13 Mar

It is that time of year again that a number of colleagues across the Oldham borough are contacted by POINT as they host their Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony that’s due to take place on 27th March 2020. This week, Miss Williams, our Primary Pastoral Manager, received an e-mail on Wednesday as she has been nominated for a Passion for Parents Award. Her nomination has been shortlisted in the Education category and POINT have invited Miss Williams to attend the celebratory evening where the overall winner in that category will be revealed. The school is extremely proud of the relationships we have with our parents and the pastoral teams play a big part of this. Well done Miss Williams – you certainly get our vote!

On Tuesday, Year 9 took part in a careers day at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in Oldham. They were introduced to many different prospective employers such as the NHS, Greater Manchester Police, The Environment Agency and The Border Force. The day began with a short video and introduction from Councillor Mushtaq which reinforced the positivity of difference and diversity in Oldham.

Each class took part in activities throughout the day including budgeting, plumbing, setting up your own business and the consequences of committing a crime and actions of a court case.

Miss Carpenter’s form took part in the Border Force search task which was extremely interesting. The sniffer dog went up and down the line to try and find the planted item.

Our students loved this task, especially the dog Chewy..

We all came away with lots of goodies, including a card from the Environment Agency which has wild flower seeds ingrained into it. We are going to plant these later on in the year when the weather gets a little warmer. A great day was had by all classes.

On Wednesday, Miss Shin, Mrs Whitworth and Mrs Lerigo’s classes went to Smithills Farm to enhance the learning of their topic ‘Down on the Farm’. The students had a fantastic time – they rode donkeys, fed sheep, goats and lambs, held chicks and rabbits, stroked horses and watched cows being milked. They were so well behaved throughout the day and were rewarded with a play in the playground!

In EYFS, we have been hatching chicks! The eggs arrived last Monday and by Wednesday they had all hatched. The children have been fascinated watching them hatch and grow to consolidate their learning on the life cycle of hens..

This Tuesday, our chicks had a very busy day – they visited each primary class. The children enjoyed holding, stroking and washing the chicks with their gentle hands. All the children handled and treated the chicks very kindly..

Let’s see what some of our other classes have been doing this week, starting with Mrs Halkyard’s class..

We’ve had a great week in our class! We started off our week with a walk to Asda where we practised road safety on the way. Whilst there, we split into groups to try and find Fair Trade products which turned out to be mainly chocolate!

In Maths this week we have been focusing on measurement. The children were using cubes to calculate volume and have also been measuring capacity.

Every morning the children have been taking part in our sensory circuit. They are really enjoying having this as part of our timetable and use the items during relaxation time in an afternoon too.

On a Wednesday, our class have been taking part in Goalball with some of the Activ8 students from New Bridge School. The children find these sessions fun (but tiring) and are learning how to use other senses when they have their eyes closed.

In ICT this week the children were using their iPads to create time lapse videos. We looked at when and why time lapse is useful. The children realised how long they would have to be running around for to create a lengthy time lapse!

During our Cool Connections and SEAL sessions this week , we have been recognising that we can feel lots of feelings in one situation. We also looked at how people feel different things in certain situations. The children did some super acting and the rest of the class had to guess the feelings. The children have also been thinking of times when they have been kind and how it makes them and others feel when they show an act of kindness.

In art/mindfulness, Miss Rudge has started a new project based on famous people who have experienced difficulties with their mental health. The children had to use newspaper to start a collage which will represent their celebrity.

Our Peer 2 Peer sessions with Mr Corrigan’s class have continued this week and the children have settled into this really well.

Our topic in Science this half term is Animals and their Habitats. The children worked in pairs to create classification keys to show how to classify different life forms.

We also had a lovely visit from Miss Shin and some of her class along with their new chicks!

Lastly, just to show that traditional games never die, the children loved having a hop scotch drawn out on the playground!

Mr Francos would like to share with you what his Year 8 form have been busy doing…

In I.C.T. the students in our form were producing animated backgrounds for their names.

In English the students were producing a poster related to life in the army.

In P.E., the studnets were honing their trampolining skills by making different shapes with their bodies in mid air.

A movement break in Maths to improve our concentration in a double lesson with GO Noodle!

In Science, the students were using Bunsen Burners in an investigation to discover how heat conducts through metal.

Lucas has got himself organised by making a box for all the bits and bobs he needs at school.

This is our form learning Spanish vocabulary on their iPads before they use it in conversation with each other.

This week one of our students has enjoyed going to boxing intervention, and doing group tasks to build his self-esteem and positive relationships with other students.

Miss Tootill’s class have been very busy…

Kindness is the ability to be generous and considerate of others; showing goodwill to others; being concerned when others are upset; helping people when they need you and doing something nice for someone else, without expecting anything. During this half term we have embraced the start of spring, growing independently and being more kind towards our peers. Prior to this term we worked on our communication skills and practised how to socially interact with others..

From developing our learning and understanding we have merged together with Miss McDonald’s class to become familiar with new faces and have fun!
We have developed our ability to take turns, accepting the importance of fairness and the most crucial lesson, to be kind to one another..

Myself and Miss Lowe are heartened by the love, care and consideration our class demonstrate to each other and to new faces. On Tuesday we had the opportunity to handle newly hatched chicks from Miss Shin’s class, the children loved caring, petting and watching the tiny chicks sleep in our hands..

In English we are focusing on persuasive writing. The children have studied the terms ‘Facts and Opinions’ and have held class debates on different topics, throughout each debate we have focused on the language used and the importance of acknowledging someone else’s opinion..

Our class are looking forward to the remainder of this term and would like to wish you all a ‘Happy Easter’. We want to remind you..

Now to our amazing SUPER STARs and SEALs..

Mrs Whitworth’s STAR this week is Lenni for trying really hard and having a fantastic week..

Ms Collinge’s STAR of the week is Zakariya for improvement in confidence and communication..

Mr Corrigan’s STAR of this week is Edward for an outstanding Yoga lesson this week..

Mr Corrigan’s SEAL Superstars this week is Andie for showing great empathy this week..

Mr Corrigan’s LEXIA Superstars are Joshua, George and Lucas..

Mr Corrigan’s Homework Superstars are Edward, Marco, Jake, Joshua and Marley..

Miss Parkinson’s STAR of the week is Xander for great English and fabulous recall of the story The Farmyard Jamboree ..

Miss Simms’ STARs of the week is Essah for being able to use his green card when he feels upset or worried..

Miss Simms’ SEAL Superstar is Thomas for being proud of the AMAZING things he is good at..

Miss Simms’ Dojo winner this week is Ivy..

Miss Tootill’s STAR of the week is Thomas for working hard in Maths and always trying his best..

Miss Tootill’s SEAL Superstar is Maisha for singing and displaying her talents.

Miss Tootill’s Dojo winner this week is Ethan!

Mrs Lomax’s STAR of the week is Harrison for doing some fantastic compass work in Geography..

Mrs Woodhead’s STAR of the week is Yousef for accepting the decisions of adults and not arguing quite as much!

Mrs Woodhead’s SEAL Superstar is Harry for recognising when his friends have achieved something good and also helping them to achieve..

Mrs Halkyard’s STAR of the week is Jacob for pushing himself out of his comfort zone several times this week.

Mrs Halkyard’s SEAL Superstar is Freya for being kind and considerate towards others.

Mrs Halkyard’s WOW moment is awarded to Aqsa from Mr Hartley for setting up a litter picking group.

Miss McDonald’s STAR of the week is Liam for contribution and participation in lessons.

Miss McDonald’s SEAL Superstar is Summer for being proud of her work even though she finds this tricky.

Miss McDonald’s DOJO winner is Joshua.

The Bedtime Story Bag went home with Zakariya today..

As you are aware, national guidance and advice is continually being updated as understanding of the COVID-19 virus progresses – you can find all the latest information on the GOV.UK website here. Please be reassured that we are continually reviewing this advice and guidance coming from the local authority, health services and government.

The health and safety of our young people, staff and visitors remains a key priority. Therefore we are focusing very much on preventative measures, whilst also making preparations so that we can respond appropriately in line with how circumstances may develop.

At the current time, we are prioritising hygiene and travel advice in order to keep ourselves safe. Messages displaying precautions we can all take to ensure effective prevention and spread of the illness are displayed around school. All staff are taking these precautions and ensuring pupils and students do the same.

We are aware that as the Easter break approaches, many of you may have holidays planned. We would draw your attention to the government’s advice on foreign travel (available here) and ask that you adhere to the guidance provided and discuss any plans that involve travel to affected areas with us.

On 12th March, the government updated its guidance (available here) to state that all people with flu like symptoms – a new fever above 37.8 C and/or a new persistent cough – should self-isolate (stay away from other people) for seven days. We are advising all staff to adhere to this guidance and ask you to also monitor your child to be alert to symptoms. If you believe your child needs to self-isolate, please follow the normal sickness procedure and inform the school of your intentions. Please see the advice for self-isolation on the NHS website here.

I would like to thank you for your continued support to keep ourselves and our young people as safe as possible and I will keep you informed about any developments – an update will be published on our website daily at 2.30pm from Monday.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,


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