25 Oct

Wow, this 8 week half term has been jam packed! Pupils have started to settle into school life, especially those new to the school who have begun to understand what is expected of them. The new secondary pupils are more familiar with the C system and are getting used to moving around the school for lessons.

On Friday Miss Meadows’ and Miss Sanderson’s class were involved with the AWS ‘Get IT’ Programme which is linked to Amazon. It is a technology programme primarily aimed at girls and is in partnership with Amazon! Today the pupils had an assembly with our link ambassador and then a group have been invited to Media City for a day’s workshop on the 6th November. I have asked Miss Meadows and Miss Sanderson to keep me updated so I can then share with you all that is happening.

This week I have asked Mr Heap to tell us all about what the pupils have been doing in PE this half term. We are very lucky to have a PE specialist on site; as well as delivering PE, Mr Heap is heavily involved in supporting the outdoor education element that we offer at Hollinwood. Here is what he has been up to this half term..

Outdoor Education

It has been a busy, exciting and sometimes messy 8 weeks at Hollinwood Academy. As part of our new curriculum we now have more students than ever before accessing their local community on a weekly basis within our Outdoor Education curriculum.

This half term we have been learning about keeping safe within our local community as this has the been the first time some of our students have accessed the community through school. It has been very exciting!! We have explored Autumn and discussed the changes we could see, searched for conkers and leaves and even fed the ducks which was lots of fun!

I will let our amazing photos show you the fun we have had!

Girls football

Another exciting programme has started within Hollinwood Academy. Every Thursday dinner time our girls football team get together and have a great time! As you can see from the photos they have been having lots of fun. We would like to say thank you to City In The Community for providing this amazing opportunity for our competitive girls.

Duke of Edinburgh’s

DofE has been up and running and our Bronze group have already been exploring a range of beautiful settings within our weekly lesson. They have explored canals, reservoirs, lakes, hills and not even let a bit of rain and the odd stepping stone get in their way. We are looking forward to orienteering and map reading next term.

Mrs Potts and Miss McMurray also wanted to share with you what their forms have been up to this half term, starting with Mrs Potts..

This year we welcome Tasmin to the form – after 3 years of being an all boy form, the boys were unsure how to react to having a girl join us! Tasmin has settled well into the form and we look forward to getting to know her throughout the year. I am told she has a good sense of humour and I look forward to getting to know her better.

Taylor has started spending a couple of hours on a Monday morning with the Hortus pathway up at the Learning Centre doing some work experience. The reports are that he is doing very well and displaying a good work ethic. Miss Mainoo and Mr. Blackman are very impressed.

Now the form is in Year 10, they have the opportunity to complete the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award where they go out exploring the local area and you have seen how well they are getting on in Mr. Heap’s pictures.

The start of Year 10 means the class are beginning the journey of working towards their GCSEs. Tasmin is the only member of the form that has chosen Art as a GCSE and she is a fabulous artist. She is currently working on a Still Life project and creating her own versions of original pieces of work.

In food technology the class are working on their GCSE qualification where the focus this term has been portioning food, in particular a chicken. Once portioned up they have made a number of dishes including chicken curry. They have also been working with pastry and made pasties and flans. There are certainly some very nice smells coming from the cooking room, even if they aren’t willing to share their creations!

As part of the GCSE History syllabus the group have been learning about crime and punishment through the ages, they are currently looking at the crimes that took place in Whitechapel.

In ICT the class are working towards their GCSE in iMedia, the current topic they are looking at is Digital Graphics. The project involves them designing a CD or magazine cover to a brief given them by a client.

As part of this we had a trip to Alton Towers and, as well as having the opportunity to experience some of the rides, we had a lesson delivered by staff in the education centre on Digital Media.

Now over to Miss McMurray..

What an incredible first half term we have had. 10NMY have welcomed some new and old faces into their class this academic year where we have continued to grow in maturity and friendliness! It’s been a fun and jam packed 8 weeks at Hollinwood Academy where we have had many ups (and a few downs). At the start of October, both 10NMY and 10SPS, as part of their Creative iMedia qualification headed to Alton Towers, where we had an amazing time. In ICT they are working towards their OCR Nationals in Creative iMedia where they are currently studying Digital Graphics and Comic Strip Conversations where after half term they will be designing and creating digital graphics and a comic for their iMedia Coursework.

Over the half term pupils have been working towards their GCSE in food technology where they have been learning about food hygiene and safety. Pupils have been practising their Gordon Ramsey cooking skills where they have cooked a range of delicious dishes: Chicken or Vegetarian Balti, Beef and Onion Pasties and Burgers.

This week pupils in 10NMY, as part of living skills have been learning about healthy bodies and healthy minds where they made stress balls (which may have accidentally ended up on Miss McMurray’s carpet)..

Miss McMurray was fortunate enough to sit in one of Miss Nuttall’s English classes where pupils in 7KPG have been studying Romeo and Juliet. Miss McMurray was so proud of their confidence and enthusiasm when practising the play – well done 7KPG!

Congratulations to all this week’s SEAL Superstars and Stars of the Week, including Lucas for helping his friends to use Showbie..

..and Charlie for his Halloween poem. Charlie created the poem as part of the class Macbeth literacy work where the children had to use alliteration and rhyming couplets to create a 4 line poem. They then used their iPads and the green screen to create their video..

We finished the half term with a very fond send off for our wonderful Mr Valentine who is taking a career break to travel the world – he will be sorely missed! We wish him all the best and are looking forward to hearing all about his adventures when he returns..

I hope you all have a rested week off, I am sure all the pupils accessing holiday club will have a fantastic time.


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