As part of our commitment to improving our careers education at Hollinwood Academy, we hope to evaluate the success of our programme each year.

Year 11 Careers Programme

In Year 11 the students start off by continuing to assess their skills and qualities and look again at ways to apply for jobs. Later in the year the student complete virtual work experience.

During Spring term 2 we review our skills and qualities, post 16 options, labour market information and practise interview scenarios.

In Summer term 1 the students start virtual work experience with Fortem. This has been developed as a result of lockdown and students not being able to complete external work experience but will continue to be used moving forward. The lessons help the students to develop a range of skills for customer care and IT support.

Alongside this half term’s lessons, there are also form time careers lessons related to whole school programmes and current events:

All secondary students have also been signed up to the careers portal ‘Start Profile’, where they are able to gain information and advice on education and career choices, access activities to improve their employability skills and have a personal locker to keep a record of their achievements and qualifications. Secondary students have all been given their start profile logins and can access the online learning portal from home. Please encourage them to do so and have a look at the platform for yourself by clicking below:


We would appreciate your feedback on our school’s careers programme. Please take a few moments to share your thoughts using the relevant link below to access the careers survey and evaluate our school’s programme:


click to access the BBC Bitesize Careers resources