn. Well done, Vincent!

Vincent HT

Darnell in Year 3 for great progress, particularly with his handwriting. Darnell has been working hard in class and has made lots of progress so far this term. His person-centred review was held this week and was very positive. Well done, Darnell!

Darnell HT

This week we have welcomed Mrs Dunsdon back into school on a phased transition back into work following surgery. Staff are supporting her and the pupils have been delighted to see her back!

Next week we welcome families to our Parents’ Evening on Tuesday. It will be wonderful to continue to celebrate successes with our families and we look forward to seeing you all. (As Mrs Dunsdon has only just returned to her class, we have decided to defer the Reception class Parents’ Evening until after half term.)

Over the next few weeks we are also working through a busy recruitment process. Hollinwood Academy will be expanding again in September 2016 when we are likely to have up to 110 pupils. In order to accommodate everyone we will be appointing a number of new teachers and support assistants. We will keep the website up to date with any vacancies and we will keep families informed once we are able to confirm appointments. I know many families are concerned about transition – as we complete the recruitment process we will be able to notify families of class placements for September, although this is likely to be after half term. We will ensure that all pupils are fully supported in their transitions where they involve a change of staffing or classroom.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend,


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