27 Sep

It seems to feel like the term is flying away already, I can’t believe that we are now at the end of September.

On Thursday we held our first open morning of the year, we had a total of 21 families who came and looked around. The school since opening has proved very popular and one of the areas that supports our children and young people is the way in which the staff and leaders at the school work to ensure that the curriculum evolves and changes to meet the needs of the students at the school. This way of working will not change as week to week and year upon year the needs of the pupils changes and this dictates the offer provided.

This week we have more classes that want to share with you what they have been up. Miss Collinge in Key Stage 1, Miss McDonald in Key Stage 2 and Miss Meadows’ static group.

Before I share with you what these classes are up to, I have to tell you that I had a visit from Kurt in 7CBS class who during his Living Skills lesson had learnt how to put a pillowcase on his pillow – he came and showed myself, Mrs Millard and Miss Gordon what he had done as he was ever so proud of himself. I have asked if could share it on this week’s blog – so here you have it Year 7 parents, your child will know how to make their bed before half term!

Now let’s see what the classes have been up to..

Miss Collinge’s class have had a busy week this week..

Our topic this half term is ‘My Busy Body’. We have spent time learning the different body parts and some of the things our body can do. We have enjoyed lots of action songs and games about our body – our favourite is ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’, especially when we sing it super fast!

We have been reading ‘The Gingerbread Man’ in English. Now we can all talk about the story and have enjoyed acting out our favourite parts.

Together we are practising working as a group, sharing and being kind. This is something we are getting really good at.

In Maths we have been looking at numbers and number bonds up to 10. We have found lots of different ways to make 10 using numicon. Some of us can even make 10 using up to 3 numbers!

Miss McDonald’s class have had a fantastic week too..

Our topic this term is ‘Lights Camera Action’. We have become news reporters this week in Literacy rehearsing in role and writing our very own news stories to record on the greenscreen next week. In Drama, we have been creating silent mimes and learning all about how we can tell a story using exaggerated movement and facial expressions..

We are leaning all about being safe in the home and this week we all made toast and hot chocolate; some of us enjoyed this so much we even made it at home.

In Maths we have been looking at numbers and working out the difference between two numbers, we made a human number line to help us with this.

Miss Meadows’ class have also been hard at work..

This week we have been celebrating our young people’s success in Living Skills. We have been working on putting a pillowcase on independently and we have all been incredibly successful in using our technique! I would like to see all our young people trying this at home over the autumn term! I was impressed with everyone, they tried hard and helped each other with the technique!

We have been studying Picasso this week in Art, we have used a string technique and free drawing to copy a picture in his style and used foil over it to create a similar pattern in our own style..


We have worked hard in Maths. We have been joined by some of Miss Fletcher’s new students and it is lovely to see everyone supporting one another in these lessons. In English, we have been working hard to use Fronted Adverbial Phrases. We have used these in sentences with coordinating and subordinating conjunctions to expand our sentences..


We have also started to participate in weekly yoga sessions to help us relax. It is a lovely start to the week and all our children are engaged in learning different poses and regulating our emotions properly..

For many of the pupils in Key Stage 4 their GCSE journey of work has started and Miss Rudge wanted to share what the GCSE Art group have been working on..

Our GCSE Art pupils were treated to a visit from a talented local artist, Ian. Ian is Navy Veteran and now uses Art as therapy, working alongside ex-service men and women to highlight the need for mental health awareness. Our pupils created two beautiful canvases each using acrylic painting skills. We all had such a wonderful time!

Even our lovely teaching assistants Miss Wharfe and Miss Stubbs gave it a go!

Feeling super proud! 🙂

In our mindfulness session, Brodey and Bronson enjoyed our sensory walk, seeing what they could see, smell, hear and feel around the school..

I will leave you with two of our many Stars of the Week, Ethan and Amelia..

Well done everyone! I hope you have a good weekend,


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