21 Jul

As we finish for the academic year, I have presented my Head Teacher’s Award for this half term and we have had some well-deserved nominations and smiles all round. The following children and young people have been awarded a certificate this half term and I am so proud of them..

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In ICT over the last four weeks, we have held a competition to finish off the year on a high. The theme of the competition is ‘A Better Future Ahead’ and we have asked students to create 3 digital media products to give hope and excitement as coronavirus restrictions are lifted after a difficult year. We asked students to think about what it meant for them to have restrictions lifted and represent this using technology. There were three categories:

  • Best Digital Graphic
  • Best Digital Slideshow
  • Best Digital Animation

Students have used their iPads to create some fantastic media products using apps such as iMovie, Keynote, PowerPoint, iMotion, Adobe Spark and many others. They’ve clearly learnt a range of skills from importing assets, cropping, trimming images, adding and manipulating text, applying music and sound effects, to name a few.

The winner of each competition will receive a £30 voucher for Amazon. It was a very difficult decision to choose winners but below are the winners of each category, however, we also wanted to share some special mentions for effort too.

  • Best Digital Graphic Winner – Ciara
  • Best Digital Slideshow Winner – Danny
  • Best Digital Animation Winner – Delta

We also wanted to share some special mentions for effort too. Here are the entries from the students who deserve a special mention..

  • Alex G.
  • Chloe K.
  • Riley H.
  • Oliver I.

  • Aaron J.

  • Ellie C.
  • Luke H.
  • Maia M.
  • Lewis K.

A final well done to all students for the excellent effort!

Mr Hartley was so proud of his students this week as they carried out their last Police Academy lesson of the year and they decided to go to Higher Memorial Park to have a mini sports day. The students enjoyed their sports day and worked well in teams. They all communicated fantastically with each other, were gracious winners and tried their best in every game. As always, they were all well behaved and listened to instructions. It was a lot of fun and a nice ending to the academic year and start of the summer holidays.

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This week, I have asked all the classes and forms to contribute to the blog thinking about the highlights for them this year. The word resilient radiates with each class and form and I could not be prouder of the students and staff at Hollinwood Academy…

  • Miss Shin’s class

Well done to all of our reception children. We are so proud of you and everything that you have achieved. We have really enjoyed our sensory and attention autism sessions and making new friends. Keep working hard and have a great summer holiday.
Miss Shin

  • Miss Marston’s class

We have had a fantastic year, I am so proud of the progress that our class has made despite the restrictions and lockdowns. We have had lots of fun exploring tea parties, habitats and space, as well as becoming pirates, aliens and Mad Hatters. It’s been a wonderful year and I am very much looking forward to starting the new year in September. Have a lovely summer everyone.
Miss Marston and the team.

  • Miss Parkinson’s class

Wow! What a year we’ve had. I am immensely proud of all the children in class and the progress, academically and socially they have made this year. It has been a year of ups and downs but the children have been fantastic! Always making us smile and showing their resilience! Have a fantastic summer!
Miss Parkinson, Miss Hulme and Miss Richardson  🙂

  • Mr Corrigan’s class

What a fantastic year! Despite the difficulties this year has posed, the children have responded brilliantly to every challenge and coped really well with all the changes. They have been resilient, enthusiastic and great fun! It has been a real joy teaching them and I have no doubt the whole class will continue to go from strength to strength next year. Good luck everyone and thank you!
Mr Corrigan

  • Miss Prescott’s class

We made it! It has been a wonderful year and we have been very lucky to make so many fantastic memories together. Myself, Miss Hill and Miss Grace are extremely proud of how amazingly the children have dealt with the challenges we have faced. Well done and have the best summer possible!!!!
Miss Prescott

  • Mrs Halkyard’s class:

What a year it has been! We have loved getting to know you all and feel we have had some great times together since we have all been back in.
Thank you for making us smile and laugh every day. You have all done so well this year and we are proud of you all. Enjoy your break,
Mrs H, Miss Barnes and Miss Lowe

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  • Miss Simms’ class:

What a year we have had in class! We are incredibly proud of the kind and mature young people you are growing up to be. Every single one of you has overcome challenges you never thought would be possible and developed resilience, patience and understanding of others. You are becoming exceptional role models to others as you move further up the school and we have always been so proud to say that you are part of the class. To all of you – thank you for the memories and thank you for always brightening up our day. You are the reason teaching is the best job in the world!
Miss Simms, Miss Prescott, Mr Skander, Mr Blaize.

  • Mrs Woodhead’s class

The highlight of our year has been exploring, working as a team, developing our communication and making new friends.

Mr Rawson’s class

We have had a great year in class. The boys have made great progress and our highlights have been when we can take our learning outside. Well done.
Mr Rawson

  • Miss Collinge’s class

Wow what an amazing year we have had. The children have made so much progress with their communication, independence skills and learning – we are super proud of them! They have adapted well to each change and challenge and continue to make us smile even on the rainiest of days. I’m excited for next year to watch them flourish even more. We are sad to see Courtney and Nafisa move into different classes as they have both been with the children for a long time. I know the children will miss them, as will I, although I know they will continue to check in! We hope all of the children have an amazing summer and I will see you in September.
Miss Collinge

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  • Mrs Lomax’s class

WOW! We have finished another year and what a year it has been. Our children have been absolutely fantastic through this difficult year. They have constantly bounced back and smiled throughout which has made us all really proud! We have so many happy memories and we would like to thank all our wonderful children.

It is sad to see you leave after two years as a class. We also say farewell to Miss Jones and Mr Critchley-Stone and wish them well in their new careers and university. We would like to wish you all a wonderful break and look forward to seeing you back in school in September.
Mrs Lomax, Mrs Davies, Miss Jones and Miss Lowe.

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  • Miss Tootill’s class

Well, that is it! We have completed another academic year and I cannot believe how fast it has gone. We have made so many memories and enjoyed the laughter, learning and sharing the fun. I would like to say a big thank you to our amazing 10 children, it has been a pleasure to watch them blossom into fantastic young individuals. I would also like to say a massive thank you to all the teachers who have helped us this year – Mrs Davies, Miss Sutcliffe, Mr Ottaway and Mr Leeson. I would like to wish our families an amazing summer holiday and stay safe.
Best wishes, Miss Tootill.

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  • Miss Daniels’ form

What a year! We couldn’t have asked for a more resilient, amazing group of year 7s! We’re extremely proud of all the challenges they have overcome and how kind and caring they have been to one another. They are all a credit to Hollinwood Academy, stay safe and have a lovely summer, see you in year 8!!

  • Mrs Nuttall’s form:

For the last day of Year 7 we had a mini graduation in form to celebrate them all finishing their first year of high school! We gave all the students their own certificate with a special award and we wore pirate hats! (Because Miss McCandless doesn’t know how to make graduation caps). The form have been brilliant this year and have worked really hard. Good luck in Year 8, you will all be amazing!!!


  • Miss Meadows’ form:

We started year 7 transition in a difficult year, a lot of students had missed out on the end of year 6 and some of us were getting used to a brand-new school. There were lots of new faces, new routines and new friends to meet. Our form has been a resilient, dynamic and fun year group to teach. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with this group of young people. We have had many highs, my personal favourite was experiencing our first Christmas together and eating dinner all together. I asked some of our class what their favourite things were this year and they had so many ideas! Josh and Alex loved accessing the community during Outdoor Ed; other things that were mentioned were playing with friends, Maths lessons and starting our day with sensory circuit. We are proud of the progress all our students have made and we wish them a lovely summer holidays and look forward to working together again next year!
Miss Meadows

  • Miss Bones’ form

Our form have made us very proud in what has been another challenging year for everyone. The form group have made some amazing memories and progress over this academic year…They have enjoyed going out with Mrs Bennett for outdoor education and finally getting round to improving their cooking skills with Miss Carpenter in food tech. In addition, we have had some lovely new members join our form group towards the end of this year and we are really looking forward to making some more memories with them as of September. Finally, myself, Miss Mason and Mr Flanagan would like to wish the form a lovely summer holidays and a well-deserved break! (Sorry we don’t have a picture but we are all self-isolating!!)
Miss Bones

  • Mr Page’s form:

This year has been amazing but challenging due to COVID, but your have shown great resilience and you have made it! This year we have focused on team-building activities and have learnt a lot about ourselves, as individuals and as a form. Mr Page, Miss Gold and Miss Gibson are extremely proud of the young adults that our form are becoming and we cannot wait to welcome them back in year 9. We hope that you all have a lovely summer.
Mr Page

  • Miss Fletcher’s form

I am so sad to be coming to the end of year 8 with my form, I can’t believe how quickly the last two years have passed by. We have seen many changes throughout this time; new staff, new students and of course the pandemic has caused a lot of disruption to our school year. Despite this, the students have all shown amazing resilience and have matured greatly. I am so proud of every student in the class and the academic, emotional, and social progress they have made. it hasn’t been an easy ride, but the class have developed some long-lasting friendships and I know these will continue to blossom as they move onto year 9.

I am going to miss the laughs, smiles and cheeky personalities of this fantastic bunch of young people. I wish them all the best for the future, and I can’t wait to see what amazing things they get up to during the rest of their time at Hollinwood Academy.
Miss Fletcher 🙂

  • Mr Gold’s form

We have been celebrating their last week together as a form as we will be splitting next year and Mr Gold will be returning to his lab! The students will miss Mr Gold very much as he has been a great form tutor this year: “WE LOVE YOU GOLDY WE DO”
Mr Gold, Miss Bartlett and Miss Heyes

  • Mr Stewart’s form

Our form has had a fantastic year, transitioning from KS3 to KS4 studies. Everyone has handled the changes, showing ambition and resilience in their efforts. We have been immensely proud of how well every single member of the class has progressed and risen to the challenges they have faced in this most unpredictable of years. We hope you all have a fantastic summer and continue to thrive in your future adventures. Mr Stewart would also like to say a special thank you to all of the students for making his first year at Hollinwood Academy such an enjoyable experience!
Mr Stewart

  • Mrs Lerigo’s form

Well what a year!!!! I do not know where to start or what to say in order to give a summary of how amazing this year has been. Despite COVID, every single student in my class has proven how resilient and adaptable they are, especially to last minute changes and disruption to their routine.

Our highlights are hard to choose, as there are so many. I think maybe one was the trip to Antonios at the end of this academic year to celebrate as a class, we arrived in style, dined in style, and conducted ourselves amazingly. I am going to miss you all so much; you all bring something amazing to the world.

Take care have a lovely Summer and I will come and see you in September! 😊
Miss Lerigo

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  • Mr Hartley’s form

As you have heard on many occasions, we could not be more proud of our class. They have made excellent progress, matured into exceptional young adults and have really worked hard during their time at Hollinwood Academy. The whole class have developed close friendship groups and although some are taking different paths I am confident that these friendships will continue and grow in the future. Well done all. Have a fantastic summer and I hope you have an amazing adventure in your new placements at KS5.
Mr Hartley

  • Miss Carpenter’s form

It is the end of an era for our form, as Miss Carpenter says farewell to relocate to Cornwall. I have been the class form tutor for the last 3 years. On our last day we have looked back at our time capsules which we made in Year 8 and these will be saved for their final year at Hollinwood Academy.

We have also had some lovely food and a small party this afternoon. I am really going to miss my class and all the students at the school. I am very lucky to have been part of their journey here and I hope to continue teaching once I am settled in Cornwall.

Good luck to my form who will soon be in Year 11 and to Miss Stubbs who will be supporting them!! Work hard and stay safe over the summer.
Miss Carpenter

  • Miss Sanderson’s form

What can I say? We have made it to the end of the academic year! Although this year has been difficult, there have also been quite a lot of positives! You have developed your friendships within the form both socially and emotionally which has led to positive friendships being maintained both inside Hollinwood Academy and outside. The support they have shown each other over this past year has been absolutely exceptional and they should each be proud of each other for progressing in this area.

As a form we have also been developing our outdoor activity skills. One of our favourites is tennis! During this time students have learnt to be more aware of each other’s needs and progress their tolerance of not always winning a game.

I am so proud of the resilience they have shown this year, not only academically but also whilst isolating and online learning. This was shown when they earned the end of year rewards for good behaviour which resulted in a fun afternoon with lots of snacks! Enjoy your summer holidays, they are more than deserved.
Miss Sanderson, Miss Rashid and Mrs Harrington

Now to our ‘Commitment to Learning Stars’:

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As we reach the end of year I’d like to say a huge well done to all of our secondary students who have shown us just how amazing they are, working through one of the toughest years! They have done this and still managed to gain massive numbers of rewards points.

The overall winners for the year are the following students who have each received an Amazon voucher:

  • Daniel GH
  • Freya H
  • Evan S
  • Chloe K
  • Jamie H
  • Caitlin R
  • Dante F
  • Raihan S
  • Charlie S

A massive well done to our winners!

As I mentioned last week, myself and Miss Gordon will be working hard over the summer to make sure plans are in place for September 2021 following any updated guidance and this will be communicated via ParentsApp, our website and social media pages.

I hope you have an amazing summer and I am looking forward to spending some quality time with my family.

Mrs Millard

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