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I have already celebrated a couple of events and developments earlier this week with reports on our Facebook page and website – so if you haven’t seen the updates and photos please have a look at the links highlighted in bold. 

The dodgeball match was a great success and we look forward to competitions against other schools in the future. Many thanks to Mr Smith for organising this. I am delighted that the boys in the teams proved not only to be very skilful but also great sportsmen who worked well together and demonstrated respect towards their opponents. I enjoyed watching the games.

I would also like to thank the New Bridge Digit4ll team, and particularly Luke, for their support in producing the extremely professional looking DVD of our Christmas nativity show ‘Stable Surprise’. Copies of the DVD have gone home this week with families and many of you will be singing Christmas songs again and reliving the experience!

This week our school council met again to discuss how best to spend the budget they have been allocated for outdoor equipment and board games. I have said before how impressed I have been with the pupils on the council. They demonstrate great maturity and are able to work together to come to decisions, listening to each other and considering the needs of all the pupils across the school. This week Mrs Lomax led the meeting and she too was amazed by the positive contributions, great interactions and successful outcomes from the meeting. Here are some pictures of the group in the boardroom..

school council 1 school council 2 school council 3

This week I have focused on Mr Corrigan’s class. Their book of the week has been ‘The Gruffalo’. I have included some photographs which demonstrate the range of activities they have been involved in, showing how teaching and learning is varied to cover so many different sensory approaches and engage pupils at every level..

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”58″ gal_title=”29th Jan gruffalo”]


An area in the classroom has been transformed into a den in the forest; pupils have used puppets and figures to sequence the events and characters, they have collected twigs and branches to recreate forest environments and sensory experiences, and they have role-played the story..

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”59″ gal_title=”29th Jan twigs”]


It is evident that this multi-sensory approach has had a huge impact. The greatest feedback came from the grandmother of one pupil who told me that this is the first time her grandson has ever gone home and re-told a story, described the activities he has enjoyed in school and wanted to re-read the book at home – she was planning to go out and buy a copy as soon as possible.

Also from Mr Corrigan’s class, I have included some photographs of pupils using the technology we have in classes. The interactive screen is linked to iPads and supports learning across the curriculum. Here you can see pupils accessing learning in both literacy and numeracy, utilising the skills they have in technology and engaging them via a medium which they find extremely motivating..

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”60″ gal_title=”29th Jan whiteboards”]


And finally from Mr Corrigan’s class, I love these photographs of Lewis showing us how much he loves numbers. His favourite activity is writing numbers, ordering numbers, counting up objects, making patterns with numbers … so of course he delights in completing a number square and this is his reward for great behaviour and achievement in class. Well done, Lewis!

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”61″ gal_title=”29th Jan numbers”]


This week’s ‘Star of the Week’ awards have gone to:-
Mrs Dunsdon’s class – all pupils for good learning and exceptional behaviour on the trip to the zoo (photos to follow next week)
Mrs Lomax’s class – Nathan for helping other children to make good choices
Mr Corrigan’s class – Olivia for working hard on putting her hand up to ask questions and retelling the story in English.
Miss Parkinson’s class – Ellie for trying her best and concentrating
Mrs Halkyard’s class – Karl for great effort in Maths all week

And my ‘Head Teacher’s Awards’ go to:-
Brodey, Charlie, Thomas, Ethan, Essah, Zachary and Bronson in Mrs Dunsdon’s class for their excellent behaviour and learning at the zoo. Well done, boys!

head teacher award

Before I sign off this week, I am unable to resist sharing this lovely photograph of Maia with you. She showed me her beautiful drawing of Rarity, a My Little Pony character, and her lovely heart design with the comment ‘I love Hollinwood Academy’ – what more can I say? If the children come out with smiles and positive comments the staff must be getting something right..

I love HWA!

Have a lovely weekend,


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