22 Jan

I can’t believe we are at the end of week three already and so much learning has taken place both remotely at home and in school.

This week, we have sent home EHCP home learning opportunities offering parents guidance and advice on activities their children can participate in at home to achieve their outcomes within their plans. These are also on your child’s Showbie account and if you would like to send through any photos, videos, comments or work that your child does towards these targets, please do as we would love to see them. Miss Nuttall’s form have provided examples of how to meet the EHCP home learning opportunities at home:

A lot of Miss Nuttall’s form took part in our weekly yoga and sensory circuit activities that staff have shared on Showbie and social media. If you have not seen this week’s here they are…

  • Weekly yoga video:

  • Weekly sensory circuit video:

Thank you to Mrs Halkyard, Miss Barnes, Miss Pratt and Miss Sutcliffe.

Here are some highlights from our students this week…

Miss Woodhead’s class…

This half term we have been learning about ‘Animals in the Winter’. Which animals hibernate and what other animals do. We made hedgehogs and created a habitat for them to sleep in for the winter. How do animals keep warm? How do we keep warm? We have started to look at birds and how we can help them to survive the winter.

Through art we explored the weather conditions found during the winter. We have really enjoyed jumping in mud and glitter puddles!

Miss Rudge’s Key Stage 3 art work…

I am very impressed with our KS3 Artists this week. We are half way through a ‘drawing techniques’ scheme, and this week saw us focus on the idea of ‘pointillism’…which is just a posh way of describing how tiny dots are applied to a piece to form an image. Just look at some of the amazing work produced this week! Next week we will focus on the idea of ‘decorative line’. I can’t wait to see more beautiful designs 🙂

Miss Rudge and her form had a great time in intervention this week and had some monopoly bonding time…and Miss Rudge didn’t cheat, promise.

Miss Marston’s class…

We have had a great week this week, we have done lots of fun Maths activities including hopscotch and matching the colours..

This week we have been learning about brushing our teeth and personal hygiene. The children have done an amazing job brushing their teeth and washing their hands!

We have enjoyed dough disco and fine motor activities too, especially writing on whiteboards and making marks..

We are very excited for next week!

Mr Gold’s form…

This week in PE we have been doing some team bonding and seeing how long we can all plank for and Mr Gold was the winner of this. Lucas was a close second with 110 seconds!

In Science this week we have been investigating the solubility of salt at different temperatures. The students have enjoyed doing an experiment as they have been unable to do so throughout the pandemic.

In Miss Sanderson’s lesson we have had a video call on teams and our lesson taught virtually. We had a tour of Auschwitz and this was very interesting and the students enjoyed catching up with Miss Sanderson and learning about the Holocaust.

Mrs Halkyard’s class…

This week our weekly project was to collect pebbles and paint them as characters or just with patterns..

Lucas actually had a rock painting kit for Christmas which came in useful!

In English, the children were asked to create their own game character. They then had to generate adjectives to describe them before moving on to writing sentences. We had some very creative characters!

We have also been making jam sandwiches and fruit skewers and listed what we can do to keep a healthy lifestyle.

In Science we learnt about pitch and made our own pan pipes to explore the different pitches.. 

Miss Carpenter’s Key Stage 3 food technology…

I am so happy to see you cooking at home again this week!

In Year 8, we have had pizza and spaghetti bolognese made. They both look absolutely delicious. Making your own pizza base is not an easy task but the finished product looked fantastic and I am sure was very tasty.

Making a recipe which requires using 2 pans at the same time, takes a lot of concentration and skills. It’s all too easy to forget about one or the other and then something burns or boils over. I have to say a very well done to our Year 8s this week.

Also, I am delighted to see that our Year 7s are cooking at home. It has been a difficult year so far and we have not been able to cook in school but this has made me very happy that you are trying the recipes I have put online. The layered dessert looked delicious!

Year 7 have also been learning about the 8 guidelines to healthy eating and have drawn some storyboards which represent the rules. It’s not that easy drawing on an iPad but I think you will agree, they have done a creatively brilliant job!

Well done Year 7!

Miss Simms class…

This week we learnt about healthy eating and the different food groups. We chose our favourite fruits and followed instructions to make our own fruit kebab..

It was great to see Amario baking his own food at home too as a special treat!

Miss Meadows’ class…

This week Year 7 have worked extremely hard and we have been super busy both at home and in school.

They have had lots of fun in ICT, they have created their own animated clips using green screen and iMovie. There certainly were some scary clips and they listened extremely well to the instructions.

We also had lots of fun in Science, taking part in an experiment to find out whether air takes up space. It was so much fun! We discovered that air does take up space and creates an air pocket when submerged in water.

In topic, we learnt all about Brazil and how some parts of Brazil are in poverty, we compared both Sherwood and The Amazon Rainforest.

During form time, we talked about why it is important to eat fruit and other healthy snacks. Then we created our own fruit kebabs, they were delicious.

Lastly, we worked on our fine motor skills and created a big thank you rainbow to show our appreciation to all of the key workers during this uncertain time.

We ended the week with some treats as we have all worked extremely hard, also we celebrated Miss Gold’s birthday. Well done to Charlotte, Liam and Joshua who all received certificates for their amazing efforts this week.

I would like to give a special mention to all our home learning students who have done such a fantastic job of staying on task, Tyler has done some fantastic PE and Riley has been completing all his English work.

Everyone has been extremely well behaved this week and we are so proud of how resilient our students are being, at home and school!

Now to our amazing SUPER STARs and SEALs

  • Miss Marston’s STAR this week is Ethan for working hard in class especially on his phonics and for sharing with his friends

  • Mr Corrigan’s STAR this week is Caitlin for showing great resilience this week with waiting, taking turns and completing her work.

  • Mr Corrigan’s SEAL Superstar is Victory for using his words to talk about his feelings.

  • Miss McDonald’s STARs of the week are Renico for his wonderful writing in English this week and Fatima for her contribution to the singing lesson this week and for her confidence when taking part.
  • Miss McDonald’s DOJO winners are Madison and Gerard. Well done!

  • Miss Collinge’s STAR of the week is Lenni.

  • Miss Collinge’s SEAL Superstar is Myla.

  • Mrs Woodhead’s STAR of the week is Henry for trying new things and working very hard this week!

  • Mrs Woodhead’s SEAL Superstar is Yousef for trying his best when things have been difficult.

Now to our ‘Commitment to Learning Stars’:

Miss Simms wanted to make you aware that the “Big Garden Birdwatch” is happening 29th – 31st January and you choose an hour in the day to count the birds you see outside. If you want any more information, you can find it here: Big Garden Birdwatch | Join the fun – The RSPB. To link with the “Big Garden Birdwatch” Mrs Bennett has set a project for all her KS1, KS2 and KS3 classes for Outdoor Education. She has set them the challenge to design and make a bird feeder and are encouraged to be as creative as possible with their designs. Once they have created their bird feeder they need to find a safe place to hang it away from predators such as cats. Each day they need to observe how many birds start to feed from it and record this on a tally chart and make a short video using their school iPads. Please upload pictures and videos onto Showbie by Thursday, 4 February and these will be entered into a competition. I will then have the very difficult decision of picking one winner, from each Key Stage, for the most creative design. The winners will each receive a prize and these will be announced on Monday, 8 February. Cameron and Evan from Miss Bones’ form have been learning how difficult it is in the winter for birds to find food and have made fat balls for the birds to eat.

Good luck and get creative, I can’t wait to see the finished designs.

I know the staffing teams have weekly contact with families but please do contact school if we can help in anyway.

Have a lovely weekend, take care and stay safe.

Mrs Millard

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