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New letters are going home to all parents today, as due to unforeseen circumstances a further ballot now needs to be held for the two recently advertised Parent Governors posts.

This second ballot is being held next Monday, 12th October, and again parents will receive a ballot paper each and details of how to cast their two votes.

The six nominees have submitted personal statements outlining why they would like to be a Parent Governor which you can read below:

Derek Rhoden
I am very interested in becoming a Parent Governor for the very similar reasons why I chose Hollinwood Academy to educate my daughter in year 11. Not only am I confident that Hollinwood will provide my daughter with a sound education, it also seemed to have a real community spirit and involved parents; and that was important for me. As a Parent Governor I would be a voice for all parents and ensure that high standards are maintained and that our children learn in a friendly and safe environment.
I am involved in our local community as a fundraiser for Impact Community project and have been actively involved in organising local events. Professionally, I am a Civil Servant, and have skills working with professionals in other agencies and organisations including other schools and colleges. I am therefore familiar with the requirements of OFSTED and the National Curriculum. I can transfer these skills to the role of Parent Governor and would welcome the opportunity to be of service to the school, its children, staff and parents.

Eunice Orlu
We live in Manchester, got a son in year 2. I am a support worker for young adults with autism in Macclesfield.
I strongly believe our children and families deserve the best out of life and I am willing to put my whole time and energy to make sure/try to achieve this bearing in mind independence is all we would love to see in the future.

Gemma De La Haye
I am a mum to 3 sons, Reece and Luke aged 6 with a diagnosis of autism and Jake aged 2 who is undergoing assessments. Reece attends Hollinwood Academy and is in year 2.
In my working career I have carried out a variety of roles. I have owned my own cupcake business, was a manager for several years at McDonald’s, was a manager at a supermarket, and qualified and worked as a level 3 nursery nurse in a private nursery.
At the moment I am a full time stay at home mum but give up my time to help and support other families that are going through a diagnosis for their son or daughter.
I have also completed many courses on autism spectrum disorders. My many roles have taught me a lot of skills which I feel would be useful as a school governor.
I am an approachable, well organised person with excellent listening and communicating skills and have the ability to get on with people from all walks of life.
I have an interest in all aspects of education and the quality of teaching, learning and opportunities for children to develop. If elected to be parent governor I would work with energy and enthusiasm to help Hollinwood Academy maintain its high standards and to achieve its goals. I have the time to give to this role and understand the requirements and responsibilities. It would be a privilege to represent parents and carers.

Nicola Ferron
Hello, I’m Nicola Ferron and I am a mum to Lucas who has joined Hollinwood Academy in Year 3. To tell you a little about myself, I have worked for Manchester City Council for almost 20 years providing support to, and managing services for Adults with disabilities. I have seen many changes to services over the years, I have always embraced change and try to work in a proactive and positive way to affect change for the people I support. Within my working role I have skills I believe I can transfer to the role of Parent Governor – I have responsibility for budget/finance management, negotiation skills, staff management, the ability to understand other people’s views and advocate on others behalf.
Becoming a mum to Lucas has given me a whole new perspective on life, living with disability and difference. It has given me the ability to empathise in a way I could never have done before.
I believe becoming a Parent Governor would be a privilege, to represent parents and to work in partnership with the Headteacher and senior team to help decide the priorities for improving our school and to achieve the very best for our children.
Hollinwood Academy is offering opportunities which I know for Lucas and many of your children are not available anywhere else. It is for this reason I am passionate about the education and the future of all the children who attend Hollinwood Academy.

Robert Cockcroft
I have two children with Autism: one who is already in a mainstream secondary school, the other in Hollinwood Academy.
I work full time as an Analyst in Manchester where I have also been a union representative for the past seven years.
I am a strong advocate for members with disabilities, ensuring their needs are always considered by managers. I have negotiated Flexible working Arrangements as well as the provision of specialist equipment such as orthopaedic chairs and keyboards. I have helped to introduce and support Learner Representatives at work to help members access Lifelong Learning courses and others. I have recently been elected Treasurer of my Union Branch.
I would like to be a Parent Governor at Hollinwood Academy because I am passionate about the school and about helping to make sure it can meet the needs of all our children.
I believe our children should be able to go to school, be themselves and hold their heads high without being singled out or bullied. I know Hollinwood Academy offers a safe and nurturing environment and I am determined that the school should build on this and be able to offer the same level of education and the same opportunities to achieve and succeed that mainstream schools offer their students.

Stacey Dorman
I would like to be a school parent governor at Hollinwood Academy because as a parent to four children three of whom have disabilities and feel this would be a new opportunity for me to work alongside the governing bodies also to improve my skills. I have done voluntary work in shops before so I have and will give my time to help others. The school governor is demanding and challenging but is rewarding and a good way to give back to the community. I will be prepared to attend meetings and I am flexible around this. I care about improving childrens educational attainments will accept any training that might be required for the role as parent governor. I have my best interests of the school and desire to see the best outcome of not just my child but all the children at the school.


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