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This week has seen our first coffee morning at Hollinwood Academy. It was wonderful to welcome so many family members to school and the event was extremely successful. Pupils were able to show off their work and celebrate their progress. Families were able to witness how happy and settled their children are in school, to see the friends their children have made and to meet other families. Here are some picture from the day..

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I am also pleased to include some comments made by families who posted on our Facebook page to let us know how much they appreciated the opportunity –

• Thank you for the opportunity of spending time with the children, teachers, and meeting other parents. The coffee morning was lovely.
• Lovely to see what the children are like in their class. All so happy and settled
• Thanks so much for inviting us this morning. Meeting and sharing experiences with other parents was cathartic, seeing the kids so happy and stress-free in their learning was an absolute tonic. Can’t thank you enough
• Thank you for this morning, It was lovely seeing the children enjoying school, interacting with each other and the bonds they have established so quickly. It’s such a positive caring environment and I was made to feel so welcome thank you.
• Was lovely to come in to school and see my sons work and just see how settled and for once happy. Thank you for doing an amazing job.
• I had a lovely time love that school.
• A big thank you to all teachers and yourself Mrs Lockwood very pleased with Donte and the progress he is making thank you.
• Maia so happy at Hollinwood Academy and posing for a selfie.

We will be holding a further coffee morning during the summer term, we hope you will be able to join us then.

Mrs Millard’s Year 7 class had a very ingenious approach to coffee morning – they made their parents work hard and experience a full school curriculum. The pupils worked hard preparing for the event. They shared out the subjects and took responsibility for a couple of lessons each..

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The pupils presented to families the kind of work they do in each subject and each presentation was followed by a test which families had to complete! Connor’s mum left saying that she really did feel like she had been back to school. Everyone was very impressed with the high level of study demonstrated..

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Mrs Millard’s class also have a creative approach to ‘intervention’ lessons. In order to reinforce learning across the curriculum, and to develop confidence and communication skills, pupils take it in turns to deliver lessons that they have planned to the rest of the class. This week was Tom’s algebra lesson which looks extremely challenging..

tomlesson1 tomlesson2 tomlesson3

I have also included some photographs from an ICT lesson where pupils were using iPads to manipulate photographs and add their own graphics and design using technology..

ict1 ict2

..and some photographs from a Maths lesson where the pupils are using a program ‘Mymaths’ to revise their learning in Maths..

mymaths1 mymaths2 mymaths3

As you can see, the Year 7s are very motivated by technology and this is utilised across the curriculum. However, I have also included some pictures from PE so that you can see that they do drag themselves away from the screens and get active (some with a bit of encouragement!)..

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Finally, I shall leave you with some photographs from this morning when many of those who managed to get here through the snow enjoyed some time outside..

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”75″ gal_title=”4th March snow”]


As you can see, as soon as I ventured out to take pictures I became a target for their snowballs – Grace looks like she also got caught out!

Have a lovely weekend everyone and I hope the weather doesn’t cause too much disruption,


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