17 May

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8.55pm – SAFELY HOME!!!!!!!! Thank you to our amazing staff!!!!

8pm update: so far, so good – we’re now hoping for an 8.45pm return but we’ll keep you updated!

7.30pm update: our tired but happy travellers have just reached junction 12 on the M6 heading for Stafford. Depending on the traffic (the drivers may need an additional stop) they are hoping to be back at New Bridge around 9pm – we’ll let you know if that changes!

5.15pm update: after stopping off for tea, our Disney explorers are now back on the road. They’re making their way up the M40 on the final leg of the journey and we’ll give you an update as they get closer on the time they’re hoping to be back.

3pm update: the coaches are now coming towards Heathrow and the groups will be stopping off shortly for an early tea before the last leg up to Oldham.

7.30am update: our tired but very happy Year 8 pupils are now on their way home from Disneyland Paris. We’ll keep families updated on their journey back and be able to give you an expected arrival time later on today.

If you haven’t yet seen the pictures of the incredible time they’ve had this week, please click here.

We can’t wait to welcome them all home and hear all their news!!