05 Jun

I hope you are all well and enjoyed the beautiful weather we had over what would have been the May half term holiday? My girls certainly enjoyed the sunshine and their paddling pool. It was also my birthday over this period and it was certainly one that I will remember. We have all had to adapt to our current circumstances but I really enjoyed my birthday this year as it was spent with my husband and girls at our home and it was a truly lovely day. Normally it would have been hectic with family and friends coming and going, out shopping for present/spending birthday money, celebrating by eating out at our favourite restaurant Fresca and not really appreciating what is right in front of me on a day to day basis. I am sure many of you have had different birthdays or celebrations this year and we will appreciate these even more next year.

On Wednesday we completed our consultation on the ‘New Schooling Offer’ across the MAT. We would like to thank all of our families, staff, partners, children and young people for your contributions.

Hollinwood Academy’s risk assessment process started on Thursday and Friday this week and the majority of families have been contacted by their class/form teacher to complete the first part of the students’ individual risk assessments. Next week we will be contacting other partners/agencies, looking at staffing and premises and then we will be in a better position to look at what the New Schooling Offer will look like at Hollinwood Academy. The updated New Schooling Risk Assessment documents can be found here, please click on the links below to view or download them:

As ever, we will keep families updated with the next steps as per the process overview above.

Last week saw Showbie very quiet as we had a break from home learning. This week staff have encouraged the students to take part in their virtual learning so let’s have a look what learning has taken place this week..

It was clear from the home learning this week that pupils have been enjoying the gorgeous sunny weather, whether it was going to the beach, feeding the ducks at the park, gardening, going on scavenger hunts, and enjoying picnics..

However, I wish I was invited to the Corey’s outdoor cinema, this looks amazing! I hope that you enjoyed yourself Corey.

Mrs Halkyard’s class had a challenge of making a den. They are truly a very creative bunch of individuals, they look fabulous!

Corey received a special letter this week too, hope it was something exciting!

There has been lots of fabulous learning in Maths this week, from counting to recognising shapes. I know Ms Lergio is super proud of Katie for her counting, keep up the good work!

Next week, in Maths there is a competition. Pupils are going to be encouraged to login to Mathletics and to score points on completing tasks. The pupil that scores the most points will receive a prize..

Mrs Halkyard’s class have been using a video from the Literacy Shed (https://www.literacyshed.com/megacity.html) to create a city. They have all risen to the challenge and have produced some tremendous pieces of writing..

Jack and Caitlin have been baking in the kitchen this week. They’ve shown that they can follow instructions for a recipe and Jack has produced some delicious looking brownies..

Charlotte and Chloe have been busy on the iPads. Mr Bright’s competition has inspired Chloe to make an animated poster..

..and Charlotte an animated iMovie..

Superb! I’m sure that Mr Bright will be impressed.

Pupils continue to be active and looking after their mental health. Charlotte has enjoyed a relaxing foot spa..

..Jack has made a mesmerizing sensory jar..

..and Damien is showing some gymnastic skills that he has learnt on his trampoline..

Jack is also proving himself to be a budding scientist. He has grown his own crystals..

..and recorded the life stages of the butterflies that he cared for. Well done Jack!

Pupils that have been in the New Bridge hub have been at hard at work too. From Maths to art and crafts to staying active. Well done boys!

Finally, we would all like to wish Olivia a fabulous 7th 7th happy birthday! It looks like you had an exciting day with lots of surprises..

Next week, Mrs Needham will be setting some competitions to further encourage the students’ participation in their virtual learning.

This week Miss Gordon and myself have spoken to class teachers and pastoral teams to finalise the new class groups for the next academic year and have placed students and staff accordingly. Letters regarding next year’s classes and teachers will be sent home on Friday via ParentPay. Teachers have been asked to write a Teacher Profile to introduce themselves to families to help support with transition and these will be sent alongside the letters on Friday. I know how important transition is for our students and historically we have always provided a robust transition over a 6 week period. Unfortunately, this will look very different this year. Once Miss Gordon and myself have completed the Risk Assessments we will be concentrating on transition and what this will look like for current and new students, therefore, please bear with us. If you have any concerns, please pass these on to the teams when they contact you.

Take care, stay safe and stay inside.

Mrs Millard

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