12 Feb

As we finish for the first half term of Spring it is important to reflect on the last few weeks while looking to the future. With this in mind, let’s start by sharing with you the students who received a Head Teacher’s Award for this half term. Well done to you all and keep up the hard work…

You may remember some weeks ago that Mrs Bennett set a ‘Bird Feeder Competition’ for all our students to take part in. All entries to the competition were of a very high standard and it was an extremely difficult task for me to pick one winner from each Key Stage so I had to pick two instead. One winner for designing and making their bird feeder and one winner for a paper-based design. Mrs Bennett and myself were super impressed with everyone’s designs and creativity.

Each winner received a £10.00 Amazon Gift Card. Well done to our winners…

Key Stage 1 winners: George and Shane

Key Stage 2 winners: Andi and Thomas

Key Stage 3 winners: Lucas and Mathew

Here are some more highlights from our students this week:

Miss Simms’ class…

In science we have been learning how to separate mixtures. We had rice, flour, paper clips and sand and had to choose which equipment would be best to separate each mixture.

We made our own wish tree in the classroom for outdoor education and wrote our own wishes for the tree.

We are hoping these come true! We then ended our lesson with a delicious hot chocolate with whipped cream.

We have been very arty this week and have been celebrating Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year and pancake day! We have been very creative and also had the chance to eat some delicious food.

Mrs Lerigo’s class…

What a week!!!! We have been super busy this week and have achieved so much!

We had a very successful car wash morning and have now washed 5 cars in total. We asked those who had their cars washed to give a contribution and we have made quite a lot of money, around £30! We are going to use the money to buy things for class! We got very soggy but we loved the experience! More mini enterprise ideas will be continuing next half term.

We have also completed our hot a cold drinks topic in food technology. We have made iced frappes, hot chocolate, malted milk, cocoa and finally for the last week we made strawberry milkshake. We pressed the strawberries through a sieve..

..we scooped ice cream..

..and most importantly followed detailed instructions using pictures, words and symbols!

We have also started a new synchronised sensory circuit. This has been amazing and has showed how much the students in my class have progressed the past few months. We’ve even been practising the plank! I am sure by July we will all be planking for at least 5 minutes 😂 My class deserve lots of credit this half term, they have proven to be resilient, adaptable and so very capable…and I am proud of each and every one of them! Can’t wait for next half term!!

Miss Daniels’ form…

Our form have been learning about Chinese New Year during PHSE this week, the students were asked to make a Chinese lantern, the students at home created these using red card, they really enjoyed learning about the Chinese culture.

During History the children played a game of snakes and ladders about what happened during the Black Death, the students had fun finding out what horrors were in store if you caught the Black Death.

We would like to send our congratulations to Bobby for completing a 10k walk for Manchester Storm Ice hockey club. Well done to Bobby for this tremendous achievement during lockdown learning.

Miss Parkinson’s class…

We have had a very fun last week of term. In our science lesson the children enjoyed making natural frozen sun catchers, they decorated these with flowers, leaves and twigs. We then carefully poured water on them and froze them.

We also learnt about Chinese New Year, through Attention Autism, the children loved taking part in this. We then watched the Chinese Zodiac story and learnt all about the zodiac animals, we had fun listening to Chinese music and learning all about how they celebrate New Year’s. After that we then made some Chinese lanterns.

Mrs Lomax’s class…

What a week we’ve had in class! This week we have celebrated both Chinese New Year and Pancake Day.

Our learning for the Chinese New Year involved us exploring the history, culture and traditions, during the afternoon we took part in a noodle competition which involved moving noodles from one bowl to another using chopsticks. We also participated in different arts and crafts activities related to the Chinese zodiac and the year of the Ox.

During our English session we researched Pancake Day and looked at how it is celebrated differently in each of the 4 countries within the United Kingdom. Of course, we had to make and eat our own pancakes after all the hard work we put in, we even had time for a pancake flipping competition!

Our topic for Science this half term has been animals including humans, we’ve looked at the different systems in the body and even made our own circulatory system.

We’ve also looked at the importance of healthy eating and exercise. We ended the topic by becoming news reporters and presented our very own news report.

We hope you all have a lovely half term.

Miss Collinge’s class…

This week we have celebrated Chinese New Year. We have tasted Foods, used chop sticks, made a rattle drum and dragons. We worked together to make and then perform our own dragon dance in the playground.

Miss Rudge was blown away by Finley acting…

Finley has produced an amazing ‘Acting for Camera’ piece based on the life of Anne Frank. I am so impressed that he has been named this week’s ‘Drama star of the week’ and received a positive phone call home, with a certificate. Well done Finn!

Miss Meadows’ class…

We have all enjoyed our lessons and worked hard to achieve our goals this week. We loved reading with Miss O’Brien; we made a caterpillar out of different fruits and experienced different textures.

Our target this week has been to work with increasing independence, and we have done some amazing ICT and Topic work. Miss Meadows has been impressed with our attitude to learning and we have earnt lots of marbles!

We completed dragons as part of our EHCP target intervention and these look amazing on our classroom wall! All our students listened very well to every instruction and completed them mostly independently. This lesson allowed us to work on our cutting skills and following multi-step instructions.

During our handwriting intervention, we wrote letters to our peers at home; we wanted to let them know how much we have missed them and are looking forward to welcoming them back to school! We are very proud of all our young people, at home and in school, well done!

Miss Marston’s class…

We have had a very fun week this week exploring pancakes and Valentine’s Day as well as fun Science experiments. During our food exploration sessions we looked at different pancake toppings and how good they tasted (or not, in some cases!) and we decorated our own Valentine’s Day cakes with bright red icing, they tasted yummy and everyone tried some which was great to see!

We had an exciting Science session where we made our own lava lamps. Everyone got a turn at pouring and mixing and we watched as the colours and bubbles started to move.

We made some cool sensory polar bears using different fabric and paper plates, this was a great way to end our winter wonderland topic!

We are definitely ready to recharge over the half term and come back full of energy and excitement!

Miss Fletcher’s class…

It’s been another great week in class! In attention awareness we made Chinese dragons to celebrate the new year; we are so proud of how well these turned out!

In art, we have been recreating landscape pictures in the style of Valeriane Lebiond. We have been practising different line-work techniques and the final pieces are wonderful.

In outdoor education, the students designed their own bug hotels with Miss Sharples. This week we enjoyed a sensory intervention session and things got very messy! We made our own sensory bags with slime and made sculptures in the jelly-bath. Our students also enjoyed playing with foam soap, though the classroom did end up looking like a snowstorm by the end of the session. It was wonderful to see the students exploring the different textures and scents, as well as building on communication skills.

This week we said goodbye to our amazing Daanish as he moves on to his new class. We had a lovely party in the afternoon, had lots of treats and played all of his favourite games. We wish you the best of luck in your new class, Daanish. We can’t wait to chat to you on the iPads and see what exciting new things you will get up to in your new class!

Mrs Halkyard’s class…

We have made Chinese New Year dragons, Valentine’s day cards and chocolate in boxes.

There are also pictures of Marco’s dragon at home as well as George’s Valentines picture and a lovely letter he wrote to his mum.

Mr Stewart’s class…

This week in class we have continued with some wonderful work. We had a birthday at the beginning of the week, and the student chose the Coca-Cola and mentos experiment for their afternoon activity. We looked at the science behind the gas reacting with the mints, creating a coke rocket, and discovered diet coke reacts stronger than regular.

For Outdoor Education we modelled clay turtle garden ornaments and painted these in different colours. We were very impressed with the students’ efforts. 

We have also explored our sense of touch in a sensory intervention afternoon: we used a jelly bath, foam soap, touch boxes and a slime bath. Everyone had lots of fun getting stuck into the activities, and even braved feeling the textures they didn’t like.

We also participated in a taskmaster series to celebrate the end of half term including: Best paper plane, throw a teabag into a cup from the furthest distance, draw the best picture blindfolded, take the best photo, and stand up for exactly 100 seconds (One student got very close with 95 seconds!)

The highlight of the week was one of our pupils accidentally pulling apart their fidget toy and covering themselves with flour.

Miss Sanderson’s form…

Although this term has been difficult for everyone, as always, our students have shown resilience and commitment towards their learning. Our students have coped incredibly well during their mock exams and have approached them with maturity – we are very proud of each and every one of you!


Our Friday class quiz has also been a big hit this term with most of the students joining in and engaging with staff and peers.

There has been a huge focus on mental health and well-being this term. During PSHE lessons the school as a whole participated in creating a green heart to represent the Greenheart campaign and raise awareness of mental health. Students were also directed to useful resources they can access if they need support.

Our wonderful staff also received a well-being pack to thank them for their efforts in supporting our students at all times.

Holocaust Memorial Day was also acknowledged throughout the school with students creating their own Star of David to show respect for those who lost their lives. These were then used to create a canvas which will be on display in school.

Have a fabulous half term, you deserve it! ~ Miss Sanderson, Miss Rashid and Miss Taylor

Mr Hartley’s class…

Our class have continued to use modelling clay for their horticulture unit and this week have made some garden ornaments. We have been really impressed at how well they have done at this.

In topic, this half term, we have been looking at the Roman’s. We have studied the Roman army, the conquest of Britain, Roman Manchester and this week looked at Roman mosaics. The students have used the modelling clay again to create some fantastic mosaics.

A new vac has arrived!! Thankfully, as the old one was falling apart and the students have continued to tidy the classroom in Living Skills.

For employability, they have looked at the skills and qualities required for a job that they have an interest in and made some excellent presentations.

In this week’s edition of Hollinwood Academy’s Police Academy, the students have looked at the role of the police force and completed their police training exercises.

They have shown strength and resilience in their police training at the end of the day. We are looking forward to next half term where they will be investigating a crime at Hollinwood identifying the perpetrator.

Next half term the students will also be doing some work experience within school. They will be answering phone calls for reception from their own phone link in the student room. In order to prepare the students for this we have looked at phone call etiquette and the students have done a great job at answering phone calls through role play. They have learnt how to follow a script, how to open and close a phone call, how to handle a customer query or complaint and displayed some excellent manners in doing so. Another fantastic term. Well done!

Mr Corrigan’s class…

Since returning to school our class have been having lots of fun. In Maths this term, we have been looking at shapes and identifying how many sides they each have…

In English, we have been learning all about ‘One Snowy Night ‘, combining it with our Attention Autism and Outdoor Ed. The children have been trying to recognise hot and cold and also different types of weather…

This week, we have been doing lots of messy, crafty activities which the children have all really enjoyed…

The children have also enjoyed preparing for Pancake day by choosing and preparing their own toppings…

Finally, we would like to wish you all a safe and well rested half term. We look forward to seeing you all very soon.


Mrs Woodhead’s class…

We have had a very busy week this week exploring the Northern Lights. We have looked at how the sun reflects the light and all the different colours. We used the torches with colour filters and looked at what happens if you put two filters on. We made firefly jars and lit them up with LED lights.

This week was also Chinese New Year to celebrate we practised our scissor skills making lanterns. We also made a giant Chinese Dragon which is hanging proudly on the wall.

Miss Carpenter has been impressed with the cooking skills again this week, in school and at home…

It’s been another busy week in the food room. We have had the Year 11 practical assessments again and I have tasted and seen some fantastic outcomes. Well done to all those who took part and thank you to Miss Wharf, Miss Clare and Miss McKenna for all their help with them.

One of our Year 7s has been busy again in the kitchen making some lunch! Well done for keeping up the cooking skills! I love seeing your pictures each week. Keep them coming.

Miss McDonald’s class…

This week we have been celebrating lots of events through learning! This included Chinese New Year, Valentine’s day making our own heart shaped chocolates and boxes and then we celebrated pancake day!

We finished the week with some pancake alternatives (bread) using our living skills cutting, spreading and measuring which we enjoyed at break time!

We also said good luck and goodbye for now to Miss McDonald. We had a walk down to the carpark using our road safety skills, and Mrs Halkyard handed over some gifts and cards to Miss McDonald as she begins her maternity leave. The children were very excited to see Miss McDonald, from a safe distance, and the children had lots of questions and asked, “Miss McDonald we will miss you so much, what is your baby called? Where is the baby?” Miss McDonald giggled and told the children she will send a picture when the baby has arrived. Lots of air hugs and smiles all around!

Ms Cowling is very pleased with the work Lucas in Year 7 has been doing in Spanish..

Now to our amazing SUPER STARs and SEALs

  • Miss Parkinson’s STAR of the week is Jacob for having a fantastic week and for coming into school with a big smile on his face every morning. Well done Jacob.
  • Miss Parkinson’s SEAL Superstar is Isaam for being super brave when having his hair cut. Well done Isaam.
  • Miss McDonald’s STARs of the week are Gerard for using the calm corner when he needs to and Ebon for being sensible and doing good listening to Miss Hill on the phone and good listening to mum to answer some questions about what he likes in school.
  • Miss McDonald’s DOJO winner is Fatima. Well done!


  • Miss Simms’ STAR of the week is Ismaeel for sharing with his friends.

  • Mrs Lomax’s STAR of the week is Prez for an amazing, confident news report.
  • Mr Corrigan’s STAR of the week is Mia for having an excellent week and being kind to her friends

  • Mr Corrigan’s SEAL Superstars are all the class for showing great resilience and trying their best to adapt during this difficult time.

Now to our ‘Commitment to Learning Stars’:

I must give a big shout out to MAHDLO!

MAHDLO are currently providing weekly food packages for families throughout lockdown. Each package contains ingredients for five meals, with recipe cards and a variety of boredom buster activities. These have been greatly received and appreciated by our families. During half term, MAHDLO will be making up packed lunches for families, however these will have to be collected direct from MAHDLO. For further information on “half term lunches” check out MAHDLO’s website.

THANK YOU MAHDLO from Hollinwood Academy.

Can I remind families that we have an INSET day on Monday 22nd February. Also, as of yet, we have no more information about any future wider re-opening of schools. The official position remains that the government will be reviewing the data on the 22nd February and making a further announcement then. They have stated that schools will receive 2 weeks’ notice of any change and therefore, I do not expect there to be any change in arrangements until the 8th March.

Have a lovely half term and stay safe.

Mrs Millard

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