29 May

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Today has been the first day of the May half term holiday club here at Hollinwood Academy and we have been joined by the young people from Spring Brook Lower for this week’s activities. We have enjoyed some of our favourite activities such as bingo, cooking..

..the big bouncy castle..

..and swimming..

We have also introduced some new activities this week including yoga..

..and a film experience..

..and because of the nice weather we have been able to play football outside too..

..and have fun on the scooters..

Today was the first time that the children have been able to access the park by going out on the bus in small groups. This will be happening every day this week so that everyone attending holiday club will get their chance to go out to the park. We have also made changes to the timetable this week, changing the length of sessions from an hour to half an hour so the children can get to engage in a wider variety of activities..

AB have been out to the park this morning, had fun in soft play before dinner and then had a lovely afternoon in the swimming pool. We can’t wait for tomorrow! 🙂