26 Mar

School has only just closed, but the pupils are already sending in photos and work that has been set via their home education Showbie classes. It’s been wonderful to see how the pupils are engaging with the learning that has been set by the staff teams.

And it’s not just lessons! Pupils are keeping active and looking after their mental health using yoga, Mr Heap’s daily challenges and Just Dance..

They may be at home, but that’s not stopping our pupils developing essential living skills. They are applying numeracy and literacy in cooking, following instructions and weighing ingredients..

..as well as looking at how cress grows in science. Lewis, in Ms Collinge’s class, has been doing some fabulous cooking..

..and Alfie and Charlotte are studying the cress. Alfie has made his cress head using an eggshell, we’re looking forward to seeing how this grows!

Creative juices are clearly flowing too. Pupils from across the school have been producing some amazing artwork. Yousef has made some beautiful pictures..

..Isaam has painted a snake..

..while Lenni made the most of the sunshine..

Jake, Luke and Reece have been drawing animals using the iPad..

There have been numerous sensory activities taking place this week. The pupils look like they have had a fun time engaging in these activities..

There has been some fantastic work submitted for maths with pupils even constructing creative 3D sculptures. Below is a photo of Isaam’s farm and Joshua’s rocket. Well done boys!

In science, Ms Lomax’s class have designed their own planets..

I’m sure you will agree with me that Hudson’s and Freddie’s English work is superb!

Yousef’s handwriting is looking beautiful too. Well done!

Lenni had a special visitor this weekend too. This is Neville the tortoise..

There is a special chat in the home education Showbie group called a ‘Daily Hi’. This is there to allow students to keep in touch with staff whilst the school is closed. There have been some wonderful voice messages from the pupils that have brought a smile to the staff’s faces and Reece’s photo of his balloon pigs in blanket was just brilliant!

You may have seen on the news that children from the across the country are making rainbows and displaying them in their windows at home to spread joy during this difficult time. More can be read about this here.

Our pupils at Hollinwood Academy have started to take part in this at home too. They have produced some beautiful rainbows..

I would like to say a special thank you to the staff teams at Hollinwood Academy that have helped set up the Home Education learning in such a short space of time. The dedication that they have shown this week to collate engaging activities that our pupils will enjoy doing at home has been unbelievable. They truly are an amazing staff team! Thank you!

Finally, I would like to end today’s blog with a poem that was written at home by one of our Key Stage 4 pupils.

This world truly does not belong to us, 

while we worry of the virus 

naive to those other than us, 

of an affliction that is ubiquitous. 


A minuscule parasite out of sight, 

seems to have searched its way. 

Jealous of our once fearless life, 

entering in each human every day. 


Resent lies in all our haste 

with how it is all now waste. 

Like the earth’s penchant for cleanliness 

while our species tried to crash and crack 


earth’s gleam where it was all near erased 

and then mistook ourselves with godliness. 

I watch and take umbrage from the indolence of this hypocritical weak nonsense. 

From a distance they do too. 


The true sensation is the timely fabrication 

when we started screaming when the suffers 

were more than just news and imagination. 

 Our lack of empathy flourish’d by blame that was encourag’d. 

Was it for the better or worse, 

when ’twas not so vicarious… 


This universe presenting a godly phase 

 has shushed lives to malaise, 

having that mother refusing to give us grace 

as the rainbow of her land return’d, and 


ripene’d towards a sparkling horizon 

to suppress the hearts and lungs which burnt. 


How can the people who should be civilis’d 

 be considered the centre of the universe 

when the wanton we project is so normalis’d 

when all we do for each other now is curse… 

~ Tasmin (age 16 years)

We are looking forward to seeing more home learning!

Louise Needham
Curriculum Advisor for Maths