28 Feb

Welcome back after the half term break, I cannot believe we are half way through this academic year already. I hope you all had a lovely week off and I know the students who attended holiday club had lots of fun.

I would like to start my blog this week by sharing with you the students who received a Head Teacher’s Award for last half term as they were off school when these were handed out. Well done to you all and keep up the hard work..

As you are aware, Monday was an INSET day for all of the staff across the MAT. I am a firm believer in providing staff with the highest quality training sessions so that they are equipped to implement this into the daily practice and ensure that the outcomes, experiences and impacts for our students are the very best. Training should ignite passion, motivation and dedication amongst staff to improve practice in their classrooms. Due to this, Miss Gordon, Miss Knott and myself work hard to plan and organise our INSETs to make the most of these invaluable days.

Our INSET day this week was carefully planned to support and develop the teachers and TAs within their roles in and out of the classroom. We had Sarah Devlin, Specialist Advisor in Autism and Board Certified Behaviour Analysis, sharing practices on Autism Awareness with a focus on: Autism, Learning Styles and the Impact of Visual Teaching Methods. The other half of the training was delivered by Natalie Williams, Mental Wellbeing Co-ordinator for Oldham Council, and her colleague Aimee Thomas, Mental Wellbeing Advisor for Oldham Council. They delivered a bespoke Mental Health and Wellbeing programme to help staff further understand Children and Young People’s Mental Health and looking at first response guidance to supporting children and young people with Mental Health problems focusing on: suicide, anxiety and psychosis. All of the training was tailored to Primary and Secondary staff focusing on our school and students. The day was enthusiastically received and the evaluation and feedback from the day has been extremely positive and staff are embracing opportunities to implement new strategies and approaches in the classroom from the ideas taken from the training sessions. I personally felt that the sessions were invaluable as it provided staff with key knowledge and information on how best to support our students. Staff were enthused and participative throughout both sessions. It was a very long and intense day, however, staff really enjoyed it.

Let’s see what some of our other classes have been doing this week, starting with Mrs Lerigo’s class..

What a fantastically busy start to the second half of the Spring term. Our class have made a great start and are enjoying their new topic. This half term we are learning about different aspects of farm life. We are learning about who lives on a farm, the different animals and their function and purpose.

Alongside this we have been creating animals from the farm using 3D shapes. We have learnt about cuboids, spheres and cones so far this week. During Attention Autism we made a sheep from a cuboid, a pig from two spheres and made three chickens from cone shapes. Next week we are going to make a large horse out of large cuboids and a pyramid for the horse’s face.

Also, as part of our topic, we have been looking at different signs of Spring. Whilst on Outdoor Education we found daffodils, crocuses and some snowdrops. We also had a snowball fight as the park was covered in snow..

In art we are looking at these signs of spring and creating some artistic representations. We looked at the features of daffodils, the stem and the flower and then created a daffodil of our own.

Our story this half term is William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We acted out the first scene using some of the main characters..

Next week we are going to make juice from flower petals to act out the scene of falling in love once the juice is put in a person’s eyes. We are going to create freeze frames of these scenes and make our own books. We created the front cover of the book ready for adding our freeze frame images..

Woah…..can’t wait for next week as the group have all been super!!!

Mr Page would like to share with you what his Year 7 form have been busy doing…

This first week back has seen the form settle back into school life and the normal routines. In Maths, students have been studying fractions using a number line. In English, students have been studying riddles and story sandwiches, while in PE, the class have been enjoying trampolining. Spanish has seen the students learning about the different items of clothing and in Food Technology, students have been learning about fruits and discovering where they are grown. In History, students have been learning about the Black Death while in Geography they have been studying ecosystems. In Dance, students have been learning Salsa dancing and will develop this with costume design in the coming weeks. In Living Skills, the students have been looking at relationships while in PCSHE they have been looking at religion and Christianity. In Music, the students have been creating a rap about cars or journeys. All in all, it has been a settled and enjoyable start to the new half term!

Mrs Whitworth’s class have also been working hard..

We have had a very busy first week back, the children have enjoyed learning all about our new topic ‘Down on the farm’. We have had lots of fun learning about different animals that live on a farm through Attention Autism. During phase 3 we have explored different farm textures like straw, grass and mud.

The children also enjoyed using a glove filled with water to experience what it would feel like to milk a cow.

In January the children started to do a sensory diet lesson in the morning, the children have now become a lot more familiar with the routine during lesson and are able to follow and match their timetable with little support from an adult. They have also become more confident when doing the activities and enjoy give them a go before they ask for an adult help. The children gain a lot sensory input from these lessons which helps them to feel calmer throughout the day.

The children have also enjoyed outdoor education this week, and had lots of fun playing in what was left of the snow, slush and water. They just love being outside!!!

Miss Shin would like to share with you the lovely learning take place in her class this week…

We have had a very fun start to the new half term. On Tuesday, we celebrated Pancake Day..

We have also been practising our health and self-care skills through weekly food sessions..

Our new topic is ‘Down on the Farm’ and this week we enjoyed seeing the chickens at the park..

Some of the children have been working very hard on their reading and writing..

Along with this, we have been developing our imagination skills through lots of role play..

We have been working on our fine motor skills..

We really enjoyed our yoga session..

..and taking some birthday pictures!

Finally, we had so much fun playing together in the snow this week!

Now to our amazing SUPER STARs and SEALs

Miss Parkinson’s STAR of the week is Connor for a settled first week back and improved behaviour on outdoor education..

Mr Corrigan’s STAR this week is Marcus for an excellent attitude to learning..

Mr Corrigan’s SEAL Superstar this week is Lucas for showing great independence this week..

Mr Corrigan’s LEXIA Superstar is Marco..

Mr Corrigan’s Homework Stars are Marco, Edward, Joshua, Jake and Marley..

Miss Simms’ STARs of the week is Amario for being able to play games with other people and Miss Tootill’s STAR of the week is Ethan for having a fantastic week..

Miss Simms’ SEAL Superstar is Leo for settling back in to school and being able so confident and happy and Miss Tootill’s STAR of the week is Vincent for settling back in to school..

Miss Simms’ Dojo winner this week is Thomas and Miss Tootill’s Dojo winners are Ethan and Carlo..

Mrs Lomax’s SEAL Superstar is Jack for accepting the changes in the classroom. Well done!

Mrs Halkyard’s STAR of the week is Connor for being in and ready to learn every day and her SEAL Superstar is Reece for finding ways to relax and doing this every day

Miss McDonald’s SEAL Superstar is Liam for finding ways to relax and sharing these with the class.

Miss McDonald’s WOW award goes to Alfie for joining in team games in PE and in class and her DOJO winner is Alex..

The ‘Bedtime Story Bag’ went home with Freya in Miss Shin’s class for the first time today. Well done to all our Primary Super Stars and Freya.

Next Thursday, the Primary classes are celebrating World Book Day and letters have been sent to ask if you could take pictures of your child reading a book in an unusual place before they bring in their favourite book and the picture on Thursday to share with the rest of the class. Mrs Halkyard has also invited our governors into school to share their favourite book or story with our primary classes. What a lovely day planned.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I am celebrating my brother and Auntie’s birthdays on Saturday and we are looking forward to spending some family time together.


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