This session is a recap of what you’ve learned on the e-Safe Award. It is important that you go over the key points that you’ve discussed before taking the final e-Safe test. So, what are the key points?

  • The e-Safe Rules
  • Types of e-Safety risks
  • Malware, SPAM and other viruses
  • Keeping your information private
  • Reporting an e-Safe issue
  • Safe use of social media
  • Recognising grooming
  • Understanding privacy settings
  • Knowing about copyright

You are going to be setting an example with the use of technology in school. So it is very important you know your stuff. Take it seriously or you won’t be able to bring your devices into school.
One final thing to check is that you have signed the Young Person Acceptable Use Agreement. Your teacher will check for you but you cannot gain the e-Safe Award until you have signed this agreement.

Now that you have revised the e-Safe award, you can take the test.

Click here to complete the questionnaire.

The results will be emailed to Mr Bright and if you pass the test the e-Safe Award will be presented to you in school assembly.