At Key Stage 4 we tailor the curriculum to help pupils to make progress in the best way that suits them. We understand that not all young people with ASC learn and make progress at the same pace. We therefore personalise our curriculum to cater for a wide range of needs. Our curriculum is broad, balanced, engaging and inclusive. We provide real life opportunities and experiences to ensure pupils’ holistic education is addressed to develop independence, build confidence, maximise potential and ultimately to achieve all that is required to reach their desired destination.

All pupils have the opportunity to gain appropriate and meaningful accreditation from entry level learning to GCSE and beyond, depending on their abilities and needs.

Most pupils will experience our core offer:
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Additional Options Curriculum
Pupils are able to choose 1 additional option from the following:

More information is available by clicking on each option listed above.

For those students who have a particular talent, the following pathways are available:

Vocational Pathways
There are a number of dedicated pathways within the MAT open to the young people for whom the option may be relevant which focus on vocational destinations post 19. These include:

  • Lumenus – Performing Arts pathway
  • Hortus – Horticulture pathway from Years 11 to 14
  • Activ8 – Sports pathway
  • Digit4ll – IT pathway
  •         Pre-Internship – Employment pathway

These pathways follow a very different curriculum to the rest of the school in that core subjects (Maths/English/Employability) are taught over three days per week, with the remaining two days being dedicated to the specialist area in which the pupils are working. More information can be found here.

PSHCE (Personal and Social Health and Citizenship Education), Living Skills and RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) continue to be at the heart of our curriculum. By addressing 5 key priorities, Relationships, Community, Transparent Curriculum, Metacognition and space, our overall aim is to promote positive wellbeing across school. This includes educating our pupils and supporting them to develop resilience around sensitive issues through structured learning opportunities that are developed to prepare pupils for real life. Sessions are carefully planned to promote mutual respect and tolerance which support a greater understanding of the environment and encourage pupils to take risks in order to identify themselves and recognise their full potential.

Physical Education Throughout Key Stage 4 pupils continue to access physical education through a timetabled variety of physical activities and challenges which have the wider benefit of promoting working as a team and developing problem solving, thinking skills and cross-curricular links to Living Skills and PSHE. Each half term has a different focus: invasion games, health related fitness, leadership, Summer sports, net and wall activities or strike activities.

RE lessons continue to follow the Oldham Religious Education Syllabus (available here) and cover a range of different religions and cultural beliefs, focusing on beliefs and teachings. Pupils develop an increasing awareness and understanding of religions and beliefs, teachings, practices and forms of expression. Pupils engage in weekly RE lessons and also participate in termly Super Learning Days which look at a variety of religions, cultures and beliefs.

Our effective programme of targeted, personalised interventions continues to be available throughout Key Stage 4 for pupils who have been identified as requiring additional support. These intervention sessions are then built into individual pupil timetables as needed and progress is assessed regularly to monitor the impact.

For further details on any aspect of our curriculum, please contact us.