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This week started with a significant day for Hollinwood Academy. Three candidates had been shortlisted for the position of Head of School and I am delighted to say that our very own Jaina Mistry was successful in gaining the position. As many of you know, Jaina has been a key member of the senior team here at Hollinwood Academy since before we opened. She has been an integral part of all developments so far and is already fully involved in planning for the future. Jaina shares the aims, vision and ethos we have established in the school and as a Key Stage Co-ordinator has held a lead role in ensuring that these are fully implemented across the organisation. I know that Jaina will be committed to moving the school forward and that her experience here places her in the optimum position to ensure continuity and stability for all. I personally feel that I am leaving the school in the very best of hands. She is fully supported by the whole staff team and I am sure that you will join us in congratulating her on her success!


I have already received some very positive feedback from families regarding the appointment. I received an e-mail this week from the parent of a pupil in Year 4:

“It is great news that Miss Mistry has been appointed as the new head and we have a great deal of confidence that she will be fantastic in her new role.”

One of our older pupils commented:

“I was a bit anxious …. well, basically anyone else new would have just been like a complete stranger …”

As for staff responses, I just wish I had had a video camera at the ready when they heard the news….to film a number of them skipping down the corridor with delight!

Miss Mistry has a very busy year ahead of her – as well as taking over the role of Head of School, she is getting married in August so there will be one small change the pupils will have to adapt to….calling her Mrs Walton!

My blog this week focuses on our Year 1 and Year 2 pupils and it seems appropriate that I start with some lovely photographs of Miss Mistry in action with the group..

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”93″ gal_title=”22nd April Miss M”]


The pictures evidence the positive relationships Miss Mistry has with the pupils. You can see that they are engaged in practical learning and are not afraid to explore and ask questions. The pictures also show that Miss Mistry is a hands-on practitioner, able to get right down to the children’s level and get ‘stuck in’!

Spring has certainly sprung this week and Mrs Lomax’ class have been making the most of the sunshine. In these pictures you can see them making the most of their outside areas, including creating dens and dressing up..

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”94″ gal_title=”22nd April sunshine”]


Staying with the Spring theme, the class have begun this term’s topic of growth. The pupils have been planting seeds, again working outside and learning about their natural environment. Here you can see them working together to learn all about what plants need to grow..

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”95″ gal_title=”22nd April gardening”]


The pupils have also been learning about the life cycles of animals, particularly observing the development from frogspawn to tadpoles to frogs. The class have a tank full of tadpoles and are very excited to have seen them hatch out of the spawn and swim around the tank. They have also been across to the science garden at New Bridge and Mr Fieldhouse has treated them to a pond dipping session. In these photos you can see them investigating the plant and animal life to be found in the pond..

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”96″ gal_title=”22nd April pond dipping”]


I am also pleased to include a photograph here of one of our older pupils, Aaron. Now Aaron is usually very reluctant to allow me to take his picture and doesn’t always welcome being included in the blog. However, his work with the Year 2 class this week has been quite exceptional and he agreed to allow me to include a reference to it here. Aaron has a great interest in horticulture and loves gardening, so he has been invited to spend some time in Key Stage 1 helping them develop their planting areas. He started this week and has successfully put together the planting boxes. Next week’s job is to put the compost in and then he will be supporting and advising the younger pupils on how best to propagate their seeds. Well done, Aaron!


Back in class, I would like to include a few pictures of Mrs Lomax’ class in music, learning to play the ukulele with Mr Bloska..

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”97″ gal_title=”22nd April music”]


.. and also some shots of the group in assembly with the Reception class. Mrs Lomax is delighted with the progress of all the youngest pupils in assembly as they are developing skills around being part of a larger group, listening to each other, taking turns, communicating, interacting and celebrating each other’s successes. Here they are enjoying a game of ‘Farmers in the Den’..

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”98″ gal_title=”22nd April assembly”]


This week’s ‘Star of the Week’ awards have gone to:

Mrs Dunsdon’s class – Brodey for amazing improvement in making the right choices and following instructions..

star Brodey

Mrs Lomax’ class – Lucas for brilliant learning and excellent writing..

star Lucas

Mr Corrigan’s class – Lewis for now consistently putting his hand up to ask questions..

star Lewis

Miss Parkinson’s class – Ellie for being brave and trying her best in swimming..

Star Ellie
Mrs Halkyard’s class – Raihan for lovely manners and communicating well..

star Raihan
Mrs Mayall’s class – Bradley for being a great role model, listening in class and following instructions as well as joining in our class discussions..

star Bradley

Mr Smith’s PE award goes to Finlay. Mr Smith said it was the best lesson he’d had since starting here – well done, Finlay!

PE award Finlay


And finally, my ‘Head Teacher’s Awards’ go to:

Bradley in Mrs Mayall’s class for being a great role model. Bradley has only recently joined us so to be being described as a great role model is a real achievement. He has not only settled quickly into his new school but he is already setting a great example to all our pupils. Well done, Bradley!

head teacher bradley

And Lucas in Mrs Lomax’ class for ‘brilliant learning’. I am so impressed with Lucas’ progress. He is the youngest pupil in Mrs Lomax’ class as he is just one of the two Year 1 pupils in what is largely a Year 2 class. Lucas has gained in confidence, made friends and is very popular, and he has also consistently worked hard, making great progress, particularly with his writing. Well done, Lucas!
head teacher lucas

This afternoon Key stage 1 together with Mr Corrigan’s class were very excited to be invited across to New Bridge to watch the ‘Lumenus’ Performance Arts group’s presentation of one of their favourite stories – the Gruffalo..

gruffalo leaflet

The show was brilliant! The performers from Lumenus were excellent and really engaged all of our pupils. Lewis H in particular enjoyed the show as he knows the story off by heart and joined in with every word.  Thank you very much for inviting us!

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”99″ gal_title=”22nd April gruffalo”]


I hope you all enjoy your weekend,


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