23 Apr

I hope you had a restful and enjoyable break and took advantage of the weather and being able to get out and about?

The sunshine has certainly made a difference to our return for the final summer term of this academic year. It has been lovely to see students and staff taking their learning outside and I am looking forward to the term ahead and slowly seeing the national roadmap out of lockdown gradually easing and we can start to ease restrictions in and around school. The first of these restrictions being lifted was that we welcomed back on site our clinically extremely vulnerable students and staff who have been shielding over the national lockdown. It was wonderful to see the students back in school, happy and engaging with their friends and learning. As more restrictions start to ease we will review our risk assessment in line with these changes and plan accordingly and as always communicate this with families via ParentApp.

Back in January, I received an email from John Hurst, Leadership Executive for the North West, Education Team, Apple, inviting Hollinwood Academy to apply for Apple Distinguished School (ADS) Recognition. For the first round, I was asked to summarise our story of innovation and excellence with Apple technology and how we have developed this to enrich learning for staff and students. I had to use the following criteria:

  1. A description of your school context
  2. Vision – what is your school’s vision for teaching with technology?
  3. Learning – how are students and educators using Apple technology in teaching and learning?
  4. Success – how are you measuring progress towards your vision?

Over the holidays, I received an email from Apple stating we had successfully completed the first round of becoming an ADS. This is something myself and Miss Gordon have been pursuing since we became an Apple 1:1 school in 2018 and we cannot wait to share our story with Apple and hopefully get the ADS status. The next stage is for us to set out our story of exemplary learning and teaching in action using Apple technology and present this to Apple at the end of June this year. I will endeavour to share our story once this has been presented to Apple.

Let’s see what some of our classes have been doing this week starting with Mrs Lomax’s class…

We have had a wonderful start to the summer term. We started off the week creating healthy fruit kebabs..

..and then exploring the school grounds looking at signs of spring. During this the children choose areas to photograph and we will return to these at the end of this half term and photograph them again and compare the differences that have occurred from spring to summer.

We then enjoyed our fruit kebabs in the spring sunshine whilst enjoying talking about our Easter break.

We have continued with our creative learning during our art and we have taken a virtual tour of the Tate gallery and looked at examples of whimsical and fairy art. We have used this to inspire our art project of creating an art frame from natural materials. We enjoyed trying out different ways to create and secure the frame and the children showed excellent perseverance skills to complete the frames.

Next week we will continue decorating the frames using natural materials and then use them to frame interesting images around us and then capture this using out iPad cameras and editing function. Hopefully we will create some wonderful art showing natural and manmade items around school. During this term in art we will also make fairy houses again being inspired the work we looked at in the Tate. We also enjoyed making some special birthday cards for the Queen!

Our geography this term is focusing on the United Kingdom and we have been exploring the UK and investigating the 5 areas of geography and exploring the physical and human features of the UK. During this term we will explore each nation and then finish with a close-up exploration of the North West.

We have lots of exciting activities planned to help us with this including a traditional British cream team and a hunt for a Haggis which fits wonderfully with our science focus of animal classification and habitats!

Of course, our Haggis will be invented by the children and they will use their science knowledge to decide what type of animal a Haggis would be if it was real and what type of diet and habit it would live in and then use this to classify the Haggis.

We hope you enjoy our photographs.

Miss Sanderson’s form…

We are happy to welcome back the Year 10’s after the Easter holiday. Upon returning to school, the class have been working hard to organise their work ready for Year 11. The students are starting to take responsibility for their own learning and are on track to complete their GCSEs next year.

We have had a busy start to the summer term with lots of new topics being introduced including construction and natural hazards. We are also seeing some great art being produced in their options. They have started a new project on Manga art and will be completing an interpretation of this artist style as one of their final pieces for GCSE. I cannot wait to see the finished result! During PE this week we were lucky enough to have some of the lovely sunshine so the class took advantage of this weather and participated in badminton outside and had a lot of fun!

On Wednesday morning the students took part in a virtual careers event, in which they could look at different career paths. Each student looked at a particular career they were interested in and as a form researched into how we would achieve this career goal, taking into consideration what skills and qualifications are needed. This was very beneficial to the students and allowed for some great discussions about their future.

It is great to see the form take control of their learning and begin to prepare for year 11. They are also becoming excellent role models for the younger key stage 3 students. Keep up the good work!

Mrs Potts’ form…

Year 11 are currently involved in the ongoing process of gathering evidence for the Teacher Assessed Grades for their GCSEs. When we were told that there wouldn’t be any GCSE exams in the summer I think all the students cheered, little did they know their remaining time at Hollinwood Academy would be spent doing assessments/mock exams. I must say we are really pleased with all the work you are doing and the effort they are putting in to get the best grades they can.

As we cannot show you any of the work they are doing, I have asked the students to write a paragraph or two about their time at Hollinwood Academy and their destinations Post 16. Some students are staying in the New Bridge MAT and some are venturing out to other colleges.

My Time at HWA
My time at Hollinwood Academy was short but sweet and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Post-16 I will go to New Bridge College to do the Digit4ll Pathway, one of my best experiences had been school council and training for mental health ambassador, I have not decided what I would want to do in the future, but one of my goals is to be able to live on my own.

My time at Hollinwood Academy
I have been in Hollinwood Academy for my entire time as a secondary school student, all the way from year 7 to year 11.
I came to Hollinwood Academy with the hopes that they will meet my needs and help me become successful with my grades, and they definitely did provide.
My behaviour was a major issue in my life, I found it very difficult to behave well for long periods of time, however, with the enormous help that Hollinwood Academy has provided to me throughout the years, with interventions, and just the general day-to-day help from all the staff members, I feel like many aspects of my life have took a turn for the better.
Like most students, I had my ups and my downs, sometimes I would make mistakes, minor or major, sometimes I didn’t “agree” with some of the teachers, sometimes I just wasn’t up for anything, however everyone was there for me when I needed them, and every teacher I have had has helped me build and reinforce my grades, which has helped me get into a college course that I believe I will both enjoy and become successful with come post 16.
Other than all that, I generally enjoyed my time at Hollinwood Academy – I made many new friends, I receive great help and advice from staff members, a lot of my lessons were both highly educational, but also fun, and I found that I wasn’t alone in my journey, that there are many people like me, and that there are even more that are willing to help me.
I don’t think I would be the same person, I don’t think I would have good grades, I don’t think I would have had my behaviour get better, without the help that Hollinwood Academy has given.

My time at Hollinwood.
When I first came to Hollinwood Academy, it was nerve wrecking. However, I easily got adapted to the new changes. During my time at Hollinwood Academy, I got loads of support and necessary care from staff and made and met a lot of people that I consider friends. After leaving Hollinwood Academy, I am thinking on going to college and to hopefully go through a sports pathway. I’ve had many ups and downs in Hollinwood, but it has been a great journey staying at Hollinwood Academy and will cherish those great moments I’ve had here.

It was an absolute pleasure reading some of the comments made by Mrs Potts’ form regarding their journey at Hollinwood Academy. I remember all of these students starting with us whether that was in year 7 or year 11 and it has been a joy to watch them progress over time as they strive to get their best outcomes academically, socially, emotionally and behaviourally so that they can reach their desired destinations as they leave Hollinwood Academy. Well done!!!

Now to our amazing SUPER STARs and SEALs

  • Miss Shin’s STAR this week is Jack for super sitting and listening at group times.
  • Mr Corrigan’s STAR this week is Mia for being really engaged in the calendar sessions this week.

  • Mr Corrigan’s SEAL Superstar is Lewis for being brilliant at lunch time this week — staying calm, using his manners and eating all of his dinner.

  • Mr Corrigan’s WOW moment goes to Lewis. Well done!

  • Miss Simms’ STAR of the week is Alfie for using kind words to his teachers and friends.

  • Miss Simms’ SEAL Superstar is Leo for being kind and using his manners to the people who are important to him.

  • Miss Tootill’s STAR of the week is Byron for working really hard in Maths.

  • Miss Tootill’s SEAL of the week is Sophia for acknowledging important people in her life.

  • Miss Tootill’s DOJO winner is Thomas. Well done!

  • Mrs Lomax’s STAR of the week is Lucas for being enthusiastic and trying your best in your phonics lessons.
  • Mrs Lomax’s DOJO winner is Lucas. Well done!

Now to our ‘Commitment to Learning Stars’:

Kurt has been awarded two special certificates for his massive improvement in the way he’s responded to the fire alarm. His next challenge is to get the gold certificate in which he’s got his own personal target to achieve.

As you can see, we have had a fabulous first week back and I am looking forward to the weeks ahead.

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe.

Mrs Millard

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