24 Jan

I had a very exciting meeting with finance and premises this week regarding the playgrounds at primary and secondary. We are hopeful to revamp the primary playground during the Easter holidays and put planning permission in for the secondary playground in the next couple of weeks. In my blog last week, both the primary and secondary school council meetings had a big focus on the playgrounds, therefore, I will share these plans with the school council first and then share with yourselves once the students have given me the go ahead. Hollinwood Academy has been extremely fortunate as a number of students have raised a substantial amount of money for the school over the past two years and we are now in the position to put this to good use. We will be using some of the funds they have raised to improve the facilities for our students at both primary and secondary.

Today, Mr Hartley’s class went to the Sea Life Aquarium in Manchester and took part in a careers workshop..

The students learnt about the various jobs within the Sea Life Centre and were involved in problem solving activities.

They matched job descriptions to their roles, talked about all the fascinating careers that are available..

..and used problem solving skills to role-play what they would do if they discovered a burst pipe..

After the workshop, the students had their lunch and then had an opportunity to explore the centre. We all enjoyed looking at and learning about the amazing creatures in our oceans. Well done to the students for working hard, really getting involved in the workshop and the fantastic behaviour of everyone while out on the trip.

Let’s see what some of our other classes have been doing this week, starting with Mrs Halkyard’s class…

This half term in our class we are focusing on myths and legends. This week we have started to look at Theseus and the Minotaur and the children have written some great descriptions of the Minotaur. In Art they designed their own mythical creature..

..and have created this using clay..

In Maths we have been learning how to find percentages of numbers. We have also learned how to take percentages off amounts such as during a sale.
Last week we also started a new project in Maths along side Mr Corrigan’s class. Miss Parkinson has very kindly arranged the ‘Peer 2 Peer’ sessions in which our class teach and support Mr Corrigan’s class. So far this has been a hit! The children enjoyed being teachers and sharing their knowledge..

In Mindfulness with Miss Rudge the children have made calming bottles to use when they are feeling like they may need to use them..

 In ICT this week we have been focusing on images. The children have been using their iPads to edit photographs by exploring the different effects..

We have also been utilizing our newspaper subscription to ‘First News’. This week the children had to locate the pictures in the newspaper and summarise what the story was about.

We are studying electricity in Science and the children have been exploring how to create circuits..

All in all a busy week! We would also like to welcome Mathew to our class who started this week. The children have made him feel very welcome and he has settled in beautifully!

Miss McMurray would like to share with you what the Key Stage 3 students have been learning about in their ICT lessons…

This week in ICT, Mr Francos’ and Miss Meadows’ classes have been looking at digital graphics and have had a go at designing and creating their own chocolate bar wrappers. The outcome of these was fantastic – Miss McMurray had to use her will power not to eat them all!

Year 7s this week have been investigating the components inside a computer and learning about what they all do. Aaron had great fun trying to rebuild the computer afterwards.

This afternoon, Miss Carpenter’s class have been working on their video editing skills, where they are beginning to make their own movie trailers. They have been importing, trimming and sequencing video clips..

Miss Tootill’s class have settling into the new term and I love the quote she has used to start with…

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” ~ Nelson Mandela.

Happy New Year and a big warm welcome back to school, this term has started with exciting new challenges that class KS2LTO aim to achieve this year.
In class KS2LTO our children are the key to learning, laughing and loving each individual day, therefore our blog this week has been written in the words of each member of class KS2LTO.

On Monday Nathan embraced learning during his Maths lesson on adding fractions “My favourite lesson today was Maths. I learned about adding different fractions with the same denominator. I loved playtime playing with my friends”. Maisha expressed her thoughts after reflecting about her day “I enjoyed snack time and my favourite lesson of the day was Maths”.

On Tuesday we had different interventions that allowed our class to expand our learning beyond the academic subjects. Ethan was excited to share his day “I loved Spanish with Señor Francos, I learned lots of different new words. My favourite part of the day was after yoga spending time in soft play”. Thomas was eager to inform me of his day “I loved playing outside with my friends. My favourite lesson was Maths because I love working out fractions, challenging myself and helping my friends when they need help”.

After a busy day on Wednesday Nimra had lots to say “My favourite lesson was English because it was fun learning about our new story ‘Pandora’s Box’ Miss Tootill has changed parts of the story. Another great part of my day was making a new friend and making him feel part of the school because he is new, I invited him to soft play!”. Well done Nimra!

Ibraaheem was keen to express his love for soft play and his day of events “I loved soft play and my favourite lesson was Maths – it’s so much fun!”.

Byron informed myself and Miss Richardson of Thursday’s events “I enjoyed playing different games in PE with Miss Simms’ class, my favourite was ‘What time is it Mr Wolf’”.

In addition, Vincent told us that his favourite part of the day was “making my ‘calm jar’ with Miss Rudge in Mindfulness, I love the glitter and how shiny it is”. Well done Vincent and the rest of our class for working in pairs to make our ‘Calm Jars’ – we can’t wait to use them in class.

To finish off our week we have enjoyed our Outdoor Education lesson with Mr Heap venturing to a local park..

We loved splashing around during our swimming lesson at New Bridge and we finished off Friday by celebrating our achievements during our Assembly. What an eventful week! It has been amazing to listen to how each child has learned, laughed and loved in our class..

We hope to have a fantastic remainder of this term and wish you all the best for 2020! Class KS2LTO.

Now to our amazing SUPER STARs and SEALs..

Mrs Whitworth’s STAR this week is Lenni for trying really hard during lessons and having a settled week..

Mr Corrigan’s STAR this week is Joshua for an outstanding piece of independent Literacy work..

Mr Corrigan’s SEAL Superstar this week is Tyler for showing some excellent safety awareness this week..

Mr Corrigan’s LEXIA Superstars are Andie, Joshua, Tyler and Marco Jaq..

Miss Parkinson’s STAR of the week is Zack for fantastic English work this week acting out the story of Jack and the beanstalk..

Miss Simms’ STAR of the week is Matthew for drinking all of his water and understanding how important this is and Miss Tootill’s STAR of the week is Thomas for having a fantastic week and trying his hardest..

Miss Simms’ SEAL Superstar is Amario for setting a super goal for what he wants to achieve and Miss Tootill’s SEAL Superstar is Ethan for trying hard to achieve his goals..

Miss Simms and Miss Tootill’s Dojo winners this week are Nathan and Thomas. Well done!

Mrs Lomax’s STAR of the week is Damien for doing some fantastic learning in English on putting words into alphabetical order..

Mrs Lomax’s SEAL Superstar is Charlie for thinking about his own targets and ways to improve himself so that he can achieve his aim of being a teacher or astronomer when he grows up..

Mrs Halkyard’s STARs of the week are Connor for excellent effort in lessons and Mathew for adapting well to a big change, Miss McDonald’s STARs of the week are Summer for having a better week and managing her emotions and Daniel for working well towards his target and having time out when needed, and Miss McDonald’s DOJO winner is Alex! Well done everyone!

There have been a number of key letters sent home this week regarding student absences, Year 9 immunisations and e-safety (KS2 and Secondary students).

Could I ask if your child is absent from school that you contact the pupil absence line (0161 883 2404, option 1) by 9am outlining the reasons for the absence. Your child’s absence is a safeguarding issue until we have confirmation of why they are absent, therefore, pastoral staff will contact home if you have not phoned school detailing the reasons for the absence.

The Specialist School Nursing team recently sent out consent forms for immunising students in Year 9 (and some in Year 10 and 11 who missed these immunisations in previous years). The students will require diphtheria, tetanus, polio and Men ACWY (also additional Measles, Mumps and Rubella for those who are not up to date). The session is due to take place in school on Tuesday 11th February 2020. If you have not received or returned the consent for this, please request another form to be sent home. If you have any concerns or wish to speak to a Specialist School Nurse, please contact school and ask to be put through to the School Nurses or leave a message for them to contact you back.

All of the Key Stage 2 and Secondary students received an e-safety letter today as there have been a number of cyberbullying incidents over the past few weeks that have happened outside school hours. E-safety issues that happen outside school hours are now increasing and these are now having a direct impact on the students at Hollinwood Academy which, in turn, is negatively affecting their academic performance alongside their social, emotion and mental health. Please discuss with your child the importance of conducting themselves appropriately online and their internet usage.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I am celebrating a friend’s birthday this weekend and taking my girls to Manchester to celebrate Chinese New Year.


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