03 Apr

I hope that you are all well and safe? The past few weeks have been extremely busy as we work hard as a school, MAT and country to tackle this global pandemic. Graham is working closely with a number of key groups so that we are up to date with the latest guidance so that we can best support our families and staff.

The support that we have received from families has been overwhelming during this difficult time. Staff are working hard to contact families each week and provide support, whether this is on the Daily Hi via Showbie, dropping off iPads, writing letters of support, sourcing pasta and babies milk to a ‘how are you today?’ over the phone. We are here to help and support our families, so please ask if you need any support when the staff teams contact you next week.

On Friday, Natalie Ames sent families who are entitled to Free School Meals an e-mail that included an e-voucher for the next four weeks. You should have all received this so please check your e-mails. If you have not received this, can you let the team know when they contact you on Monday and we will look into this. If you are struggling to access this, please let us know and we can support you.

A few months ago, I was contacted by Elaine Rudd who is a Biomedical Support Worker at The Royal Oldham Hospital. Every year to celebrate World Autism Awareness Week her Branch make a donation and this year they wanted to give back to their community and picked Hollinwood Academy. As you can imagine, I was delighted to read her e-mail and this week we gratefully received a cheque for £150 with a lovely Branch write up and letter.

Thank you very much to Elaine Rudd and her Branch colleagues. When the students return to school, we will discuss with the school council which books we can purchase for our students.

As you know it was World Autism Awareness this week and there has been some lovely work shared on Showbie. Jayden in Mrs Halkyard’s class has written a beautiful and moving story..

The Sad Giraffe

It has been a particularly stressful time for our KS4 students who should have been sitting their GCSEs this summer. We finally received guidance from OFQUAL and a letter explaining the process of awarding these qualifications has been sent home today. We hope this provides some reassurance but please speak to staff when they contact you next week if you want to further discuss this.

Mrs Needham has been managing Hollinwood Academy’s virtual Showbie learning and what another amazing week of fantastic learning we have had! I am absolutely amazed with the students and the quality of their work but equally with the staff at Hollinwood Academy as they continue to support all our families. Over the next two weeks, staff will continue to check in with you and set work for the children to access.

Here is Mrs Needham and Mrs Hobson’s virtual Showbie write up as they guide you through this week’s amazing learning…

Home Education Learning

Attention autism

Some of our classes at Hollinwood Academy use an intervention model called Attention Autism. Staff from these classes have been posting video clips of themselves doing Attention Autism. Here’s Katie enjoying listening to and watching Ms Lerigo..

Food tech

We clearly have some budding Jamie Olivers in our midst! Damon has made a pizza from scratch along with cookies, lasagne and scrambled egg muffins..

“Absolutely fabulous! Quite the chef aren’t you Damon. Good for you!” – Ms Gordon

Mary Berry has some stiff competition too! Here are some scrumptious cakes made by Ijaaz, Isaam, Jacob, Lenni and Summer..


As well as story writing, students have been practising spelling and reading. Here’s Lewis doing a great job with his CVC words..

Living skills

If we are stuck at home, we might as well help keep it clean and tidy and learn some valuable life skills. Alfie, Christie and William have been helping with chores. Star helpers!

Freya and Leo have been making delicious snacks..


Yet again, we have been completely blown away by our students’ creativity..

PE & Mindfulness

It’s important to keep fit and exercise during at our time at home. Our students are certainly taking this on board..


Fortunately, the weather has been fine this week so students have been able to enjoy being active outdoors. Ethan, Freya and Isaam have been enjoying some fresh air..


Students have been thinking about space and the natural world in their Science activities this week. William and Kyle have designed fantastic planets. Kyle used planetmaker.wthr.us

Isaam has been discovering the life cycle of a butterfly..

“I was so impressed with Isaam – he told us the lifecycle of a butterfly using scientific words such as ‘metamorphis’ and ‘chrysalis’ – Isaam you are amazing, what a clever boy!’ – Ms Shin

Jenson has written about the planets..

Chloe has been writing about the benefits of space travel!

Benefits of Space Travel ~ Chloe K


Amario celebrated his birthday on Saturday! He got some kinetic sand as a special present and enjoyed making different things with his brother. Miss Simms wishes you a very happy birthday!

Alfie and Xander have made some gooey slime!

Ethan has been chilling in the hot tub..

It may be spring but Isaam wanted to make snow..

Reneco loves playing with moon sand..

Lenni and Lewis are having a cracking time!


The students are enjoying construction. Charlotte and Jacob have been playing board games (Charlotte even made her own!)..

Isaam has made a giraffe using blocks. Here he is comparing his height with the giraffe..

Isaam has been making jigsaws..

Isaam has created a colourful aquarium..

Corey has been very busy..

Here is Lenni matching shapes and colours with digits. Well done!

Jayden has scored an outstanding 10,790 points on Mathletics!

Daily Hi

Ivy brought a smile to our faces this week. Doesn’t she look beautiful dressed as a mermaid and playing with her princesses..

Finally, we’d like to end this week’s blog with a thank you to students, families and staff for the commitment shown to making our remote learning a success. Well done everyone! We will leave you with some more beautiful rainbows..

Mrs Hobson & Mrs Needham

Please take care and stay safe.


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